The Thirteen Elemental Lords
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November 8, 2012

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Chapter 1: The Return of Silver

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Chapter 3: Amon VS Silver Pt. 1


"I am Avatar Silver, the First Avatar"

Korra was speechless. Her three friends looked at each other and then back to Silver whom stood their smiling sweetly.

"That's impossible...there have been thousands of'd be ancient and long aren't all the old Avatars a part of me?" Korra said quietly. She could hardly believe her ears but for some reason she couldn't help but believe her.

"Well I am the longest living Elemental Lord" Silver said happily.

Asami gave a confused look, "What's an Elemental Lord?"

Mako, Bolin and Korra turned to stare at her. "The Elemental Lords are a collection of the most powerful benders in the world. At the end of each Avatar's life, the three most powerful benders from each nation from their lifetime were given the title." Silver answered her.

"Yeah and the thirteenth one is the Avatar that just passed" Korra added. Silver gave her a smile, "Actually that's not true..." she said.

"Then whose the thirteenth?" asked Bolin.

"Me" she answered.

"You're the thirteenth from Aang's lifetime?"

Silver sighed, 'this is gonna be hard' she thought, "Well I am actually the thirteenth in all the Avatar's lifetimes, beside me the Elemental Lords in Aang's era were Pakku, Katara and Hamma from the Water Tribes, Toph, Bumi and Haru from the Earth Kingdom, Zuko, Ozai and Iroh from the Fire Nation and Aang, Gyattso and Tenzin from the Air Nomads"

She paused in her monologue to make sure she still had their attention, happy to see that the entire courtyard was enthralled by her.

"The reason behind my youthful appearance despite being over a thousand years old is my mastery of bending all the elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water as well as the hidden art of energybending. If one is able to master these five arts, open all their Chakras and learn how things, including the human body, are composed of the elements, then it's possible to prolong your life indefinitely" as Silver finished her story she was quickly approached by Korra.

The newest Avatar pushed herself as close as possible to the oldest one and gave a massive grin, "You have got to teach me how to do that!" Korra asked excitedly.

"Of course that's why I'm here; by the way you're kinda cute when you get excited, like an Ember wolf puppy!" Silver giggled. Korra blushed hotly and jumped back a couple of steps, "So you came here just to teach me how to be immortal! That is awesome!" She cheered.

Silver laughed as Korra bounced around and cheered. Mako turned to her with a serious look, "If you're the first Avatar and each new Avatar is the reincarnation of the last, how are you and Korra separate?"

"Simple", Silver answered, "I used my bending to construct my current body and used energybending to construct a new soul and transfer my spirit into it. The order I applied the elements to make my body is also the order of the Avatar cycle. Since the human soul is like a container for the spirit, when I moved my spirit into a new soul, my old one created a new spirit to fill the gap. For some weird reason that started the Avatar cycle as each time the new spirit died, it would pass onto the Spirit World and the soul would move to another body. To be more accurate, a body without a soul, a foetus for example since souls are only made once the body is fully developed."

Katara and Zuko looked at each other with a puzzled expression, Mako, Bolin and Asami turned to Korra and she turned to Tenzin, as if asking for confirmation. The eldest airbender just shrugged.

"So you created the Avatar cycle, the people who were tasked with keeping balance in the accident?" Korra asked.

"Yep!" Silver answered with a grin, "Now I'd like to start training you tomorrow so I'll need to make some preparations now so you'll be used to it by tomorrow, m'kay?"

Korra just nodded as Silver told her to relax her body. The first Avatar then placed a hand on the Water Tribe girl's heart and forehead and the two were entirely enveloped in a glow, Korra in blue and Silver in white. A second later the white glow moved from Silver to Korra and enveloped her too.

Once the glowing dissipated Korra suddenly felt very weak, her body went loose and she found it hard to stand or even move, "Wha-what did you do to me?" she asked worriedly.

"Well I needed to make you like I was when I learned, I was 17 like you are now and had a similar temperament to you as well, I just needed to make one little change..."

"What do you mean?" Korra asked, her voice becoming more and more fearful.

"Well I am one of the first benders. I learned how to bend each element from the original benders, the moon spirit for water, badger moles for earth, sky bison for air, dragons for fire and lion turtles for energy..."

"And..." Korra was going pale.

"I was originally non-bender..."


"I'm sorry Korra but I've taken away your bending."

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