By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.

Supreme Fire Lord is the title of the Supreme Ruler of the World. The title was originally called Phoenix King, but it was changed when the current Supreme Fire Lord, Azula, kept her title as Fire Lord, though she became the Supreme Ruler of the World.


The title of Supreme Ruler of the World was first started by Ozai, who called himself the Phoenix King, meaning he needed to reside in the largest city in the world, Phoenix City.

When Ozai died, Azula did not want to be Phoenix King, as she wanted to stay in the Fire Nation Capital, though she was told her current heir, Chen, would once more be the Phoenix King. Azula decided to promote Mai as Ruler of Phoenix City, and Ty Lee to Ruler of the rest of the Earth Kingdom. Due to Azula never moving to Phoenix City and never becoming Phoenix King, Azula was subsequently promoted to Supreme Fire Lord, which caused her children to become a Supreme Prince and Princess.


The Supreme Fire Lord is the single most powerful person in the World. The Supreme Fire Lord is also usually the best Firebender in the World. The children of the Supreme Fire Lord are considered to be the Prince and Princess of the World. the Supreme Fire Lord of course has the ability to kill, imprison, or banish anyone under them. They also lead the World's military, though rebellions are guaranteed to happen.

Despite the Supreme Fire Lord's absolute power, they still have to follow traditions, such as the first born child becoming the next Supreme Fire Lord in line. Princess Mitsuki, however, subsequently became Azula's heir after Prince Chen ran away and joined [[F|Team Rebel}}.


Due to Azula's specialty with blue fire, the Supreme Fire Lord's crown is a light-bluish color instead of the former orange color. The outfit is aligned with dark blue stripes, while the cuff around the neck is colored light blue like the crown. Due to Mitsuki's specialty with blue fire, it is likely the outfit will remain the same for at least the next generation.

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