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By Swampbender55 Part of the Trials of Tahno continuity.
Biographical information

Pretty Boy (by Korra), Suo (birth name)


Foggy Swamp

Birth place

Central Earth Kingdom (Foggy Swamp Tribe)


Republic City


18(beginning), 42(end)


152 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Waterbending (Foggy Swamp Style), Plantbending


Korra (late wife), Sakari (daughter), Nilak (son), Yang (father), Li (mother), Goji (uncle)


Korra, Shaozu, Ming, Ikki, Bolin, Mako, Asami, etc.


Sakyu, Red Monsoon Triad, Quan

Chronological and political information

Pro-bender (formerly)


Foggy Swamp Tribe, White Falls Wolfbats

Tahno is a former pro-bender and leader of the White Falls Wolfbats. He is a native of the Foggy Swamp, a secret which he took great strides to keep. He is the husband of the late Avatar Korra and father of their two children Sakari and Nilak. After the death of his wife he made every effort to make sure his children received the best opportunities in life.


The Swamp

Tahno was born under the name Suo to Yang and Li. He was joined by several brothers and sisters over the next few years. When he was about six he accompanied his uncle Goji to the South Pole to trade. It was there that he met a young southern girl who, unknown to him, was Korra, the Avatar. The two became quick friends and although they soon parted, they made a pledge to see each other again.

As Suo grew in the swamps he found he had a yearning to explore the outside world. At the age of fifteen he decided to leave his home, promising to return soon with tales of the four nations, eventually ending up in the United Republic of Nations. Amazed at the advancements of the world he would find out the hard way, however, that the city was none to kind to an inexperienced backwater kid. After having the little money he had stolen, he would find help from two young benders, an earthbender and a firebender named Ming and Shaozu. The two would help him out and teach him much about how things work in the Republic. Eventually the three would form a pro-bending team, with Suo, under the impression he needed to reinvent himself, changes his name to Tahno, radically changing his personality as well. The three would go on to become the pro-bending champions three years running. During his time in the city he would run into Korra again, neither of them recognizing the other and developing a rather hostile relationship in the pro-bending arena.

Tahno and his friends find themselves some of the many victims of Amon's bending removing abilities and disband as a team. The three would attempt to have their bending restored by several different healers in the city, to no avail however. The three would find their luck turn around as Korra not only defeats Amon but also discovers the ability to restore the bending of his victims. As the three reunite they have a difficult time finding work as the arena was damaged during the Equalist occupation. Tahno manages to use some of his still lingering popularity to get them jobs at a construction company, their first assignment putting them on Air Temple Island to repair some of the damage from the attack on the city. It is during this time that Tahno finds his thoughts dwelling on the young Avatar and makes it his goal to get closer to her.

While working on repairing the island Tahno arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Korra and leaves his two friends to find her. After several failed attempts, accidentally giving flowers to Pema, Mako and Bolin, and Ikki, Tahno calls it quits for the day and he and the others decide to head to the mainland. While on their way back on the ship the trio are surprised to see Ikki land on the deck and, believing Tahno's earlier presentation was for her, declares that she returns the waterbender's feelings. She even states that Tenzin will allow it if she waits until she is older. After she leaves, Ming and Shaozu take the opportunity to mock their friend before he tackles the two, wrestling them to the ground in frustration.

The Game is On

Following the completion of the island's repairs, Tahno finally has a chance to speak with Korra alone. The two discuss the last few months, Tahno relieving the Avatar's anxieties about letting Amon escape in their last encounter. This brings the two slightly closer as friends, but before they can speak any further they are interrupted by Shaozu, who informs them that the Pro-bending arena has been reopened and the Wolf-bats have been selected to play the re-opening match against the Si Wong Skunk-bears in the next week or so. Korra excuses herself so that they can prepare, which irritates Tahno, as he felt he was getting closer to her. As he heads home, he is slipped a note from a man leaving the island that informs him to go to the Central City Station that night. He meets with the mysterious figure who tells Tahno to throw the match or have his secret heritage revealed. This alarms the waterbender as the man leaves him at the terminal.

The following day Tahno returns to Air Temple Island to speak with Korra, Being greeted by Ikki as he does so. He explains the situation to Korra, leaving out his lineage and asks if the Avatar would accompany him home, to which she readily agrees. The two embark on a trip to Tahno's village which he tells Korra is located in the Earth Kingdom, a fact which she finds strange for a waterbender. After some time the two reach a very large, thick grove which the Wolfbat captain confirms is his home. He amazes Korra by plantbending some vines out of their path and the two press on through the swamp. Reaching a small village in the center, Tahno lets out a large howl as dozens of the village's residence greet the two as he introduces Korra to his extended family, his uncle Goji, mother Li, Father Yang, and his younger brothers and sisters. During these introductions one of his younger brothers calls him by his real name, something Korra finds hilarious. Humiliated, Tahno's family prepares for dinner, his mother forcing him to don the traditional swamp garb. As he heads inside to change he brings out a Water Tribe betrothal necklace he made a few weeks ago to give to Korra when he felt the time was right. His brother Tao surprises him, forcing him to hide it as the two head out for supper.

He is stunned as Korra swings down from the trees wearing the swamp tribe clothing, leaving Tahno almost speechless. Dinner does not go as well as he planned as he feels completely out of place, having been away from home for so long. He excuses himself, giving his meal to his sisters, and walks off. He ends up tripping into a pool of water and, in frustration, yells at Tao, causing the boy to run off as Korra scolds him for his actions. He heads into the upper canopy to be alone only to be disturbed by the Avatar. The girl expresses her concern for him as he explains his feelings of no longer fitting in. She reassures him by telling him that the swamp is a part of him no matter where he goes and that his family will always care about him. Realizing the truth in her words he heads back, joining Korra and the village youth in a game of swamp ball, playfully goading the Avatar to give her his best shot.

After spending the next week with his family he and Korra head back to Republic City as he prepares himself for the upcoming match. He reunites with his team and the three finish up their training. The night of the match, Korra visits the Wolfbats in the players area to give them some words of encouragement. Tahno thanks her for all her help and the two almost have an intimate moment. It is interrupted however, as one of Tahno's olde girlfriends, Taki, comes into the room, apologizing for abandoning him and asking to be taken back, kissing him, something which he awkwardly agrees right as the match begins. The team heads out, greeted by the cheers of the crowd, Tahno's extended family included. They face off against the Skunk-bears, easily clenching the first round. The second round begins and the two teams seem evenly matched. Tahno however, begins to lose his focus as his vision begins to blur. He and the others are knocked back, Tahno being pushed off the back board as the Skunk-bears secure the round two. Ming calls for a time out as they head back to the player's room. Korra looks him over, not being able to find anything wrong but asks him to forfeit. He staunchly refuses and declares he'll finish the match, Taki rewarding his bravery with another kiss.

As the third round begins, the Wolfbats fight for their lives as they do their best to hold the line. Tahno, forced back and barely able to stand, pulls off a hat trick that gives his team the win. His friends and family cheer him on, moments before he collapses on the canvas.


Tahno wakes up hours later in the nearby hospital where his family and friends gather to make sure he is alright. The doctors are not sure what is wrong with him as they are unable to diagnose him. He is visited by Korra, who accompanies Tenzin and his family. Ikki is especially happy that he is doing better, happily hugging him. Taki arrives shortly after and comforts him, giving him another kiss, which infuriates the young airbender. She drops her hand bag and a vial of blue liquid falls out, which Taki states is perfume. After Meelo messes with the bed's elevation controls, Korra kindly but forcefully asks the airbender children to leave the room. A short time later Shaozu and Ming arrive with chief Bei Fong, who asks the team a few questions regarding the match. After answering some of the questions as best he can, Tahno gets noticeably sicker. Bei Fong excuses herself to follow some leads as Korra takes Shaozu, Ming, Tao and Asami to do their own investigation.

Korra and the others return to the hospital with Bei Fong just in time to reveal that Taki was the one who poisoned the waterbender, using her lipstick to administer the poison and the vial she had earlier contained the antidote. She flees the room, revealing that she's a waterbender, escaping through the window. Korra and Lin give chase as Tahno has Asami help him out of bed to go as well. He and his team finally catch up to Taki after she has subdued both the Avatar and chief with bloodbending. The others do their best to help only to be taken down themselves. Taki singles Tahno out and informs him that she works for the Red Monsoon Triad, the group that demanded that he and his team forfeit the match. Just as she is about to finish him Korra goes into the Avatar State and drives the girl off. She then retrieves her bag and gives Tahno the antidote, also revealing that she found the necklace that he was keeping at his apartment.

After spending the next few days recovering, Tahno is escorted back to the island with Korra as the two are greeted by his family and friends. As everyone prepares for dinner, the two take a walk as the waterbender attempts to explain the necklace to her, stating that he knows she is in a relation with Mako. Before he can go on however, she surprises him with a kiss, saying she is flattered but would first like him to meet her parents. The two are interrupted by a heartbroken Ikki, who has seen the entire thing and runs off, as the two attempt to find her to sort things out.

The two search the island for the girl, with no success. They are unaware that Ikki, while attempting to hide, runs into Shaozu, the firebender helping to ease her pain with a small talk, unaware that the girls affection has shifted to him. Later that night Tahno watches as Korra ends her relation with Mako, who is not happy with the situation. The two then discuss the recent happenings as well as their future plans.

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