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Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Bo, Ling, Rong, Feng, Ty Lee, Ai, Appa, Momo, Iroh, Mai (formerly), The Order of the White Lotus, more...


Hong Wu/Hong Shu, Tai Kun, Jun, Kang Dae, Shun, Shuang, Yanshu, Azula, Mongke, Banhen, Jin, Chao, Mai, Bai Lung, Chong, Yakone, Lin Hui, Kela the Screamer, Zhi Jing, Yazdalia

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Team Avatar, Kyoshi Warriors, Earth Kingdom

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The Rise of Jun

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Our Brightest Hour

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Jennie Kwan (TAoTA/Suki's Story)
Miranda Otto (Into the Light)


During the seven-month period between the end of the War and The Rise of Jun, Suki lived peacefully in Ba Sing Se with her friends. During this time, Suki began to miss Ty Lee and the other Kyoshi Warriors. Also, she continued to have a strong relationship with Sokka.

The Adventures of Team Avatar

One day, Suki was taking a walk, thinking about how much she missed the Kyoshi Warriors, when she saw her friends preparing to go to the Jasmine Dragon. Before they left without her, she ran up to them, telling them to wait. Sokka, having wondered where she was asked her and she told him but did not explain the reason why. Suki then accompanied her friends to the Jasmine Dragon. While there, she told Sokka why she went on her walk and why she did not tell him was because she wanted to be alone for a little while. Sokka then told her that he would be happy to take her to Kyoshi Island to visit her fellow warriors. This made Suki very happy but the celebration was cut short when Team Avatar witnessed the Royal Palace in flames.

Suki and the rest of Team Avatar quickly flew to the Royal Palace and found the severely injured body of the Earth King. Also while there, Suki and her friends briefly encountered Azula who had recently been freed by Jun and Hong Wu. After this encounter, She and the rest of her friends decided that it was necessary to track Jun and Azula down so that they could do no more harm to anyone.

Several hours later, Suki and her friends arrived in the Si Wong Desert to find information on the whereabouts of Jun. After finding Fung and hearing that The Order of the White Lotus was searching for him Team Avatar prepared to leave but not before they encountered the Rough Rhinos. Suki had teamed up with Katara to fight Kahchi and was successful in defeating him. After four of the Rough Rhinos were killed and Mongke had escaped, Suki and her friends decided to leave the desert.

Over a week later after arriving at the Fire Nation Royal Palace, Team Avatar received a letter from Iroh saying that the Order had tracked Jun's location to the Foggy Swamp. Suki and her friends also noticed that the letter was not finished and assumed that Iroh ran out of ink. Team Avatar arrived in the Foggy Swamp and split up into three groups to search with Suki going with Sokka and Toph. After an hour of searching, Suki, Sokka, and Toph decided that they should regroup with the others and search together but were captured by Mongke before they could do so.

Suki and her friends were later freed by the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Suki also participated in The Battle of The Foggy Swamp by going after Azula. She and her friends decided to search for Jun and his cohorts after they escaped the battle. Eventually, Aang captured Jun leaving Suki shocked at how well he preformed. Team Avatar then decided to go back to Ba Sing Se so they could imprison Jun but realized that Iroh had not run out of ink his message as they saw the city in flames.

Once in Ba Sing Se, Suki accompanied her friends to the Jasmine Dragon, where they were ambushed by several Rebels. They managed to escape, leaving Suki and everyone else wondering what was going on. After Zuko explained the story of how The Rebels formed, Suki was left shocked and speechless. Katara then suggested they go to the Royal Palace and Suki agreed. Once there, they found The Resistance who's goal was to take back Ba Sing Se. Suki took part in The 2nd Liberation of Ba Sing Se, where she fought of The Rebels and stormed the Royal Palace with her friends. Once inside, she and everyone else was quickly apprehended by The Rebels and by the Dai Li. Suki then found out the truth behind the horrible Rebel Invasion as did everyone else: Joo Dee caused it. After hearing the truth, Joo Dee ordered her and the others to be executed but Joo Dee was killed by Jun. Jun decided he wanted Suki and her friends to himself and Azula came to help shortly afterwards. After Katara was killed by Jun, and Aang had gone to battle Jun, Suki and her friends cornered Azula to make sure she would not escape. However this was a failure and Azula escaped the palace along with Jun. Katara was then revived by Aang and Suki was very happy because of this. After The Rebels were driven out of the city, Suki decided that Team Avatar needed a new place to live. Zuko then suggested they go to the Fire Nation Royal Palace to which everyone else agreed. Suki then left for the Fire Nation with her friends.

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The Adventures of Team Avatar

Suki's Story

Avatar: Into the Light

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