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November 8, 2012

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Chapter 4: Amon VS Silver Pt. 2

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Chapter 6: Koh the Face Stealer Pt. 1


Avatar training had been put on hold on the day of Amon's Air Temple attack, partially due to Korra running off with Naga shortly after the fight...

Silver sat bored on the temple roof as she spied the ferry from the mainland, with Korra and Naga on board. This was odd as Korra usually had Naga swim across, she very rarely used the ferry when she had her. As the ferry was tied up at the small pier, two people and a polar bear dog stepped off, Silver recognised Korra (who seemed to have regained some of her vigor from before) and she of course new Naga but the other person was different.

She could tell that he was a waterbender, one who has had his power sealed, 'Probably by Amon' Silver thought bitterly, beyond that the only remarkable thing about him was his rather flamboyant hair...

Korra waved up at her when she noticed Silver on the roofs and the white-haired Avatar floated gently down and greeted the two with a big smile, "Hello again Korra, who's you friend?" she asked.

"This is Tahno, Tahno this is Silver, the first Avatar and my new teacher. Tahno had his bending sealed by Amon so I brought him here, I tried to get the other Wolf bats to come as well but they just got angry at me and said I was taunting them" Korra said sadly.

Silver felt a warmth in her chest from seeing the kindness and compassion within her new student, "It seems Korra would like me to help you, I warn you that this may hurt a little" Tahno just nodded and braced himself, as Silver poured her energy out of her fingers and into the sealed chakra on the waterbender's forehead. When she was done Tahno suddenly felt stronger than ever, to prove it to himself, he raised as much water as he could from the pier. The great pillar of water could be seen from the mainland shores and caused a big wave when he finally released it. Tahno turned with a massive grin to Korra and hugged her tightly, lifting her off the ground as she laughed and struggled against his hold.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" he yelled before putting her down and bowing as deeply as he could to Silver, "And Thank you, Avatar Silver, you have just given me back my entire life!"

"Not to worry, it's not easy saying no to Korra..."

"What is he doing here!" a deep and angry voice came from the top of the pier. Mako was marching down toward them with an angry scowl, Asami chasing after him and Bolin not far behind. "I brought him so Sifu Silver could help him!" Korra said in an annoyed tone.

"Why! He cost us the championship by cheated and he hit you in the face with rock-filled water!" Korra flinched at the memory; she'd ached all over after that.

"If it helps at all, I'm really sorry about that..." Tahno said sheepishly, normally he just would ignore Mako but he didn't want to look like a jerk in front of Korra.

"If you're sorry then give us the prize money that's rightfully ours!" the hot tempered firebender retorted.

"But then I'll be on the streets!"

"Not our problem!"

After hearing the argument from the courtyard, Tenzin came down to offer an idea; "During my father's travels, he found many people that joined him to overthrow the Fire Lord and any threats that came after him, I believe it is imperative that Korra have a similar group."

"What are you getting at Tenzin?" Korra asked as Tahno and Mako continued their silent staredown.

"You currently have me, Lin and her metalbender militia, Mako, Bolin, Asami and her control over Future Industries as well as Silver and the White Lotus. I believe that if we have Tahno here sell his high-end home and give us all the money from it and the prize money, then have him stay here and join Team Korra, we not only gain a strong waterbender for our fight against Amon but also a good amount of funds..." Tenzin explained as he stroked a hand through his beard.

Mako's eye twitched as Tahno gave an odd look of longing in Korra's direction, the Water Tribe girl too distracted by her thoughts. "Well if it's alright with Tahno then it's alright with me," she said simply.

"Cool with me as well" Bolin said, little did he know that he had just invited in another rival for Korra's heart...

"I second that" Asami said, "Sorry Mako but none of us can afford to be selfish" her gaze was drawn by Korra who smiled at her with appreciation (Korra was nowhere near as good and calming Mako as Asami). The small smile made Asami's cheeks heat up a little as she quickly looked back to the still scowling Mako, "What am I doing!" she thought, "Korra's a girl and I'm with Mako!"

Seeing that he had been outvoted Mako sighed and said, "Fine he can stay, but any funny business and I'll make you regret it!" he stormed off with Asami following, the rich girl only giving a small "Good Bye" to Korra.

"Well it's decided, I'll talk to some people about selling my house and my less important possessions and move the rest here tonight, Korra would you mind helping me?" Tahno asked with a smile.

"Sure thing, this will be fun. I can't wait to see what Amon will do when he finds out we're building our own army against him!" Korra grinned slyly.

"I'm coming too" Silver stated as she walked toward the ferry, Tahno looked annoyed while Korra was confused, "It would be wrong of me to allow my student to roam around unprotected with those Equalists about, besides it isn't proper for two teenagers like you to be alone in a house" Korra and Tahno both went a little pink in the cheeks over what she was implying but knew it would be pointless to argue. And so the three 17 year olds (Silver was 17 physically) and Naga all boarded the ferry and made their way to Tahno's soon to be former home.

"Great I have another rival for Korra...and that little exchange of looks between her and least I know she isn't completely turned off by the thought of other girls. No matter in the end, she will be mine" Silver thought to herself with a smile.


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