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Earth Kingdom

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Omashu Palace




321 AG

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Urri (brother), Esas & Kilidi (nephews)


Order of the White Lotus, Southern Water Tribe, Hava Jinorra


Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Rishu, Kuir

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General Suun is the younger brother of King Urri of Omashu. He is the lead general and most powerful earthbender in the city. Suun is very popular with the people as opposed to his brother.


Suun is Urri's younger brother by almost ten years, making a stark difference in treatment and upbringing for the two nobles. Urri was encouraged to be a 'mad genius' while Suun was taught to honor and fight. Suun trained to be a warrior and to master combat. He focused everything to it but proved to be the leader the city's defense needed. In time, Suun became very popular with the city and many wanted him to be King of Omashu, though he was too skittish to do it.

When his brother discovered the Avatar, she was still learning earthbending. Suun was tasked to teach her mastery of the element in Omashu Style. He succeeded, able to teach her much including psychic earthbending, the bending without movement. Suun and Hava have both noticed that Tala seems to have an ability to channel emotions for a specific purpose and believe her parents taught her this, though they don't know why.

Suun was one of those who saw the armies close in around Omashu as war ignited across the world again. He did not hold Tala's view that a 'Black Dragon' was behind it all.

Suun had researched the architecture of Omashu for plans that would help the city in time of war. This started with his tunnels that led beyond the city and gave the defenders abilities to ambush enemy supply lines. His research culminated in the discovery of an ancient tunnel deep beneath Omashu once used to build the city. He planned to tunnel a new route which would then head south instead of west for supplies from the Southern Water Tribe.

Suun's plan failed when it was revealed that Crown-Prince Kuir also knew of the tunnel. His excavators were ambushed and outnumbered three to one. Death would have been certain had not Tala and Hava arrived with reinforcements. Even then, the battle was in Kuir's favor and the Avatar brought down the tunnel with the Avatar State.

Suun led the ground forces in the counterattack on the Day of Black Sun, and managed to push the Ba Sing Se Regulars back a few blocks.

Suun fought in the many battles that followed, including the day when Prince Kuir was captured. Suun was also opposed to Tala accepting the challenge of Agni Kai against Rishu. Suun led the battle with Kuel when the invaders attacked on the night of the full moon. They assumed victory was theirs, since they had waterbenders. This was soon a trap as the Fire Nation employed bloodbenders to capture leaders.

Suun was able to escape bloodbenders and fight with Kuel to help their men retreat. However, he saw that Avatar Tala was being pursued by the bloodbender Ralyn. Suun intervened so that Tala could escape to Omashu. Suun and Kuel both tried to fight the bloodbender to no avail and were captured by her.

Suun has become a prisoner of the siege, where Rishu interrogates him for information and cooperation. Suun has held out against the demands so far. While most of his men broke, Suun, Kuel, and Simi were the only ones who didn't break. After a failed infiltration by a colonel who was betrayed by Tala's Dai Li kin; Suun and all of the captives were traded for the colonel and his men.  


Suun has been raised his entire life to be a follower. He trained to be a general and warrior at his brother's side and considered the role a serious position. He rarely disagreed with his brother publicly, so as not to give an image of disunity.

Suun believes that duty, and responsibility are incredibly important and not to be overlooked by anyone. Because Urri doesn't punish or chastise his sons, Suun does, being the authoritative figure they need because he thinks its his duty. He believes that Urri was wrong to defy the summons to Ba Sing Se and that Omashu by virtue of orders, is committing treason against the Earth Kingdom; but will never betray or turn on his brother, as his first duty is to family before the nation.

Despite not being trained or encouraged to take such a role, Suun is a great leader. He has the loyalty of his men and the city because he is a just and fair man. His leadership is key in the defense of the city.

Suun is also a good teacher. Because Urri wanted Tala's training confined to Omashu, he needed the strongest earthbender to teach her. Suun successfully taught Tala everything he knew about earthbending in Omashu Style and even the concepts behind Beifong Style. He was humble enough to admit that he did not know everything and that Tala could use further training from another master.


  • Suun looks a lot like General How because of the style of clothes he wears as well as his build.

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