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Avatar Sura is the current Avatar reincarnation, following Avatar Aang. She is a young Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. Because the Avatar Relics mysteriously disappeared after Aang's death, the Sages of the Water Tribe failed to locate who the next Avatar was upon birth. Her identity as the Avatar remained unknown until an accident triggered the Avatar State in her at age 16.

Prior to that she lived as a perfectly normal and happy Waterbender with her older sister and best friend, a boy named Kiyo. When it was discovered she was the Avatar, Sura was immediately taken away from her family and friends and kept safe in the Spirit Oasis by the Tribal Chief. She began her Avatar journey to master the elements soon thereafter.

She wants no part in the affairs of the spirit-ravaged world and wishes to return to her happy life in the Water Tribe, missing her family and friends dearly. After she meets a young Earth Kingdom boy named Doko, her spirits begin to rise.


Sura is 5'4" and has an average build. She wears a hooded blue and white parka typical of Water Tribe females. She is described as the most beautiful young woman in the Northern Tribe, according to her sister rivaling the beauty of the moon. After Kiyo proposes to her Sura puts on the betrothal necklace and continues to wear it even during her journey. Her hair is dark brown, where she keeps a small blue hairpin her older sister gave her years ago. Her eyes are deep blue.


Sura lived as a perfectly normal and happy teenaged Waterbender with her older sister. Her best friend was a boy the same age as her named Kiyo. Kiyo and Sura had been friends since the two of them were five years old, and eventually their friendship blossomed into a close relationship.

Book 1: Lunar

On the day of the accident, Sura's long-term boyfriend Kiyo asked her to marry him and offered her a carved betrothal necklace. Sura accepted and was overjoyed. She rushed home to tell her sister the great news, which is ultimately what caused the accident to happen.

On the way she crossed one of many ice-bridges over a wide canal in the Tribe. Unknown to anyone, that particular bridge was in need of repair and its structure had begun to crack. When Sura ran over the bridge it snapped and dropped her into the water. The crack was so severe it caused a nearby watchtower to also collapse, sending a shower of large ice blocks into the water with her. She was continuously pelted by the falling ice chunks until one struck her in the head; she lost consciousness. When she awoke she was in the Spirit Oasis with Tribal Chief Kuzon.

He explained to her what had happened, that when she lost consciousness she had caused mass destruction within the city. Not understanding how or why, the chief explained she was none other than the Avatar, and had unconsciously entered the Avatar State to save herself. When the Avatar State deactivated, the chief immediately took her and kept her safe in the Spirit Oasis.

There she met the moon spirit, Yue, who explained the predicament the world faces. Something is manipulating the spirits to attack humanity, and though Yue does not know why she does know only the Avatar can stop it. She also explains her power protects the Northern Tribe from attacking spirits, but someone or something has infiltrated the tribe and been silently seeking to eliminate the Avatar before she learns the elements. Sura will be perfectly safe if she remains in the oasis, and it was there she trained with the chief and spirit to master Waterbending. Sura progressed quickly; becoming a master Waterbender in a few days.

Later that night, Sura is stowed away on a Water Tribe ship to take her safely to the Earth Kingdom to begin learning Earthbending. Boarded on the ship were some of the best warriors in the tribe, all to protect the Avatar. Along the way the ship is attacked by a large serpent and completely destroyed. Sura was the only one who escaped the mysterious siege alive thanks to her bending; the other passengers are all killed or drowned. It is not known until some time later that Kiyo, who learned Sura was the Avatar, pleaded with the chief to go, despite not being a great warrior. He was among the casualties that night.

Sura reaches the Earth Kingdom on her own, and begins her journey toward the city of Omashu to find a master Earthbender. Along the way she meets Doko, a homeless Earthbender boy who she stands up for. He later saves her life and they become close friends and travel companions.

Book 2: Solar

Book 3: Stellar


Sura is kind, outspoken and greatly enjoyed her simple life before becoming the Avatar. She does not like to be in the spotlight, nor does she see herself as a hero or leader. She has a deep sense of right and wrong, and believes people are ultimately good inside. She cannot stand by to watch oppression and dislikes senseless violence. When innocent people are threatened, she will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Sura harbors deep guilt over being the lone survivor of the ship siege, and was devastated upon discovering Kiyo was among the dead. Afterward she declared openly she hates being the Avatar, as it had brought her nothing but great suffering.


In accordance with Northern Tribe customs, Sura was not taught how to fight with Waterbending, but how to heal. She became a master healer quicker than any of the other pupils. When it was discovered she was the Avatar, Sura was taken in by the chief and moon spirit Yue, who trained her in Waterbending combat. As the Avatar, bending comes naturally to her and she mastered the element almost effortlessly, finishing in only a few days. It is because of her bending abilities she was the only one who survived the ship onslaught.

As the Avatar, Sura's Waterbending abilities are exceptional. She is skilled at bending massive waves or freezing large amounts of water. Her signature technique is the water whip, though she is also known for turning water into vapor and bending it. Sura possesses the ability to pull water moisture out of the air to use in combat, though the amount of water gained is small. Regardless, Sura is exceptionally resourceful and with any amount of water, no matter how minuscule, she becomes a feared opponent. After departing the Water Tribes for the Earth Kingdom, she keeps two water skins filled to the brim at all times.


  • The name "Sura" is Inuktitut (the Inuit language) meaning green leaf or new life.
  • The name "Sura" in Tamil also means shark.

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