Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Survivors in the last hundred years.

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Avatar Aangs reincarnation




Avatar: The Last Airbender


"Survivors" is about some small clans of Energybenders who survived the war and the temptations of bending elements. These survivors live in caves, ruins and some even live in villages posing as non-benders.

The Energybenders detested war and led a worry free life until a masked group of villains started tracking them down and killing them. A stubborn race, the Energybenders refused to come out of hiding to ask for help.

Ken is an Energybender trying to escape the masked men. These masked attackers are formed by members from all three remaining nations, so there isn't a place to go where they will be at a disadvantage. Although there are no Airbenders left, the three nations are looking for a way to recruit Airbenders by studying some captured Energybenders to find a way to revive, create or transform people into Airbenders.

One day while exploring The seemingly infinite cave systems, Ken met a girl named Ashley, who decided to accompany him on his journey. Then Ashley asked her best friend Cong to come along as well. When Cheng heard this he decided to come along to. The journey to freedom of the foursome began.

The Energizers

For some twisted reason, their goal is to wipe out or recruit all Energybenders, including Ken!

The Boss

Jiao-long is the leader of the Energizers; a twisted man who will stop at nothing to realize his mysterious goals.

The Elite

The Elite are a small group of benders consisting of Tamara the Firebender, Simbu the Earthbender, Sam the Waterbender and Conzu the Energybender. They are masters of disguise and are usually summoned to help the scouts or make sure the Avatar doesn't notice anything that's happening within the organization.

The Scouts

The Scouts are a small group with the same amount of non-benders as benders and there goal is to recruit new members and search for Energybenders and their colonies. Once they find a colony, they report to the Boss, who decides whether or not to let the Scouts handle the situation themselves or send in the Elite to finish the job.

History of Energybending

Energybending is an ancient art created before the Avatar; the first Avatar was the one who decided to separate the nations and give each nation a specific animal to teach them bending, except for the Water Tribes who were supposed to be taught by the tritons, but they died before they could impart their knowledge of Waterbending. As a solution, the Avatar decided to ask the Spirit of the Ocean and the Spirit of the Moon to teach them. Some people, however, liked Energybending, and decided to take the risk of being destroyed by their own energy in exchange for the power to bend the energy.

The Energybenders lived in peace with the other nations during the first war of the earth between the Fire Nation and Water Tribes, and the Earth Kingdom. The former decided to attack the latter because they believed that the Earth Kingdom had to much land. The people of the Earth Kingdom tried to convince the Energybenders to join their fight because they resided on Earth Kingdom lands, but the Energybenders kindly refused. The war ended in a victory for the water and fire alliance, and the Earth King had no choice then to give them more land; the swamps were given to the Water Tribes and some land near Ba Sing Se was handed to the Fire Nation who built some colonies there.

After this war came a long era of peace in which some Energybenders had moved to the Fire Nation and Water Tribes. This was the time of Avatar Kyoshi, who had already mastered Firebending and was now training to learn Airbending, which was hard for her since Airbending was the earth Avatar's natural opposite. The era of peace came to an end when Chin started his campaign to conquer the Earth Kingdom; he quickly managed to conquered a third of the Earth Kingdom. The Energybenders tried to stay neutral; Chin, worried that they would join forces with another nation and oppose him, made hunting Energybenders into a sport to gain honor, like hunting dragons in the Fire Nation.

In order to survive, some clans of Energybenders sought refuge in caves underneath the Fire Nation capital city. The cave system was created by badgermoles who wanted to aid the Energybenders during the War of Chin the Conqueror.

Now that the war is over, the Energybenders refuse to come out of hiding, fearing that, if people knew of their existence, the other nations would try to recruit them again when another war broke out and kill them if they refused.


  1. The Beginning
  2. The Beginning, Part 2
  3. Attack
  4. Invasion
  5. Capture
  6. Waiting
  7. The Rescue
  8. Falling
  9. Shadows
  10. Festivities
  11. The Lake

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  • Ken: He's a strong and intelligent bender, although somewhat lazy.


  • Ashley: She's an amazing, kind, fun loving girl who's a pleasure to hang around with.
  • Cheng: The meaning of his name says it all, "accomplished." But accomplished good or bad?
  • Jiao-long: His name means "looks like a dragon". Pretty random, but you'll understand later.
  • Tamara: She's a mystery


  • Cong: His name means "intelligent." Not to mention, he is slightly annoying.


Question 1: In what war were the Energybenders hunted?

Question 2: What element was Avatar Kyoshi learning when Chin conquered a third of the Earth Kingdom?

Question 3: What two nations fought against the Earth Kingdom in the war of earth?

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