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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Southern Water Tribe



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Light Brown

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Light Blue

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Southern Water Tribe, Avatar Rong Yan, Chief Unirak, Prince Unaraq, Princess Tanaraq, Aloi, Pigu the Bum


Geng Gao

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Southern Water Tribe Ambassador




Southern Water Tribe

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Book 2: Water Chapter 4: The Royal Lady

Suluk is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Suluk, is the ambassador of the Southern Water Tribe, who was kept locked away from the world by Geng Gao.


Suluk, was born in the Southern Water Tribe, to two peasants. Suluk, was spoiled as he was an only child. At the age of eight, it was discovered that Suluk, was smarter than the other children within his class.

He was transferred to another education facility within the huge city, where the gifted children studied. Years later he graduated from the same facility at the age of seventeen.

Going to a university, he majored in politics. At the age of 22, he graduated from the university, and soon became an ambassador for the Southern Water Tribe. He also became one of Chief Unirak's best friends.

He was one of the few ambassadors sent across the Earth Kingdom to make peace amends with smaller villages, and towns. When Suluk, had heard of the Water Tribe rebels stirring up some trouble he reached out to some towns and made sure that they were not attacked and notified them that they were not part of the Water Tribe military nor did the chief allow them to invade Earth Kingdom soil.


Suluk, later reached the village of Sichuan, the town was taken over by the noble Geng Gao. Who had said the same exact tale to everyone else who came through the village that a man sold him the ownership of the town.

Suluk, had discovered of Geng Gao's act of murder, so Geng Gao captured and imprisoned Suluk. Suluk was kept under Pigu's late grandfather's house basement. Only being fed once a day and sometimes only four times a week.

When Rong Yan and the gang arrived, at Sichuan village, they had no idea about Suluk at all. Nor did Rong Yan or Aloi know of his existence. When they were on a quest for the Water Tribesman that was supposedly harming the village. They had returned to Geng Gao, only to find out Geng Gao pretended like he never told them anything.

Suluk, had recognized one of the few voices from above ground, as Prince Unaraq. He shouted for someone to hear him. But to no avail no one could hear him down in the basement.


When Avatar Rong Yan, was given a vision about Suluk being imprisoned down below the mayor's house. He was notified that Geng Gao was indeed not the mayor but a murderer. Geng Gao had murdered Pigu's grandfather and had kicked Pigu out of the house.

Rong Yan along with Unaraq, had gone to search the house, going into the basement, and making sure to not be heard. Rong Yan had the use of soundbending to help them maintain being undetected.

Unaraq had seen Suluk within a cell, and they broke him out. Pigu was gone, but Geng Gao had caught Rong Yan and Unaraq breaking out Suluk. Before Geng Gao yelled for the guards, Pigu had knocked him out unconscious with a rock. Locking Geng Gao up in the chains until the arrival of Earth Kingdom troops.

Han Tui

Suluk, was dropped off in Han Tui, where he boarded a ship, where the captain was known by Pigu, and was actually a good friend of his. Suluk then was taken home back to the Southern Water Tribe.

Spiritual Relative

No check Not done


Suluk, was born a non-bender, though he is described as carrying a club. When he was found imprisoned he no longer had the Water Tribe club, as Geng Gao most likely took it away.

At the end of chapter four, Suluk does not get his club back. Not much is known if Suluk was good with a club or not.




  • Suluk is Inuit for "feather".
  • In the comic book, Suluk actually doesn't have a name. He is identified as the Ambassador.
  • Suluk, is actually a descendant of Avatar Arrluk, one of Rong Yan's past lives who will be later revealed in the series.

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