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85 AG

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Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors


Suki, a secondary member of Team Avatar in The Weatherbenders, is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and the girlfriend of Sokka.


84 - 99 AG

Suki's background is largely unknown; no details of her family were ever made available. It is known that she began training for the Kyoshi Warriors at the age of eight, and at some point, become their leader.

Late in 99 AG, Avatar Aang and his friends came to Kyoshi Island. Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors captured them, but released them after Aang revealed he was the Avatar.

Suki befriended and quickly fell in love with Sokka, after the latter apologized for teasing the warriors and briefly became part of their group.

100 AG

The final year of the War became one of the biggest in Suki's life. Her and the other Kyoshi Warriors left to get involved in the effort, first assisting refugees in Full Moon Bay, who were headed to Ba Sing Se. That spring, her and Team Avatar re-met, as the group was looking for Appa.

Suki assisted Team Avatar, also carrying Ying, Than and his sister with them, as Ying was pregnant. She helped Katara deliver Ying's baby girl, Hope.

During this trip, her and Sokka began their romance with a passionate kiss.

Later, Suki and her warriors were wandering the Earth Kingdom when they found Appa. They took care of him briefly until Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee came after them. The warriors lost, and Suki was sent to the Boiling Rock.

Suki would later be rescued by Sokka, who came with Zuko to get Hakoda. Later, on the escape route, Suki battled Ty Lee to a draw. Suki and the other escapees, also including Chit Sang did escape, but only Suki joined Team Avatar full-time, as the others escaped after an attack at the Western Air Temple.

Suki helped bring down Ozai's airship fleet at Wulong Forest, along with Sokka and Toph.

She later reunited with her Kyoshi Warriors at Zuko's coronation, who now added Ty Lee to their group.

More can be found on the canon Suki article.

100 - 102 AG

Suki briefly lived in the Southern Water Tribe post war, but eventually did return to Kyoshi Island to lead the Kyoshi Warriors. She improved her own skills even further as Ty Lee helped teach chi blocking to them. Other than this, she lived peacefully on Kyoshi, with occasional seeings of Sokka and other members of Team Avatar.

The Weatherbenders continuity

In 102 AG, Suki was called back to Team Avatar due to the rising threat of the Meteorologists. Along with Ty Lee, she is now returning to the team, hoping that her advanced warrior skills will be of help to the effort.

Upon their chapter five encounter with them, she and Sokka elected to take on Baktan. At Sokka's urging, she switched battles to Kianna, giving help to Ty Lee and Katara. She tried to chi-block, but could not get a blow in. When Ty Lee was severely hurt, she lost her will to fight on. Eventually, she and the rest of the team found themselves overcome by the Weatherbending move of heat manipulation.

They were all taken to the Southern Water Tribe for healing. While there, Ty Lee's death was confirmed, bringing her to great grief and tears. However, she helped to comfort Katara in the aftermath.

During The Tri-National Showdown, Suki joined Mai, Toph, and Reeaki in defending against the Attack on the Earth Kingdom. On the first day, she fought hard in the Mining village along with Mai, but all efforts could not stop the Fire Nation from taking the village that night.

The next day, Suki continued to put forth her best effort, using her chi-blocking skills to ward off several soldiers. However, she injured her ankle during the fight, and because of this and several wounds, she was pulled off the battlefield for the remainder of the fight and transported to the medical ward at Fong's base, a fight which eventually ended in an Earth Kingdom victory.

Suki was confined to crutches for two weeks, but still was able to warmly welcome the rest of Team Avatar back after the battle. After Zuko was re-coronated, Suki returned to Kyoshi Island and re-led the Kyoshi Warriors despite her injury.


Suki is a tough-headed girl, a strong warrior who is not broken down easily. However, she does show a softer side to her, especially while around Sokka. She can also be compassionate and caring.


Suki is an elite warrior as leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, She has mastered arts of the katana, and also several martial arts. She is also very versatile, fast to move, and can dodge easily. Having learned through Ty Lee, Suki now has an understanding of chi blocking, making her a strong fighter against any bender.

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