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Suyin Lao
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United Republic



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Moshui, Norio Date


Order of the White Lotus

Chronological and political information

Anying Jiaoben


Madam Suyin Lao is a nonbending member of the criminal organization Anying Jiaoben. She is known to be Moshui's lover and a world famous singer.


Suyin Lao is a tall, thin woman. She towers over many men at 180 centimeters, and when wearing her heels is closer to 185 - 190 centimeters. Her hair is a dull black, stretching to her shoulder blades when let loose. Generally, Suyin can be seen wearing a cherry red high-slitted qipao dress, matching lipstick and dark eyeshadow.


In many ways, Suyin is the most secretive member of Anying Jiaoben, though at the same time the most forthright. As a celebrity, she is constantly in the spotlight, however uses seduction and persuasion to keep from public details ever being revealed. By coming across as a flirty open-book, in effect Suyin is just the opposite. No one really knows anything about her past, nor her motives, and it is clear that Suyin intends to keep things this way...


Suyin is a Chinese female name meaning "plain sound".
• Madam Lao has made two other appearances in MibuWolf fanon...
• Madam Lao's character art is drawn by MibuWolf, thus highlighting her horrible inability to draw women.
• After finishing drawing and coloring Madam Lao (and posting the page...!), MibuWolf realized that she looks like a derpy Asami...

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