The Return of Silver
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November 8, 2012

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Chapter 2: The Thirteen Elemental Lords


Korra walked down the hall of Air Temple Island with Asami Sato just a step behind her. She had been left to give Asami the tour of the female wing of the temple while Tenzin led Mako and Bolin around the male wing. After the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang had begun looking for people who would be willing to help rebuild the Air Nomads; the nomads were more than just Airbenders after all, they were monks and philosophers, great free thinkers and travellers. Aang built the Air Temple Island for anyone one who wished to study the old ways and many monks had indeed arrived to learn and rebuild the culture. Now monks were supposed to know equality and think more on the spiritual side, but Aang knew (as he himself had learned) allowing males and females to be in such close quarters all the time was asking for trouble, hence the separate wings.

"And this is the bath house." Korra opened the double doors to reveal a large outdoor courtyard, partially hidden with steam and littered with pools of hot water in varying sizes. Asami gazed in amazement. "This is even bigger than the bathrooms in my old home! Do you really have this many female monks?" she asked.

"Actually we have about 14 or so and you may also be interested to know that there's a reason they say Aang built this place..." Korra teased, thoroughly enjoying the look of pleading she was getting from Asami. She knew what Korra would say but she still wanted to hear it from her own lips.

Korra finally gave in, "According to Tenzin, Avatar Aang used his bending to create the island, the pools and even the temple building. It was apparently his first use of the Avatar State after mastering it."

"That's amazing! Have you ever been in the Avatar State Korra?"

The young Avatar looked down, "No, apparently it's because I'm not spiritual enough," she said in an imitation of Tenzin. The two girls broke out into a fit of laughter as Tenzin approached looking distressed.

"Korra, there is someone important here to see you" Tenzin said, failing to hide his anxiety, "It's REALLY important!"

"Who is it?" asked Korra.

"You've not met him yet but come on; I cannot stress the importance of this. My mother, Fire Lord Zuko and Chief Beifong are also waiting."

Asami's went wide as saucers, "The Fire Lord is here!"

"Yes now come on!" Tenzin was losing his patience.

"I've never met the Fire Lord..." Korra said, more to herself than anyone.

Tenzin rolled his eyes and grabbed the two girl's wrists before pulling them off towards the main courtyard, both struggling. Under normal circumstances Korra would be able to throw Tenzin off her but his desperation seemed to be giving him abnormal strength.

As both girls were marched into the courtyard, they both saw people they knew. Mako and Bolin (with Pabu) were talking to an elderly gentleman dressed in Fire Nation robes and a large scar on one side of his face, Katara was speaking with Pema while Jinora, Ikki and Meelo played around them. Chief Beifong was speaking with a handful of monks and a girl in her late teens, clothed very similarly to Mako.

"Sorry we are late everyone, Korra here wouldn't leave before asking a hundred questions" Tenzin grumbled, giving Korra an annoyed look. Korra returned it before noticing all eyes on her making her instantly uncomfortable.

"Err sorry I'm late?" she joked awkwardly. Katara smiled and walked over to her former apprentice with Mako, Bolin and their conversation partner following after.

"Korra, I'd like you to meet Fire Lord Zuko" Katara said, as she brought the elderly man forward. Based on the statues and pictures she'd seen, Korra was quiet surprised that he looked so good for his age, his hair and small beard had turned white and he had a wrinkled face but beyond that he looked the same as he had in his twenties.

Zuko offered the stunned Avatar his hand to shake along with a small smile, Korra returning the gesture with a slightly weak handshake and a stunned smirk. "Katara has told me a lot about you, tell me how do you like Republic City?" he asked, his voice was still as deep as it had been but had taken on a calming tone, not unlike his uncle's was.

"It's great, really amazing. I'm guessing you're the important person Tenzin was talking about" Korra asked, having quickly gotten over her shock.

Zuko's face was suddenly serious, as was Katara's. "No Korra, the person you will meet is very old and very wise; I'd advise you to be respectful." Hearing the warning in Katara's voice worried Korra greatly as she was led towards Lin and the monks, she almost felt like she did when she was caught sneaking out as a child, that had not ended well for her and she had a feeling this wouldn't either.

Katara, Zuko and Tenzin all stopped in front of the girl standing with the monks and bowed deeply to her, Lin copying their action. Korra and her three friends just looked confused, the girl had piercing blue eyes (something that Mako, Bolin and Asami noticed) and white hair, she was clearly not much older than Korra, only by a year or so. Her body was much the same as Korra's with slightly diminished muscles though she was still clearly physically fit.

"Um miss are you the one their talking about?" Mako asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah we were told the person was really old," Bolin said.

"And wise," Korra added.

"You're barely older than us but their bowing to you..." Asami finished.

The white haired girl smiled and nodded, "Yep I'm the girl you want. My name is Silver and I'm the Avatar."

Silence fell and everyone looked completely shocked.

"Um excuse me?" Korra broke the silence "I think you're confused, I'm the Avatar!"

Silver smiled and shook her head, "No No silly, not the current Avatar, the first!" she chirped.

"Come again?"

"I am Avatar Silver, the First Avatar."


The Chapters will improve in quality as the story goes and I will likely rewrite these early ones later.

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