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Aang kept a calm and positive attitude towards the invasion. "I've beat the Fire Lord once already and I won't hesitate to do it again," said Aang to the group. Aang then spent the next few days with some new friends he made while playing earth soccer. Aang loved to play the sport and was good at earthbending, so in time he became a master at it.

One day, Aang went to an earth soccer field at the middle-ring of the city. He played with some known people. A boy named Yian then entered the game. Aang and Yian then played the game together. Yian earthbending the ball with power and it accidently hit Aang in the stomach. Yian ran to aid Aang and apologized. "Wow, you're an incredibly powerful earthbender," said Aang to Yian. "Thanks, I attended Master Yu's Earthbending Academy at Gaoling," replied Yian. The two then resumed playing earth soccer. "So how long have you lived in Ba Sing Se" asked Aang. "Well, my father is a rich nobleman who often moves to different location in the Earth Kingdom," replied Yian. "Awesome," said Aang. "What about you" asked Yian. "Well, I'm the Avatar and I travel with some friends around the world," said Aang. "Oh, you are Avatar Aang, what a great honor to meet you!" exclaimed Yian.

After a couple of hours of playing soccer, Yian and Aang walked over to the team's house. "Guys, this is my new friend Yian," said Aang. "Nice to meet you Yian," replied Katara. He then introduced himself to the team. "Well, Yian can you earthbend" asked Toph. "Yes Toph, I attended Master Yu's Earthbending Academy at Gaoling," said Toph. "Oh cool, I'm from Gaoling and I went to the Academy too," said Toph. They then ate dinner. After dinner, the sky turned black and Yian had to leave because of his curfew. "Bye Yian," said the group. "Bye everyone and thanks," said Yian. The group then also fell asleep.

In the morning, the group went to visit the Earth King. They saw that all the preparations were going smoothly and as planned. Katara then went to the Jasmine Dragon to buy some tea for the others. She also bought some for the Earth King and the Generals. After visiting the Earth King, the group decided to take a walk up the Great Wall. By the time they reached the wall, it was already noon. Toph and Aang earthbending a rock up the wall. When they reached the top, they saw the amazing view. They also saw that the crack in the wall from the War had been rebuilt. The large hole made by the drill was also rebuilt.

It seemed very calm and peaceful throughout the city. Merchants selling, people talking and sitting in front of fancy restaurants. The team all thought about their ideas and plans after this little "conflict".

"Ffweeeuu" suddenly was heard in a loud volume. "Defend the wall" hollared the Terra Team who was guarding the wall. "Wait what was that" asked Zuko. They quickly ran to General Sung station.. But no one was there. "Ffweeeuuu" was then suddenly heard many times. The Terra Team slide down the wall using earthbending. Aang looked at the area outside of the wall. "Oh no!!!" yelled Aang.

That was when a fireball hit the top of the wall, at which the group was. The top of the wall collapsed, shooting the team down from the wall. Luckily, Aang and Zuko were able to carry the team back to the collapsed top of the wall with jet-propelling fire. "The Saviors of Fire are invaded" hollared Azula to the city. Everyone then yelled and cried in horror as a huge fireball smashed into the center of the city. Suddenly, Yian ran up to the team at the top of the wall. He asked what had happened and Aang showed him. "Man, why does everything always happen to us, I mean give me a break," said Sokka with a big frown. Aang then looked at the incoming fireballs heading for the wall. Four fireballs shot at the same time and hit the wall. The four fireballs damaged the wall severely. "Avatar Aang, alert the King immediatly and have him evacuated from the city. Ba Sing Se is about to enter a siege!" yelled General Sung. Another fireball then shot at the team and Yian causing then to slam into a store at the lower-ring. They then started running up to the palace with dizziness.

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