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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.
Sumi (Moshui)
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The Republic City Police Force, Anying Jiaoben

Sumi (or Moshui) is the primary antagonist of Emblem of the Outlaw. Since the portals opened, Sumi has acted as both the leader of the criminals and the leader of the law. Before bending was illegal, he was a member of the Metalbending police.


Untrustworthy and two-faced, Sumi acts only for his own personal gain. He cares little about his underlings, and though they know little of it he has frequently betrayed both the police and Anying Jiaoben. As a police chief, he pretends to be the just leader, who takes whatever steps possible to preserve the peace; even though he admits to being a bender, stating that "a bender isn't illegal if he doesn't bend, as a thief is not illegal if he doesn't steal." As the leader of Anying Jiaoben, he is ruthless and cruel: any sort of failure will result in death. Both these faces inspire loyalty from others, however neither is his true personality.


Master Earthbender

In his battle with Meelo and Tuzo, Sumi reveals his Earthbending prowess. Though not revealed in the series, as Sumi was a former member of the Metalbending police, it is inferred that he can Metalbend as well.


As well as being an Earthbender, Sumi is also trained through modern police training in the use of firearms.


  • Sumi/Moshui's appearance and character art is that of Sakurai from Night Raid -1931-

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