Sudden Silence, Sudden Heat
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November 8, 2011

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Sudden Silence, Sudden Heat is the sixth chapter of the fanon, "Rebel".


Jong and Partida find their ways out of the swamp, and they suddenly find themselves attracted to one another.


They reached the edge of the swamp. After hours of walking, slicing plants in half, and nearly dying more times than Jong could count, the fog, the trees, the muddy ground had all cleared away. And there was nothing but blue skies with a haze, masking the deep blue water in the near distance. Jong turned his head left, hoping for a clear glimpse of Partida for the first time. And his wish had come true. Never before had he imagined her having bright blue eyes, which could break through even the darkest depths of his soul. Her light brown hair glimmered in the faint sunlight, which revealed small strips of bleach blonde on her hairline. As her thin lips began to move, Jong quickly returned his attention to the thin fog in front of him.

"So, Jong," she said.

"So, Partida."

"Do you have any clue where we're going?"

Jong's eyes widened, and he suddenly felt a sense of cluelessness. Ever since he'd left Ba Sing Se, he'd just been running away from the city, and trying to find a home. A home where he was alone. And then, in the swamp, he'd only been trying to find a way out of the swamp. And then, he met Partida. And he walked with her, trying to find their ways out of the swamp. For some reason, I thought she'd leave when we left the swamp. But still, they were together, walking out of the swamp. Together.

Any normal person would have run for the hills the moment they saw Jong's muddy face, his tattered excuses for clothing, and his cuts and bruises covering his body. But Partida joined him to get out of the swamp. And she was still there. Why? Maybe she saw how he was traveling alone, and maybe she felt bad for him. Maybe she felt lonely, and needed some comfort. Or maybe she was just some crazy girl trying to get him in his sleep. Whatever the reason, he felt a sense of gratitude and admiration for Partida. And whatever the case, he wanted to stick with her.

"...No. All that I know is that I'm looking for somewhere to live in peace. Somewhere where I don't have to worry about being persecuted for telling the truth. Somewhere where I'm not bound by rules and laws. Somewhere...where I'm free."

Partida looked at him, amazed at his courage, and at his determination. But she was afraid. For both of them. She was afraid that his carelessness would get them both into trouble. And she was afraid that his courage and boldness would cause him to abandon her. But she gazed at him, still admiring his personality. And she realized she was blushing. And that he was suddenly staring back.

His big, gray eyes met her bright blue ones. The gleam in her eyes faded in the thickening haze, and he could see his faint reflection. He was covered in mud, and a cut decorated his right eye. And yet Partida put her left hand around his neck, and he was leaning in, pucering his lips. Closer, their heads came.

And they kissed.


  • The name of this chapter is inspired by a line in the song, "I'm Not that Girl" from the musical, "Wicked".
  • * This is also the first chapter whose name has more than one word.
  • This chapter takes place during, "City of Walls and Secrets".
  • Partida is mentioned to have a little bit of bleach blonde in her hair. In the concept of the fanon, I decided one of the characters needed to have blonde hair, since nobody in the series has blonde hair.

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