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June 30, 2013




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Topic: Lies

A large hand slid an envelope through the bottom crack of the Avatar's door.

"Urgent letter for Avatar Aang!"


The Avatar walked toward the letter as the mailman turned and left. "Ooh, cool! But I wonder who would send me mail here, Momo. We're only staying in Ba Sing Se for a week." The envelope was closed with a flying boar wax seal. Aang opened it up and read the letter inside. "It's from Toph! She must be back home already," he said to the lemur. "It's an invitation to a fancy party celebrating the return to her family. We get to go to the Toph's house again!"

A slender hand made two soft taps on the door. "Hey Aang, can I come in?"

"Uh, sure!"

While the door opened, the Avatar nervously scratched his head. The morning sun came into the room as two gorgeous blue eyes wished Aang a good morning.

"I just got this letter from Toph," Katara said.

"Yeah, I got one too!"

"I'm so happy her parents are finally supporting her, welcoming her home like this. What a great idea for a party!"

"Yeah," said the Avatar, not able to say much more to Katara. He felt awkward and couldn't stop thinking about the kiss they shared two days before, at the war's end.

"But to get there on time, we need to leave this morning. Can you get Appa ready now? I'll go wake up Suki and my brother. "

"Sounds good."

"You're on my turf now, time to do what I say, Twinkletoes!" Toph yelled, but she was smiling. Her parents didn't even make her dress up for the event. Turning to her other friends she said, "Nice to SEE you all made it."

"Ha ha ha. What's for dinner," asked Sokka. "We've been stuck on Appa all day."

"Dumplings! Come try some." Toph was in a very good mood.

Sokka left everyone behind, making a beeline towards the food, but he came back with full plates for everyone.

"Thanks Sokka," said Suki.

"There's no meat in these, right?" asked Aang.

"No meat," Toph replied. But after the Avatar swallowed a few dumplings, she laughed and said, "Ha ha, fooled you! You just ate Sky Buffalo Wings."

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