Sweethearts and Friends
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Long Feng Disappears

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The Great Storm

Sweethearts and Friends is the fifth chapter of Long Feng. It introduces the characters Katara, Yue, Jet, Zuko, Sokka, Oyaji, Iroh and Ozai.


Schoolteacher Katara was writing to her friend Yue. Katara was engaged to marry Aang, and told Yue of her hopes for a busy, useful future as Aang's wife.

Yue wrote back, full of excitement. Three men had asked to marry her, all on the same day!

The first was Jet, a hard-working doctor who ran a mental hospital.

The second was Zuko, a brave adventurous traveler.

The third was Sokka, the son of Lord Hakoda. The three men had sworn to remain friends, come what may.

Katara and Yue were on vacation together in the north of Ember Island. They strolled in the peaceful churchyard, next to the ancient ruins of an abbey. "This is a lovely place," commented Katara.

They made friends with an elderly fisherman named Oyaji, and they asked about the local legends. People said that a ghost, a white lady, often appeared there. "Fool-talk!" commented Oyaji.

Oyaji said the graveyard was a holy place. He'd soon be lying there himself. "A hundred years is too much for any man to expect," stated Oyaji.

But Katara was worried about Aang, she hadn't heard from him for weeks. And now there was another thing to worry about: Yue had started sleepwalking.

Iroh had a letter from Aang that said he was on his way home, but that was a month ago!

Meanwhile, at Jet's hospital, one of his patients, Ozai had started eating small creatures, alive! He put out sugar to attract flies, spiders, and birds. He caught them... crunched them up... swallowed them...and kept a careful note of the numbers. Jet was puzzled. He decided to study Ozai's strange behavior. It might have helped other scientists to understand how the brain worked. "It gives life to me!" explained Ozai.

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