Earth Kingdom emblem
By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
Biographical information

Kyoshi Island, Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Blue Green

Personal information
Weapon of choice

War fans, martial arts

Fighting style(s)

Kyoshi Warrior style


Sokka, Liang, Wuoyan, Katara, Aang


The Cult of Sozin, Zhao, Shaoshang

Chronological and political information

Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, Mayor of Kyoshi

First appearance

The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island

Suki is one of the main protagonists in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny.

Before the story

Suki went straight home after the war, eager to return home to Kyoshi Island. She remained apart from Sokka for a short while because he returned to the Southern Water Tribe, but it wasn't long until he came to live with her on Kyoshi. Their relationship remained as strong as ever and they built a house together at the top of the island. She became well-known on the island for her compassion and her leadership skills. So much so that when the last mayor of Kyoshi died of old age, she was unanimously decided by the people to become the next mayor. She married Sokka soon after becoming mayor and has become very close friends with Ty Lee, who is her second in command in the Kyoshi Warriors.

During the story

Suki encountered Liang and Wuoyan as they escaped the Unagi in a very dramatic fashion. She threatened the two, worried that they were bringing their own little personal war to Kyoshi. When Wuoyan demanded to see the swordsmaster, she originally refused due to his crude manner and boisterous attitude, but changed her mind when he defended Liang from her despite the fact that he barely knew him.

When Sokka left to go and meet Yue, Suki refused to let him go alone and left Kyoshi Island in the care of her friend, Ty Lee. They were attacked by Captain Hydros en route to the North Pole, who mistook them for members of the Cult of Sozin. After Liang discovered his waterbending abilities, she emphasized with him as a non-bender and a citizen of the Earth Kingdom and was able to help him get through his shock and his fear. When they arrived at the North Pole, she went and explained things to Chief Arnook when Sokka and Liang went to talk to Yue.


Suki is tough, assertive and confident, which are all traits that make her a truly great leader. However, she is first and foremost a very empathic and caring person who connects with almost everyone she meets. She is a woman of action, who sometimes does things rather impulsively, especially when compared to her strategically-minded husband. She is also incredibly loyal and creates very strong relationships with the people around her.


Like her husband, Suki does not have any bending abilities, but is a very capable warrior. She is a master at martial arts as well as in war fan combat. From living with Sokka, she has become proficient in lots of other weapons as well including the spear, the club and the jian, but she still prefers to use her war fans. She is an incredibly agile acrobat, able to scale walls and perform impressive acrobatics stunts with ease, which she uses effectively in combat. Most importantly however, she is a truly great leader, who is able to lead both a warrior group and an island of civilians with strength and compassion.

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