The Adventures of Team Avatar Extras serves the same purpose as Avatar Extras, to give unknown information about each chapter for the readers of The Adventures of Team Avatar to see if they want to. Future chapters will have extras as soon as they are released.

The Rise of Jun

  1. Jun's name was chosen because it means Supreme ruler.
  2. In the original script, Team Avatar was going to arrive at the Royal Palace and confront Jun. This idea was scrapped and recycled into "The Coming of the Storm".
  3. Mai was originally not going to appear as member of Team Avatar in this fanon but it was decided that she should be shortly before the final script was written.
  4. This chapter foreshadows "A Trip to Kyoshi Island" due to Sokka and Suki talking about wanting to go there.
  5. This chapter also foreshadows Suki'Story although it had not yet been thought of.

The Coming of the Storm

  1. This is the shortest chapter in the series due to Agent Slash being rushed into making it.
  2. The way the Lion Turtle appeared was going to be a recurring event in the series however this idea was scrapped.
  3. The Appearance of Azula was not supposed to happen until somewhere around chapter 4 or 5 but it was decided that this was the perfect opportunity to introduce her.

A Royal Pain

  1. Earth King Kuei was going to die in the early version of the script.

Duel in the Desert

  1. Before this chapter, Hong Wu was never planned to be in the series and Jun and Azula were supposed to be a villanous duo but Agent Slash decided that Jun's team needed more than two people and introduced Hong Wu in this chapter.
  2. In the original script, Mongke was supposed to die along with the other Rough Rhinos but Slash decided to keep him around and make him appear again in a later episode and then, Slash decided to make him a member of Jun's team.
  3. The reason the Si Wong Desert was chosen as the setting for this episode was because it was near Ba Sing Se and Team Avatar had just left.

Divide and Conquer

  1. In the scene when Jun asks Hong Wu how the Order of the White Lotus discovered their location, Jun was going to punish Hong Wu because he gave it away by accident. However, Slash decided that it would be out of character because there was no reason for Jun to be angry because he does not see Team Avatar as a threat. Also, instead of Hong Wu giving it away, the Order found out using their resourcefulness.

Avatar Wisdom

  1. The inclusion of Brek from Avatar Brek and Ji Qing from Our Story was due to Slash had not only started reading Avatar Brek and is friends with Omashu Rocks and because Slash is a member of the OSP.
  2. In the early version of the script, Aang was to have a fight with Jun while in the Avatar State but it was decided that it would be out of character for Aang.

The Return of Koh

  1. The return of Zhao had been planned before the fanon even began production.
  2. The fight scene with Aang and Kuruk fighting Koh and Zhao was inspired by The Face Stealer from FrodoTheHutt's fanon.
  3. The reason several characters can bend will be revealed later.

Battle in the Swamp

  1. The fight between Jun and Aang in the Avatar State that was planned two chapters ago was seen here.
  2. After Jun was captured, Hong Wu was going to be featured as the leader of Jun's team for a little while.
  3. The idea of Ba Sing Se being destroyed was planned before the fanon began production and was originally planned for a later point in the series.

The Liberation, Part 1

  1. Even though the Rebels played a big part in this chapter and the next one, they were never to appear again after Book 1.
  2. The inclusion of Joo Dee was planned from the very beginning.

The Liberation, Part 2

  1. Joo Dee's role in this chapter was going to be much bigger but was made short due to Jun's taking over.
  2. In the original script, the Rebels were all going to be eradicated but Slash decided to bring them back as seconday antagonists for the remainder of the series.

A Trip to Kyoshi Island

  1. During the period of time between the end of Book 1 and the beginning of Book 2, Slash thought that Hong Wu needed a rival on Team Avatar and decided the best choice was Suki which led to their rivalry that debuted in this chapter.
  2. Ty Lee was considered to be the new member Slash wanted to include but he decided against it.
  3. This chapter was created out of Slash's love for Suki and for Sukka being his personal favorite ship (Sorry Tokkans and Yukkans.) and also to give those interested in Suki's Story something to look forward to.

Rise to Power

  1. Bahhen's name was chosen because it means "scar" in Chinese.
  2. Jin was going to die in this chapter but it was decided that she would return as her fate was unclear at the end of the chapter and there should be more Rebels featured.
  3. Slash decided to show how Banhen got his eye patch as it would be better than him already having it.


  1. When this chapter was finished, Slash had still not decided which side Mongke would choose but by the time "The New Member" was finished his fate had been decided.
  2. This chapter was the hardest one to find an image for.
  3. Originally, Jun and Banhen were going to have a fight scene but this idea was scrapped and recycled into the Book 2 finale.

Cold-Blooded Revenge

  1. The appearance of Hama was originally planned for Book 1.
  2. The reason Slash had Katara knocked unconscious is because Katara could have easily subdued Hama and then we would not have much of a chapter.

The New Member

  1. This was going to be the last appearance of Ai as well as the rest of the former Resistance members but due to wanting to include a new member, liking Ai's character and a request from my blog, she was brought back as a member of Team Avatar.
  2. The reason Mongke was not present during the storming of the Royal Palace was because Jun told him to stay because he could not be relyed on at the time due to Banhen's offer. This was not seen in the chapter though.
  3. Ironically, Cheng was based on Free as a Bison and was killed simlar to how Free as a Bison went inactive around the same time.

The Wrath of Xian, Part 1

  1. In the original script, Zuko was going to find the documents of Xian but Slash decided Aang should do so instead and have Zuko tag along.
  2. Xian's original design was very similar to that of the character Vamp from the Metal Gear Solid video games.

The Wrath of Xian, Part 2

  1. The Darkbending seen in this chapter will be seen again in the series.
  2. Coming up with the idea of Darkbending and writing about it was one of Slash's favorite parts of this fanon.
  3. The idea of an evil Avatar appearing was planned before production even began.
  4. There was originally going to be a part 3 following this chapter where Xian escaped and Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Ai, and Iroh would track him down and defeat him while Katara and Mai watched after Aang but it was decided against.
  5. The name Xian is the only name Slash has ever used in any fanon without choosing it because of the meaning. Rather, he chose it because he thought it sounded cool and fit for a villain.

Making the Final Preparations

  1. The submersible tanks were inspired by the submarines used in the Day of Black Sun.
  2. This chapter was specifically created as a filler so there could be some calmness between the battle with Xian and the end of Book 2.

Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 1: Death and Betrayal

  1. Although her first appearance was in "Rise to Power" this chapter marks Jin's first speaking role.
  2. The way Banhen rallied more troops to his side by turning the Fire Nation soldiers and citizens against Team Avatar was the unheard method Commander Lee came up with in "Rise to Power."
  3. Toph's lack of lines in the fanon were made up for in this chapter, somewhat.
  4. This chapter foreshadows a new friendship we will see in Book 3.

Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 2: Sons of Ozai

  1. This chapter is the longest one out of all chapter in the first two books.
  2. Suki and Hong Wu's rivalry was re-ignited in this episode due to them finally being together.
  3. Mongke's betrayal was one of the hardest decisions Slash ever made while writing this fanon.
  4. Breaking up Jun's team was the saddest thing Slash has ever had to do while writing this fanon.
  5. Banhen calling Jun a coward mirrors how Jun called Banhen the same thing when he ran away in "Temptation."

The Boy With the Swords

  1. Kato's personality was inspired by Jet.
  2. The Necklace Heist was referenced by Piandao in this chapter.
  3. The idea of Mung being a key member of the Sons of Ozai was going to be scrapped but it was decided that he would be the new Boiling Rock Warden.

Night of the Lang Ren

  1. The idea of Gaizao's transformation was inspired by the video game, Sonic Unleashed as well as R.L. Stine's Goosebumps which Slash watched when he was younger.
  2. Gaizao means "transform" in Chinese.
  3. Naogui as in the name of the village in this chapter means "haunted" in Chinese.

In the Woods

  1. This chapter was going to be longer and not be a filler but due to Slash suffering from writer's block, he decided to make it a filler.

Freedom Run

  1. When Omar said he was connected to Ming in a way he could not reveal, it was a reference to a certain secret organization...
  2. Slash enjoyed writing this chapter much more than most of the other ones he had written by this point due to The Boiling Rock episodes being two of his favorites.
  3. The reason Slash chose Yu Dao as Ursa's location was so he could connect to the Promise instead of just the show.

The Return of Xian

  1. Slash had been eager to write this chapter ever since Book 3 began.
  2. Making Zhao join Jun's team was because Slash decided Jun needed a new team instead of just having Azula tag along with him.
  3. Zhao's return had already been planned right after his defeat in "The Return of Koh."

Family Reunion

  1. Slash included Toph's Metalbending students in order to connect to The Promise.
  2. This was one of Slash's favorite chapters to write.
  3. This chapter marks the beginning of Katoph.

Thoughts and Memories

  1. This chapter was created in order to learn more about Jin's past and learn more about her.
  2. The prototype of this chapter was going to be each character thinking about the current events going on at that point.
  3. Long Feng's appearance was originally planned for Book 2.

The Conspiracy

  1. Hong Wu was included due to recent lack of appearances.
  2. Suki's line before defeating Hong Wu was a reference to Hong Wu's line before fighting Suki for the first time. This was done due to this originally being Hong Wu's last confrontation with Suki.
  3. Danao is Chinese for Brains; Danao being the brains of the Council of Five.
  4. This is the last time Jun and Hong Wu meet.

The Final Battle, Part 1: Old Friends

  1. Yinghua means 'cherry blossom' in Chinese.
  2. Aang's speech was inspired by Hakoda's in The Day of Black Sun, Part 1.
  3. This is the last time Aang and Kato see each other.

The Final Battle, Part 2: Behind the Mask

  1. Omar's death was a hard decision for Slash to make.
  2. Kato's betrayal was planned ever since the beginning of Book 3.
  3. Due to a fan being a huge Katoph shipper, Slash was a bit hesitant to go through with it.
  4. Originally, Azula was planned to betray Jun because she secretly supported the Sons of Ozai. However, this idea was scrapped by the time Book 2 was about half-way through production.
  5. This is the first time Jun has ever emoved his mask in front of someone.
  6. Jun and Xian being the same person was planned ever since the first chapter was written.

The Final Battle, Part 3: The Arrival of the Storm

  1. This chapter's title is a reference to The Coming of the Storm
  2. Yue's return was originally going to involve Sokka but this idea was scrapped.
  3. When Jun suffocates Aang using Airbending, it is a tribute to Onjing from Avatar Brek.
  4. The reason Aang, Kuruk, Shui, and Zhao were able to bend in the Spirit World was finally revealed in this chapter.

The Final Battle, Part 4: The Fall of Jun

  1. This is currently the longest fanon chapter Slash has ever written.
  2. Jin was originally planned to be killed by Banhen.
  3. Lightbending will be seen again in the third fanon of the Slashverse
  4. This is the Lion Turtle's first appearance since chapter 2.
  5. Aang's line: 'It's so empty in here' is a reference to the very first line of the series.
  6. This is the first time Aang and Jun have battled each other in the Avatar State.
  7. This was Slash's favorite chapter to write.

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