By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.
General information

Warlord Venom

Notable members

People of Symbiote Empire


First Emir of Symbiote Empire


Planet Al-Andalus/Symbria



The Symbiote is a race of alien humanoid slime mold. They're a race of zealots.


Everything remained peaceful for them, even in time of space colonization. But then, one thousand and two hundred years ago, the revolution happened. After the revolution, the Emirate of the empire was over. The position as the ruler of the empire went independent by transferring it to Warlord. Seven hundred years ago, the Makluan Empire had arrived and began the conquest of their empire.


Stretch Arms and Legs

With their beings as slime and have no skeletons. They can stretch their arm and legs very long.

Advance Technology

They have Laser Swords, Laser Spears, Laser Cannons and mounted animals like Megasquid.


  • Their empire was once ruled by Emir.
  • They can stretch their arms and legs very long.
  • The type of their empire is Zealot Empire.
  • Their religion is Sunni Islam.
  • Symbria is the name that given by the Makluan. The real name of the planet of the Symbiote is Al-Andalus.

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