Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to TFA Trilogy: The First Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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TFA Trilogy: The First Avatar
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The Legend of Korra

TFA: The First Avatar is a work of fiction created by SilverOmega01 in May 2012 and was released daily from then on Fanfiction.Net.

The Fiction was completed on the 10th October 2012 and is now being released on other sites.


TFA: The First Avatar is the first part of my The First Avatar Trilogy. It follows Korra and Team Avatar's journey beginning in the middle of the Equalist Revolution. Korra learns to become a true master of the elements and learns much about the world's ancient history, the creation of the Spirit World and the Avatar, all from the mouth of the First Avatar herself.


Many of the Main characters are characters from the ATLA and LOK, so I will only put my most important Original Characters here.

Silver Uzume: The First Avatar. She was born in an ancient civilisation and unfortunate circumstances led to her becoming the first in the Avatar Cycle as well as inadvertently creating the elemental bending practices. She is an immortal being and is stuck in the form of a Seventeen Year Old girl, but regardless of this, she is wise yet cheerful. She does have a ruthless streak in her as well.

Necros: The Villain of Book 2: Heart. He is a very old enemy of Silver's and is nicknamed the Necromancer for his ability to seemingly reanimate the dead.

Scorpia: The Villain of Book 3: Spirit. She is a former subordinate of Necros and the current leader of Project Orion. She is cruel and heartless, using everyone as tools to attain her goals.

Tensa: A former Air Nomad Avatar from many years ago. He has also discovered Immortality but it is unknown how. Little is known about him.


Book One: Mind

Chapter 1: The Return of Silver

Chapter 2: The Thirteen Elemental Lords

Chapter 3: Amon VS Silver Pt. 1

Chapter 4: Amon VS Silver Pt. 2

Chapter 5: Tahno

Chapter 6: Koh the Face Stealer Pt. 1

Chapter 7: Koh the Face Stealer Pt. 2

Chapter 8: Silver's Sad Tale

Chapter 9: Korra the Water Spirit

Chapter 10: Loyalties

Chapter 11: Toph's Legacy Pt. 1

Chapter 12: Toph's Legacy Pt. 2

Chapter 13: Toph's Legacy Pt. 3

Chapter 14: When Extremes Meet Pt. 1

Chapter 15: When Extremes Meet Pt. 2

Chapter 16: When Extremes Meet Pt. 3

Chapter 17: The Hunt

Chapter 18: Out of the Past Pt. 1

Chapter 19: Out of the Past Pt. 2

Chapter 20: Out of the Past Pt. 3

Chapter 21: Vengeance

Chapter 22: The Water Trials

Chapter 23: Anima Aes

Chapter 24: Korra the Earth Spirit

Chapter 25: Aang's Legacy Pt. 1

Chapter 26: Aang's Legacy Pt. 2

Chapter 27: Aang's Legacy Pt. 3

Chapter 28: The Origin of Bending

Chapter 29: Battle Royale Round One

Chapter 30: Battle Royale Round Two

Chapter 31: Turning the Tides Pt. 1

Chapter 32: Turning the Tides Pt. 2

Chapter 33: Turning the Tides Pt. 3

Chapter 34: Skeletons in the Closet Pt. 1

Chapter 35: Skeletons in the Closet Pt. 2

Chapter 36: Skeletons in the Closet Pt. 3

Chapter 37: Endgame Pt. 1

Chapter 38: Endgame Pt. 2

Chapter 39: Korra's Choice

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