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Chapter One: Avatar Miru

Miru sighs, staring blankly off the balcony of her new, fancy Ba Sing Se apartment. Even though she can't see, the serene feeling she gets from standing near the railing letting the wind blow her hair is comforting.

Ever since she learned she was the Avatar, she'd been given some sort of special treatment. She'd left her home, moved into a nice apartment, and learned she'd be leaving for the Fire Nation in a few days to begin her firebending training. She didn't know anything about any of what was happening, but she assumed she could trust these people.

She hears her escort, Romika, walk up behind her. Romika is a fairly nice lady, with a pretty even temper. She is a very likable woman, but Miru dislikes her because she treats her like a baby due to her blindness.

"Miss Miru, you need to step away from that could easily miss where you are going and fall!" Romika says in a wary voice.

"I'm fine, Romika...please..." Miru sighs, a bit annoyed.

"I can't let you put yourself in dangerous situations like that, Miru. Come inside, come on," Romika says, ushering Miru inside their pristine apartment. "You seem to forget that I am your escort as you travel. My duty is to protect you and get you to the Fire Nation safely. Please, try to understand that what I am doing is all for your well-being."

"How can locking me up inside all day with nothing to do but sleep and eat be for my well-being?! Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I'm helpless!" Miru says defensively. She storms away from Romika, into her room, slamming the door on the way. She locks the doorknob and flops down on her huge bed.

Why can't anyone understand that I know what I'm capable of and just let my use my own judgement for once?! Miru thinks angrily. I wish I never found out I was the Avatar. Then I would still be at home, living a normal life, where no one underestimated me or cared what I did because they knew I could handle myself!

She rolls onto her side on the bed and closes her eyes. In minutes, she is asleep.

The next morning, Miru is awakened by the sound of Romika's voice. She sits up in bed, dazed, and focuses on what Romika is saying.

"We have a big day today, Miru! I'm taking you shopping! Now you don't have to wear those rags anymore! Aren't you excited?" Romika says boisterously.

"I like my sandbender clothes. I don't want some silly dress," Miru responds bluntly. Romika gets a hurt look on her face for half a second, then smiles even wider than before.

"I know exactly what you'll want, just trust me. Now hop out of bed, we leave in an hour!" Romika walks out of the room, leaving Miru alone.

I hate this...why doesn't anyone listen to me? Miru thinks resentfully.

An hour later, they arrive at a fancy dress shop meant for only the richest, finest-class ladies. Miru steps out of the car and is dragged into the shop by Romika. She smells a high amount of perfume, hears slow, dreamy music plays from the radio, and can feel rack after rack of floofy, fancy, ladylike clothes. She groans.

"Oh, look, Miru! This is so perfect for you," Romika says, holding up a frilly dress covered in lace and embellishments.

"I can feel that you're holding a dress, but I have no idea what it looks like," Miru says, annoyed.

"Oh right, how are we going to work this out, then? How about I pick out your dresses for you?" Romika suggests.

"Um, sure?" Miru says, not sure if she likes the sounds of it.

"I know you'll look great in whatever I pick!" Romika replies.

"Whatever," Miru agrees, hoping that if she listens to what Romika says without protest, it'll get her out of fancy-lady paradise sooner.

Within minutes, Romika has a pile waist high of dresses for Miru to try on. She stands there, in front of the monstrous pile and almost screams.

"You've got to be kidding me."'

That afternoon, when they finally return home from a horrendous day, Miru is exhausted. She tells Romika not to bother her and locks her bedroom door. Finally alone, Miru sits down on her bed and kicks off her shoes. She thinks back to a couple weeks ago, when everything was normal.

She closes her eyes, and slowly, tears run down her cheeks.

Author's notes on chapter one

This chapter is pretty short, and basically just introduces Miru and her predicament. I wanted the first chapter to be short because it would give the readers a bit of an idea without going too much into detail. The next chapter will be longer, and more in-depth, and hopefully I'll write it soon. Thanks.

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