By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Earth Kingdom

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Kyoshi Island


Ba Sing Se

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Team Avatar, Freedom Fighters, Galleth



Chronological and political information

Kyoshi Warriors

First appearance

Wedding Day (brief)

Suki is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and close friend to Team Avatar. In fact, she is the girlfriend of Sokka. She is mainly the fighting female expert (or fem fatal as the S.C.P call her) among the main group. She usually uses her Kyoshi fans, like Avatar Kyoshi did, as weapons.

Avatar: New Universe II

Suki first appears as just a face in the crowd among the other Kyoshi Warriors for Katara and Aang's wedding. She remains this way until she races with the others to find the Freedom Fighters pinned down. She was among the group to be thrown off to the Cooper World, where they get her later.

After a night's travel through the portal (which truly was a full week), Suki and Longshot land in a tree in the Medieval World, the time of Sir Galleth Cooper, where Smile Dog and Ghost show up again to retrieve them. She almost immediately declines his demands and would have been killed if Smile Dog and Ghost hadn't mistook Galleth for Pyramid Head. Galleth offers her a place of rest which she didn't accept at first, but quickly changes her mind remembering the tag-team earlier. While she was there, she was told the story on Galleth's victory over the Black Knight, and she was given a place to sleep for the night.

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