Amon Vs. Silver Pt. 2
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November 8, 2012

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Both Silver and Amon took up a battle stance.

Silver chuckled again, "Let's see how strong you've become... little brother!"

The watching crowd gasped in surprise as Silver vanished and reappeared behind Amon. He shoved Jinora away from himself and spun around to block the incoming blow but instead found that she had vanished again. This time she reappeared on the other side of the room with Jinora in her arms.

She set the young airbender down gently placed a hand on the crown of her forehead, "This may hurt a teeny bit" she warned. Jinora grimaced a little but did not cry out as Silver allowed her energy to pass through her finger into Jinora's chakra and break the seal placed by Amon. Feeling suddenly empowered, Jinora used her nearly returned airbending to stand before bowing and thanking the elder Avatar profusely.

"Now now, no need to thank me little one, I still have to 'expel' the one who did that to you from the island. Are you ready old friend?" Silver said, returning to her original place in front of Amon.

"Let us take this outside" Amon said as he ran and flipped out the window, using the roofs to soften his fall and land safely in the courtyard. Silver followed him but instead of jumping she just floated down gently like a leaf in the wind.

"Shall we make this more interesting?" Amon asked as he smiled slyly behind his mask.

"How do we do that?" Silver asked.

"Simple, if I win you have to leave Republic City and hand the new Avatar over to me as my prisoner" Silver could practically feel his grin emanating from behind that mask.

"And if I win?" she asked.

"I will surrender and end the Equalist movement"

By then the others hand joined them, with Tenzin carrying Pema, Mako carrying Asami and Bolin carrying Korra (much to his pleasure) as they each jumped from the windows of the dining room, using their bending to avoid injury. Korra had of course heard everything and was not to happy...

"Why in the world would you want me as your prisoner when I have no bending?" she yelled.

"I must prove to the people of the world that no bender can escape my power, I will tame you and make you my perfect little pet, completely obedient and show to the world so that all might see that even the Avatar is subject to my will" Amon announced, "And I am so looking forward to it." He laughed.

"Well you can't have her, Korra is mine!" Silver yelled, getting angry. No one present had ever seen Silver get even a little bit upset, even Amon when silent and wide eyed. The silence was broken when the stunned Korra regained her wits.

"I don't belong to anyone!" she shouted to Silver. The first Avatar just waved a hand at her in a dismissing manner and said, "Details details."

Amon, tired of talking, took his opportunity to attack as he jumped forward and raised his fist to strike a pressure point. Silver was caught unaware and unable to dodge, so instead she hardened the skin to protect the pressure point. Amon realized too late and broke his index and middle fingers as his hand smacked hard against her tough as steel skin. He gave a gasp of pain and hopped back nursing his hand; he suddenly remembered why he had fled from their battle last time.

Amon and Silver continued to fight, trading kicks and punches all of which were skilfully dodged, Silver purposely refusing to use her bending unless it was needed for defence or avoiding Amon's blows. The battle went on for another ten minutes, Amon becoming increasingly fatigued while Silver looked refreshed and eager to keep fighting. Amon knew he couldn't win just yet so he used a secret hand signal to make the Equalist mecha tank move in to fight while he and his other agents escaped. Silver allowed him to leave as he and one of his agents managed to get aboard their waiting airship, leaving the captured agents behind.

The tank shot to platinum wires from its back to constrict Silver, then sent a huge electrical current down the wires to knock her out, however the shock didn't even make her flinch as she used her bending to melt the two wires around her and pull the tanks body open (causing as little damage as possible) and pulled the terrified pilot out. To most people watching it would seem she was using a skill similar to telekinesis, only Katara truly recognised it as a refined form of bloodbending.

After the fight, Lin had her small militia take the captured Equalists to the police station as she and the other members of Team Avatar and Team Korra examined the captured mecha. Each of the teenagers took a turn in trying (and mostly failing) to control the giant metal monster. Silver in the meantime, had sat on the courtyard steps, scowling for second time since she had arrived, remembering how she had found the young Amon, taught him how to block chi and chakras and inspired his idea of 'Equality'. She had even given him his mask...

Silver feared that when the time came she may have to kill Amon. Looking over as Korra once again fell out of the mecha after a failed attempt at walking with it; she knew she wasn't the only one watching her without her knowledge. White Lotus Sentries were in every nook and cranny of the island, each one watching Korra carefully and discreetly.

"Watching me too probably..." she mused to herself. She had revealed herself to several prominent Avatars in the past, including Aang and it was during that visit that she gained a powerful hatred for the White Lotus. Iroh, Bumi and the other masters had been long gone by that point and many newer, more selfish masters became the masters of the order.

As she left on her travels again upon determining that Aang was unsuited for her training, she was ambushed by a group of these masters. They claimed that the power of the Avatar was too great to be allowed to roam uncontrolled and so they attempted to capture her. After their failure, the order became determined to control the power of the Avatar at all costs.

"Poor Korra, she'll either end up a slave to Amon, a slave to the White Lotus, a slave to that fool, Tarrlok or even her own emotions" Silver looked at the firebender that Korra hung out with, she could tell that the two liked each other, but the firebender liked another as well, the Sato girl, even Korra seemed mildly interested in her...something that was not entirely one-sided and the earthbender seemed to like Korra also. It was the most complicated love triangle or square or whatever that she had ever seen.

"Looks like I'm gonna have some competition in winning Korra..." the white haired Avatar smiled.


When I first released Book 1, the final pairings for the characters were done by a vote that would give each pairing an equal chance of winning. Because of this, the story is written to make it possible for any pairing to win and it's not ENTIRELY out of the blue. BUT I'm no romance novelist so the romance won't be good. Either the way, the Vote has ended and the final pairing decided so there will be NO changes.

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