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Earth Kingdom emblem
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Earth Kingdom


85 AG

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Eye color

Blue Green

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Fans, Hands

Chronological and political information

Leader of Kyoshi Warriors

  • Earth Kingdom
  • Southern Water Tribe (through husband)
  • Kyoshi Warriors
  • Team Avatar

50,000 Gold Pieces

Suki is one of the main targets in Avatar: Wanted. After Ozai's defeat she remained leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.


Three years after Ozai's defeat and world is at peace. Suki is married to Sokka and is still the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, but due to her living in the Southern Water Tribe she has left most duties to her first lieutenant, Ty Lee. Unfortunately someone is not happy with the way the war turned and has hired a dangerous group of assassins to kill her and the rest of Team Avatar. The first one sent is a man named Nero.

Finding Zuko and Aang

Suki and Sokka were paying a visit to Toph in Omashu when Aang, and Zuko arrive. She and Sokka follow Zuko into alley and are mistaken for assassins when Zuko leaps out and attacks them. As Sokka screamed in terror Suki dropped to a fighting stance as Zuko realizes his mistake. She listens in silence when Zuko and Aang inform them about Nero.

Fighting Nero

When everyone besides Toph is ready to go Katara goes to get her. After she is gone for about five minutes, Suki offers to go get them. Before she could leave though, Nero comes flying through a wall. She and the others all battle Nero but are eventually overpowered. She and the others are saved when Appa intervenes. She and the others watched Aang battle Nero by the great divide.

Assaulting a Base

When Zuko found the location of a Black Lotus base Suki and Sokka fought all the nonbending assassins and beat them to a pulp.

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