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Siege of Sages

Last Time on TLAT Finosa defeats the assassin who tried to imprison her, but injures her elbow in the process. Now, she runs for the door. Meanwhile, Baizken struggles to beat the sage even with his sword's newly discovered blessing/curse.


"Ow!" yelped a sage.

Grandma has been up all night waiting for her family to come home and fending of "burglars". Unbeknownst to her, they are sages who are carrying a message.

"For the last time Mrs. Gatton, we just want to come in to tell you something that's very important," they said.

"What? That my things are expensive, and you people want to steal them," she replied.

"Lady, we're sages! Just please let us in," the sage with the bruised said.

"Yeah, you are kinda fighting with swords that aren't sharp," said the other sage

"Don't give me a parable, please!" she exclaimed.

"Um, it's not a parable. You couldn't stab Komodo-chicken with that sword," said the other sage.

"Well, prove that you're sages," she said looking through the peep hole, "Do some firebending or something," Grandma said.

The two sages looked at each other. Suddenly with one combined fire kick, they kinda burned down and kicked open the door.

"Yep, you're sages," she said.

She lets the sages into the house. They go inside and sit on the couch. Grandma looks at them and thinks "Why are they here?" to herself.

"We have bad news," said the sages.

"Well is it burn down my front door bad," she said with a chuckle.

"Ma'am, we come here because... well you've got to promise not to say anything," said the sages.

"Okay, I promise," she says.

"The temple is under siege. Some of the sage have revolted and they've almost got complete control of the capitol. We fear that your family may be stuck in the middle of the fighting. Of course, this news is two hours old, for all we know, we could have already lost."

"Oh, my! That is burn down the door news," she said, "I think I may faint," she says.

The sages prepare to hold her to make sure she does not fall off of her seat, but she seems fine.

"We've got to tell someone!" she said yawning.

"No, it's better to wait until later when this city wakes up," they replied.

"You should go to sleep..." said the one with the bruised corona.

She took the sages advise and tried to go to sleep. The sages show themselves out (through a door less doorway) whispering something about eye-patch shopping.

Every thing was dark. The only thing keeping everything see able were the lanterns on the wall. They seemed to glow in the dark and make everything brighter. Baizken had lost sense of time underground; by now it was probably morning. The sage looked at him with glaring eyes.

"I will enjoy your end, to bad you can't bend," said Bard in his crazed voice.

He looked at his sword it was still glowing. If he tried to use it, the only thing he could hurt, would be his hands. They would get huge blisters the size of Elephant-rats. He wasn't paying attention he looked and if he had looked a split-second later he would be on fire, and not in a good way. The sage launched a huge burst of flames at the boy. He barrel rolled to the right. The sage aimed his flames, again, at Baizken. This time he was able to duck the blast. He, then, made the stupid move of running toward the sage. The sage prepared another blast. Baizken attempted to punch the sage with his fist. The sage looked at the kid like he was an idiot and grabbed his hand. He flung him across the room like a rag doll; he slid on the floor and stopped only when he hit the wall.

"Ouch! That hurt," he said.

"Glad I am, you're in pain, one less player will be removed from the game," Bard rhymed.

Now the sage prepared a fiery kick, one that would end the battle, end Baizken. Baizken got up he was not hurt too bad, just some scrapes and cuts. His sword was across the room now. However, it looked cool enough to handle, now. The only problem was getting to it. He jumped to the left to dodge the kick. The wall was not so lucky; there was now a humongous "hole in the wall". Baizken started to run to his blade, yet the sage was not to tired to launch some consecutive fire jabs. Fortunately for the "swordsboy" he was able to out run them all. His sword was just feet away now. Bard was not unaware, he used firebending to propel himself, at a high speed, right at Baizken. The kid was toast, or was he. He did a barrel role and grabbed his sword, it was still a little hot, but he didn't care. The sage was only a few yards away now and rapidly heading toward. Baizken closed his eyes, this was it. The moment of truth. He pressed the button firmly with his index finger. He waited for a moment, his eyes still closed. He blinked quickly, and right in front of him was a sage. With a huge hole going right through his head, a sage. He had won. He pressed the button again and the spike reeled in, colored a dark red. He did not want to know. He wiped the spike on Bard's shirt and grabbed his keys.

"Well off to see Dad," he said trying not to pay attention to the sage.

He wondered if it had been right to kill the sage. Did that make him no better? He felt sad, as he pondered on those thoughts.

At this time, Finosa was trying to walk. She was trying to hold her hurt arm and run at the same time. After a fall or two, Finosa decided it was better to walk at an even pace. She was trying to remember what happened during the battle, the one with Raingeous. She thought she could remember bits and pieces of it. She was trying to put the puzzle together. Something had made her angry. Then well she guessed she went beserk. If she could try it again, maybe she could control it.

Then she looked around the corner, there were sages or assassins, the point is the enemy. They looked more like sages to her. They were talking, so she tried to listen in on their conversation.

"How much longer to we have to stand here?" said one in a whiny tone.

"Until we get an order to move, quit whining!" said the other.

"But, I gotta go..." said he.

"Where?" asked the other.

"Can you hold out your hand?" he asked.

Reluctantly, he held out his hand. The whiny one firmly grabbed his wrist and forced the sage to hit himself right in the middle of his forehead. Yep, these were young sages. Suddenly another sage ran down the hall. He appeared to be older and in a great hurry.

"Men, the Avatar has escaped, along with the spirit. You are needed as reinforcements for the second front," he said.

"Grandpa," she said in a hushed whisper.

"When do we need to be there?" said the one with a mark on his head.

"As soon as possible," said the older.

"We'll come with you right now, sir," they replied.

"Is their a bathroom on the way?"

They exited down the hallway. Finosa remembered that the exit was down the hall, to the left. Once she got to Duma outside, assuming he was still there, she could fly away. She concentrated, while she waited for them to be out of sight on firebending. First a small flame appeared in her non-binded hand. She put all her concentration on to that moment. Her brain suffered a flash back.

"You sarcastic brat, you are weak, just like your father, but I would be more worried about your grandfather. In there with all that poisonous gas. I'd be surprised if the Avatar hasn't moved on to the Air Nomads," the flash-back sounded real.

This made her angry the loss of a loved one scared her, enraged her. The fire grew larger it started to change colors, but it was getting harder to contain and control. She concentrated more, minutes passed. The fire was now a deep purple, but she could barely stop it from burning down the hall. She gasped for air and stopped the fire was gone now. For now she was going to stick with regular fire.

Gatton's bones ached. Him and his new friend walked quietly, almost tip-toeing. They would go from room to room to avoid being spotted, kinda weaving in and out. Feeling tired they got to one room, a break room for assassins they guessed, and sat down.

"More of my memory is coming back now," the mystery man said.

"That's great," the Avatar said.

"But some of it I don't want to remember," Smoke sighed.

"What's a matter?" Gatton said.

"Well as I said before, I was in a circus. We had just got here from a boat that was from Ember Island, our home base. We were performing in the street, promoting our show. Which was in three days, anyway I was doing one of my tricks when someone pulled me aside. I believe it was a sage. He told me that my powers were incredible."

"What powers?" the Avatar asked.

"Do you have any objects?" asked Smoke.

Gatton went over to the tea station where there was a teacup. He picked it up and brought it back to the seats and table.

"Now, throw it at me," Smoke said.

"Why?" A confused Gatton said.

The mysterious man gave him a look and Gatton tossed the cup. The guy did some strange hand motions. It exploded into a puff of smoke. Gatton was shocked.

"That's amazing!" Gatton exclaimed.

"Yes, but it has its limits. I can't to it on things like flesh or metal. That's where problems start. When I try it drains most of my energy; I get really tired," Smoke explained.

"So you can make humans disappear," questioned Gatton.

"Huh, yes, that's why the sage wanted me. He offered me 1,100 silver pieces if I came with him. It was more money than I had ever seen. He took me to these catacombs and told me to test my powers on voles and other vermin. I could make them vanish, but it made me tired. I didn't want to destroy them. I had no choice; I am a man of my word. Then they wanted me to try my powers on a human. I refused in utter disgust. He begged, but I stayed strong. He wanted me to help him get rid of his enemies. I still refused. He told me that whatever I made disappear went to a part of the Spirit World went somewhere called 'The Void'. I remained firm. He threw me in that cage. He said I was spirit spawn, whatever that means," Smoke said.

"Whoa!" Gatton was shocked.

Baizken continued down the corridor; he finally was going to see his dad. He found Dad, Amax, and a whole bunch of other sages. They were in carbon cells which appeared to be odd and strange. His sword was sheathed and he took out the keys. He unlocked the door and saw his dad.

"Baizken?" Sven exclaimed, turning toward Baizken. Baizken ran toward his dad and gave him a hug, released his pain after being away from his family.

"Come on let's get out of here." Amax shouted aloud, began to run.

And so the good sages prepared to exit out of the cell room.

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