The Fire Rises
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The Journey Of Flynn


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The Walking Inferno


The Walking Inferno

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Prologue: The Fall of Bending

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Chapter 2: The Healer

Chapter 1: The Fire Rises

Beep. Beep. Beep.

A hand smacked the alarm clock as it beeped at 7 O'clock. A small groan escaped a boy lying in bed, mummified by sheets and pillows. He swung his feet round and thumped them on the floor. As his sheets fell to the floor he held his face in his hands. Still groaning he slowly rose to his feet and ran his hands from his face through his brown hair before dropping them down to his sides again. Then in a sudden burst of realization his eyes widened and a burst of energy ran through the once sleepy boy. It was his birthday today, but not just any birthday oh no, it was his sixteenth and this was not a day to be missed.

He almost sprinted for the shower, his feet thumping against the thin upstairs floor. "Flynn are you up?" his mother shouted from downstairs.

"No, mum, I'm a burglar robbing the house at seven in the morning, of course I'm up!" Flynn responded sarcastically as he usually did every morning. "I'm just gonna take a quick shower." As Flynn shut the door to bathroom he sighed, relieving his tension. "This is the life" He thought.

As Flynn got changed into his black pants and blue jeans he stared out of his window to observe the late sunrise. It was heaven and even thought the day had just started he wondered if it could get any better. He ran downstairs ready to see the surprise that awaited him in the living room. And he wasn't disappointed. On the coffee table lay a large but thin present and a stack of birthday cards. The sunlight from the window almost perfectly shone on the gifts like a picture frame of light.

As Flynn opened the present, maturely after all he was sixteen. He couldn't stop his reaction afterwards when the gift was finally revealed. "A laptop, awesome thanks!" He could finally do all the stuff he wanted to now on the internet, instead of being limited on the slow family computer.

More joy followed as he opened card after card, stacking the money from them as he went along. The stuff he could buy was unbelievable. "You should really put that away before you lose it son." his father told him.

"Why? It's not going anywhere. Besides I godda get to the doctors remember. Don't want to get sent to jail now do I?" His voice was dripping with smugness. But he was right, he did have to go to the doctors, everyone did when they were sixteen now but no one knew why.

It was now 8:30 in the morning and Flynn's friend William was waiting outside. He knocked on the door repeatedly until Flynn finally answered. As Flynn pulled open the door Will's fist tapped his face repeatedly as if he was still knocking. Flynn finally stopped him when he grabbed his wrist. "You know that maybe funny in the cartoons, but it bloody hurts in real life."

To that his friend laughed "Happy birthday Flynn, I suppose your morning went well?" He said with a smile.

"Well Will it was going great until I almost got my nose broken by some idiot at the door." Flynn reached out his hand for a handshake and Will did the same. "Happy birthday Will" they released each other's grasp after a firm handshake. Flynn's mother appeared behind him.

"Hey Will. Happy birthday. How's everything going at your home?" she asked.

"Well Mrs. G it's been fine to be honest, although I haven't really got that much for my birthday." His head hung a little low and his voice was a little choked up. Will had a nice family but loads of younger, more successful siblings who got way more attention than him. He was happy he had a family and a home but he sometimes thought that they didn't think he was a part of it.

"We have to go now Will, the last thing I think we want today is to be sent to jail." Flynn grabbed his leather jacket from the coat hanger and put it on. "See you later!" Then he shut the door as he left the house.

It was about a 20 minute walk into town and to the doctors. The pair walked, chatting the whole way. "Listen, I'm just saying, in a fight I would probably win," Flynn bragged.

Will laughed and replied, "Yeah right, keep dreaming. You don't have any martial art skills, your hardly tall enough and if anything you'd probably talk them to death anyway. Me on the other hand, well I don't want to brag." Flynn lightly punched Will in the arm playfully. He was the best friend Flynn could ever have and was practically the brother he never had.

After a few more minutes they finally arrived at the doctors. The clear sky let the Sun shine down on the building, but dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon. As they entered the doctors the waiting room was full of boys and girls all sixteen years old, ready for the check up. Flynn and Will squeezed in to two empty seats next to each other. The room was full of chatter until the announcing box cut it off when they called people in. Flynn was getting a bit squeamish because of his fear of needles, Will though was not even bothered. He never really feared anything and he always had his motto "Fear is stupid. It isn't real so why should we let it effect us?"

Flynn was deep in thought when his concentration was broken by the Announcer."Can Flynn Grant please go to room 4, thank you.

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