Swimming in the Rain
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Korrasami Week 2016



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September 26th, 2016

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Earning Her Spurs

Korra loved days like these.

Of course, she was the only person on Ember Island to do so, but she didn't care. They didn't have to agree with her, they just had to let her.

When it rains on a Sunday afternoon, most people tend to stay indoors, maybe have a cup of tea and hang around the house a little bit, but not Korra. When the rain came, she instantly became restless. It was almost like water got her invigorated or something, because she had loved it ever since she was a little girl.

That probably was a good thing, given her home island. Well, home island was a little bit much, but since her father hated the Northern Water Tribe, they had come down here when Korra was just a little girl.

Ever since, Korra loved the sea. She loved how it was cool on hot days, of which there were of course plenty. She loved the life within it, the deep blue color, how it provided her with something to do on boring days...

And on days like these, when the season was warm and the rain was sticky, Korra loved to go swimming in it. Under water, she was protected from the rain that made her clothes stick to her skin in the most awful way possible.

Of course, an added benefit of her love for swimming was that it made her really quite fit. She didn't really need to exercise, just to pull another few laps between her house and the old jetty on the far end of the bay. It used to belong to some rent-a-board business that had gone bust a few years ago, and then that building burned down under suspicious circumstances. Their jetty remained though, and it was a perfect target for Korra.

She was taking a short break after having pulled five to and fro laps, so within another five, she'd be heading back inside. At that point, she'd have swam for more than two miles, with only a short break in between. Not bad for a 15-year-old.

Content that she could take just a few more minutes, Korra leaned back and closed her eyes, letting the rain fall on her face. It was warm rain, which is why she was so eager to swim today instead of, say, sit around all day while sweating like an otter-dog.

-"Hey there," a voice suddenly came from her left, so sudden in fact that Korra's arms slipped, and she fell on the jetty.

When she finally regained her senses, she took a good look around and soon found a girl her own age leaning on the jetty. Her skin was strangely pale for someone on Ember Island, but her raven hair suggested that she was a tourist from the Fire Nation. It framed her face and ran well past her shoulder, where it disappeared into the water again.

"Hi..." Korra reluctantly said, shuffling over a little bit. "Umm... Where did you come from?"

-"Over there," she said, pointing with her thumb over her shoulder. Korra followed her finger, but she was pointing out to sea. "You're quite the swimmer."

This had Korra a little spooked. "You've been watching me? Creepy."

-"In my defense, you're basically swimming through my back yard."

"What are you talking about? I live over there," she said, pointing to her house. "We're the only ones living in this neck of the woods."

She shook her head. "No, you're not. I'm not very far away from here. It's a good thing my father didn't find you here, he'd be pissed." When Korra just continued to stare at her, she looked like the light went on. "You don't know about us, do you?"

"It's safe to say that I don't."

-"Scoot over."

Curiously, Korra did so, making room on the end of the jetty. Before she really knew it, the girl dove under again, only to jump straight out of the water, and plonked herself down on the jetty, right next to Korra.

But it was how that really had her amazed. Instead of legs, she had a tail. A fish tail, covered in large, shiny green scales. From sheer surprise, Korra jumped up, stumbling back a few paces.

"You're a mermaid?!"

-"Umm, yeah. You've heard of us, but you look surprised."

Korra took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. "Yes, I mean, mermaids are these mythical creatures to us, no one really knows they actually exist."

The mermaid shrugged. "Well, we do."

Now that the initial shock was wearing off, Korra gave herself the time to eye the mermaid up. Her initial assessment of her being beautiful still stood, and there was in fact another addition to it that made her go slightly red: she was topless. Fortunately, her breasts were covered by her long hair, otherwise this would have been a very awkward conversation.

In spite of this, Korra couldn't help but be curious. "So what's it like to live under water? What do you live in?"

-"Well, it's not really all that different from what you have here, I guess. We have a house where I live with my father, and from there he rules the seas around us. But what about you? Why are you only partly covered?"

"Ah," Korra said, rubbing her neck. Of course, it didn't help that the mermaid was tugging on the strings of her bikini. "Could you... We kind of wear clothes, to stay warm, and it's frowned upon to go out without any."

She snorted. "Sounds impractical." Suddenly, she perked up, as if she heard something. "Right, I have to go. I guess I'll see you later." Rather gracefully, she slipped back into the water, before quickly surfacing again. "Wait. What's your name?"


She smiled. "Pretty name. I'm Asami. See you later!" With this, she dove back under and then was quickly gone.

Korra just dumbly stayed on the jetty, waving at the spot where Asami disappeared.

The reason I didn't publish this in the week itself was mostly because I wanted to expand on it, but that deviated so far from the prompt that I cut that part out. Might publish it later, though.

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