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Tai Qing
Physical information

Western Earth Kingdom


Small town

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Tai Qing is a small Earth Kingdom village located near the western border. It is also called the Village of Sorrow because of the Fire Nation raid that occurred.


Tai Qing was a moderate village before the war, bustling with people and boasting the biggest market in the region. However, after the war began, the village was attacked by Fire Nation soldiers. They destroyed many houses. During the battle, many men were taken hostage or killed. One of these men included Aoki, Hisa's husband and Song's father.

Layout and Description

Tai Qing is situated by a river and surrounded by trees. There are several farms around the village. In the center of the village is a large building and tree named "Qing" after the village. Around Qing is a ring of houses and a small hospital. A little ways off into the forest is a small home belonging to Hisa.

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