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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Farmer and wife
Sunhuai, fanzui de laoban of the Yapo
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Earth Kingdom



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Dark Brown

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Light Green

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Yapo gang, Mu'ai, Qingbai


Earth King Qiang Zhen, Baotu, "Shady" Ying Xiao, Dixia gang, Hei Shichang gang

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Farmer (Formerly), Crime Lord


Fanzui de Laoban of the Yapo


Earth Kingdom, Yapo gang

First appearance

Book 3: Water Chapter 1: Dangerous Waters (Mentioned;No lines)

Sunhuai is minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Mentioned in the first chapter of Book Three as a new uprising crime lord in Ba Sing Se. He was later introduced along with his gang triad in Chapter 3: The Oppressed, where he tells his son the story of how the Yapo came to be.


Born and raised in a poor family of farmers, all Sunhuai knew was a basic amount of society, his name and agriculture. Growing up was hard in a family poverty as he didn't have a lot of things. There were times that the family would go without money to clothe themselves because the taxes were high as is when Ta Po was in power, it was later when he was a young adult did the taxes lower.

After he moved out from his parents home he had enough money saved to buy land and build a home with his new love. They've spent years of their lives creating the perfect dream house that comes with a farm. Making a decent living tending to farm animals and producing fruits and vegetables. Sunhuai was 32 when his son Qingbai was born. In the recent year after the former Earth King Ta Po was assassinated by an escaped prisoner that Ba Sing Se has had some history with, a period of silence had begun where all crime had gone away when the new Earth King had risen to power after being crowned. The six-month period had really crashed down on the Lower Ring as it took more effect considering the poor weren't as well-mannered as the those who live in the Middle or Upper Rings of the capital city.

The heavy patrols around the Lower Ring didn't allow much freedom for the citizens in the Lower Ring. It was eventually later that the guards had begun to oppress the good people of the Lower Ring. They began to seek safety and protection from the drug lords who have gone into hiding. After while they had begun to return, protecting the citizens where they had controlled territories.

Sunhuai had witnessed when the taxes had risen and witnessing guard brutality. His neighbor was hauled away when he had said he would pay the next week, the tax collector had tossed the money back at the old man. Sunhuai had collected the money but the next day was later fined for soliciting.

Rise of the Yapo

Sunhuai wasn't really bothered by the oppression much, the fine was a minor deal but when the Dixia and the Hei Shichang had broken from the period of silence was when Sunhuai experienced hatred for the government of Ba Sing Se and the gang triads of the city. On a family outing, he, his wife, and their boy were out eating when all of a sudden a battle had occurred on a different block. As it later came to the street where Sunhuai's family was dining.

During the fight Sunhuai's wife was killed and Sunhuai slightly injured, after that experience Sunhuai snapped. Months later, did Sunhuai rally up some men and women and create a new gang triad as the new reasonable yet deadly when crossed leader. Recruiting more and more people each day and taking most of the territory once owned by the Mousha Quan circle. Not alone as well as the corrupted guards took up arms along with the new Yapo.

The people had then began to seek protection from the Yapo, as the Hei Shichang and the Dixia had only had battles with the Ba Sing Se government. Months later as the war grows ever stronger, the army and most guards are out fighting in the war throwing the Lower and parts of the Middle Ring into disarray as a war begins to tear Ba Sing Se apart. Eventually, the day comes where the Yapo answers the call and defends Ba Sing Se from the forces of General Senlin and his newly founded army constructed of pirates, the Western Earth Kingdom army, Dixia and Hei Shichang members. The Yapo and any remaining forces within Ba Sing Se.

During the events of Book Three, the Yapo begin to become a threat to the Hei Shichang and the Dixia as they begin to take their territory little by little. In the series finale, they play a different role.

The Yapo have gone down in history as a neutral organization who was famous for rebelling against the corrupted government of Ba Sing Se when the Earth King would turn a blind eye, and defending Ba Sing Se against Captain Sao Feng, and Admiral Palartok's forces that arrive by lands and sea to attack the city of Ba Sing Se.


Sunhuai, was born a non-bender and his only skills were in agriculture. Proves why he's only a farmer, although when he starts the Yapo gang men that he hires have taught him how to use weapons. Sunhuai uses a hook sword when need be, he isn't that skilled in it but its enough to protect himself and his boy.



Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Three: Earth


  • As in the description in the main page of the fanon, it says Sunhuai was a guard captain before turning into the leader and founder of the Yapo. This was a simple mistake as it refers to the Sunhuai in the comic version in the Legacy of Rong Yan. Sunhuai's story in the comic was a little too straight forward and obvious I thought why not change it to something a little less unpredictable and make him a farmer.
  • In the comics Sunhuai, was a single man he had no wife and no son, the cause of his turning was the little pay and just the corrupted government itself he wanted to do good.
  • Although the Yapo are bad guys, they're actually the good guys who are against the government, their goal was mainly to stop the oppression in the Lower Ring and spread their ideologies to the Earth King. In the end they defend the city from General Senlin's forces.
  • Sunhuai means "corrupted" in Chinese. As to say he was a victim of corruption.

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