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Earthbending emblem Earth Kingdom emblem
Earth Kingdom emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Sud Bei Fong
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Earth Kingdom



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Avatar Roku, Bei Fong Family

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Earthbending teacher


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Earth Kingdom, Bei Fong Family

First appearance

The Avatar and the Fire Lord, Ursa's Story

Sud Bei Fong was the main founder of the Bei Fong Family, whose wealth he mostly created.


Sud trained Roku in the art of Earthbending, the last element Roku needed to master to become a fully-realized Avatar. Once mastered under Sud's tutelage, Roku beat his teacher in a race up a mountain by surfing on rocks. By the time Sud reached to top of the hill, Roku was already sitting there brewing a pot of tea. Sud laughed, and they sat down to enjoy the hot beverage. They remained very good friends afterward, and having mastered all four elements, Roku began his time as the Avatar.

Sud also gained notoriety as a result of being the master of an Avatar. His Earthbending prowess was known throughout the Earth Kingdom, and he was rumored to still be better than the Avatar himself. Sud was very competitive, dueling many of the top Earthbenders of the day, adding to his fame. His fame also allowed him to attain vast wealth, forming the basis for the current family's wealth.

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