Amon Vs. Silver Pt. 1
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TFA Trilogy: The First Avatar





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November 8, 2012

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Chapter 2: The Thirteen Elemental Lords

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"I'm sorry Korra but I've taken away your bending."

In a second Korra was filled with an unimaginable sense of fear, sorrow, anger and emptiness. She had been the Avatar; it was what made her who she was. She was Avatar Korra, now she wasn't even Korra the Water Bender, now she was just Korra, another nameless soul in the expanses of Republic City. The poor girl broke down in tears, screaming and sobbing at her fate, now she was nothing...

"You MONSTER!" Mako roared as he sent the biggest stream of fire he could directly at Silver. The care-free Avatar just spun on the spot like a dancer and the fire followed her movements and vanished. Bolin stealthily used his bending to soften the earth just a few centimetres beneath the stone surface Silver stood on, he then charged forward in a cold emotionless way until he was right behind her. The two sparred for a moment, Bolin using quick light jabs and small hopping steps like when he competed in pro-bending, Silver however was smiling sweetly and lightly dodging or redirecting Bolin's blows. As Bolin lost the last of his patience, he cracked the earth beneath her feet to make her fall into the softened earth trap he had made only to see that she floated in place, like the floor was still there.

Mako calmed his mind enough to begin manifesting lightning and Asami quickly joined the fight seeing her friends in such despair and anger. Her martial arts proved tougher for Silver to block but still possible as the newest girl in the group was sent spinning into Bolin, knocking them both down. Mako finished charging all the lightning he could and released it in a messy arcing stream toward the white haired Avatar. The blow never landed as his arm was smacked up toward the sky by Korra.

"Don't'll just get hurt" she said weakly, passing out as the last of her willpower left her.

It was after three long and uncomfortable days that Korra finally awoke, not to see the faces of her friends but the face of Silver, the one who ruined her life...

"Mako and the other two were sent off to breakfast; those three won't do anything but sit in here waiting for you to get up unless Tenzin forces them to. Anyway, get dressed and come to breakfast, Avatar training starts in one hour" Silver gave her another smile and left. Korra found that Pema had changed Korra into one of her own nightdresses, a simple style in orange and yellow. She got dressed slowly before she registered what Silver had said. Avatar training? Is it still possible for me to get my bending back?

Now fully dressed Korra ran toward the main building, opening the door to the dining room only to be tackled by her three friends. Mako looked relieved and cautious as if trying hard not do anything she didn't like, Asami had tears in the corner of her eyes and a big smile and Bolin just laughed happily and hugged her extra tight.

"I'm glad to see you're alright Korra" Lin said in a slightly warmer tone than she usually used. Lin had moved to Air Temple Island along with a group of former police, they had all resigned after their chief did, leaving the police force diminished but they were needed to protect Korra.

"Yeah I've got my strength back just no bending" she said sadly.

Tenzin smiled, "Not to worry Korra, Avatar Silver has promised to return all your power, as well as how to control the next level of the Avatar State"

"Next level?" Korra said as she sat down to eat.

"The Spirit Form" Silver announced. Korra just looked puzzled. "The Spirit Form is the other side of the Avatar State. The Avatar is the bridge between the mortal world and the Spirit World, when not in the Avatar State you are solely mortal, in the state you are in between and when in Spirit Form you are solely a spirit!" Silver said as she polished off her rice.

"It is an Abomination" A dark yet suave voice announced from the doorway. The members of Team Avatar and the newer Team Korra looked toward the door with a mixture of fear and anger. They were met by the sight of Jinora, silently crying with a hand on her head and one on her neck, the hands belonged to a man in a mask. A mask they all knew...

"AMON, GET AWAY FROM MY CHILD" Tenzin bellowed as he summoned up the greatest wind he could to threaten the Equalist Leader.

"Now now old monk, a big wind like that is dangerous to anyone other than Airbenders... you wouldn't want to hurt your child would you?"

"What? No..." Tenzin muttered as the winds left him.

"Daddy, he took my bending away!" Jinora screamed, finally releasing her pent up sadness.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Tenzin started to run toward Amon but was stopped by Silver.

"Calm down" she sighed, "His method only seals the power, he can't remove it. Once he and his followers are evicted from the island I will remove the seal" she said calmly.

"There are more?" Mako questioned as he looked around, seeing no Equalists.

Silver tapped her foot lightly, "There are three agents currently in combat with Lin's task force and a strange contraption made of platinum, honestly what have you been up to these last few years, 'Amon'" Silver giggled.

"Ah so it is you Silver, I think it's time to finish what we started last time..."

Both Silver and Amon took up a battle stance.

Silver chuckled again, "Let's see how strong you've become... little brother!"

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