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Suki's Story
Suki's Story
The story of Kyoshi Island's best warrior
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March 30, 2012 - September 12, 2012


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The Adventures of Team Avatar


Avatar: Into the Light

After being inspired by Girlygurl97's fanon, and due to my love of Suki, I have decided to create a fanon revolving around Suki. This fanon series was the second part of Slashverse.


It has been two years since The Rise of Jun ended. Due to missing her home on Kyoshi Island, Suki has decided to temporarily leave Team Avatar and visit her home. However, a new threat rises: An evil man named Tai Kun and his army of earthbenders, as well as his group known as the "Zhiming Assassins" threaten to dominate the Earth Kingdom and soon, the world. Unfortunately, Tai Kun's quest also threatens Kyoshi Island. It is up to Suki and her new friends to stop this new evil and go on an epic journey without her friends in Team Avatar. This is the second fanon of the Slashverse.



Suki (Jennie Kwan): The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and the protagonist of the story. She has temporarily left Team Avatar and has gone back to Kyoshi Island. She must also leave her fellow warriors behind in her quest.

Bo (P.J. Byrne): One of Suki's new friends. He's from the Southern Water Tribe, and is a waterbender. He is also a courageous warrior, and is skilled with Water Tribe weaponry. He reminds Suki of Sokka.

Ling (Agent Slash): Another new friend of Suki. He is an earthbender. Unlike many Earthbenders, he is not aggressive and has a tranquil personality, however, he does not shy from a fight.

Rong (Lucy Liu): Yet another new friend of Suki. She is a Firebender who is very kind and gentle, unlike most Firebenders. She comes from a wealthy Fire Nation family. She is Ling's love interest.

Feng (Dee Bradley Baker): Suki's pet Eel Hound. He is Suki's animal guide and the group's primary mode of transportation.

Ty Lee (Olivia Hack): The sweet, cheerful Chi-Blocker. She and Suki have developed a sister-like bond and are very close.

Zhiming Assassins


Tai Kun (Frank Welker): An evil Earthbender and the antagonist of the story. He is a very merciless man and is a former Earth Kingdom general. His goal is to dominate the world, starting with the Earth Kingdom.

Kang Dae (Rob Greenway): A ruthless Firebender. He is hot-headed and loves to fight.

Shun (Gina Torres): An airbender who is the descendant of the only surviving Air Nomad besides Aang.

Hong Wu (Steve Blum): Suki's greedy, conniving arch-rival whom she met two years ago. He has gone on to provide his knife throwing abilities to the Zhiming Assassins.

Shuang (Quinton Flynn): An evil Waterbender. He is a lunatic who is obsessed with killing.


Yanshu (Judd Nelson): A no-nonsense archer. He has a very gruff and serious personality.


Nabi (Stu Levin): The cheerful mayor of Gaoling.

Gahno (Billy Connolly): The brave, headstrong leader of the Si Guan Lian.

Ren (Jennifer Hale): The serious, stealthy member of the Si Guan Lian.

Kuong (Michael Rosenbaum): The hot shot of the Si Guan Lian.

Otaka (Tara Strong): The brains of the Si Guan Lian.

Wen (Dee Bradley Baker): The Si Guan Lian's pet Shirshu.


Book One

  1. Arrival at Kyoshi Island
  2. The Beginning of a New Adventure
  3. Rong
  4. Evil in the Air
  5. Search in the City
  6. Reaching Omashu
  7. Bamboo Under the Moonlight
  8. The Si Guan Lian
  9. Infiltrated
  10. Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 1: Storming the Enemy
  11. Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 2: The Prophecy

Book Two

12.The Matter in Gaoling
13.Return of the Zhiming Assassins
14.Hearts, Minds, and Desires
15.The Forgotten Story
16.Under the Si Wong Sun
17.The Full Moon Cruises
18.Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 1: The New Era
19.Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 2: Suki of Kyoshi Island


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