By Alexander of Volzhsky Part of the Avatar—Star Wars crossover continuity.

The Subjugation of Earth was an invasion of the four nations of Earth by the Galactic Empire in 100 AG (3 ABY on the galactic calendar). Following the discovery of Earth by an Imperial probe droid, Emperor Palpatine took a personal interest in benders. Seeing them as a potential threat, he ordered a full subjugation of the planet. The Imperial military's Death Squadron, the personal task force of Darth Vader, invaded the planet, bombarding the North Pole first due to Vader feeling a strong connection to the force there. After the bombardment, Imperial troops began attacking the very confused four nations. Ba Sing Se, the Fire Nation Capital, and Omashu were the first targets of the assault. The Fire Nation Capital fell within a day, Omashu fell in two days after Imperial bombers leveled much of the city, but Ba Sing Se held out. The Imperial Army besieged the city, bombing the walls. Finally, the walls fell, and All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walkers breached the Agrarian Zone. What the Fire Nation could not do in six hundred days was accomplished by the Empire in a week. The right throughout the city was hard, with many Imperial soldiers and Earth Kingdom troops dying. But ultimately, the Impenetrable City fell.

Earth King Kuei was executed by Darth Vader, and Long Feng (the former Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se) offered to help the Empire and was appointed as the Grand Moff of Earth. While the world was reeling from the shock of this event, Avatar Aang and Grand Lotus Iroh convened with surviving world leaders and military officers from all nations. They discussed the next course of action, which was planned to be an attack on the Fire Nation capital. However, it failed to materialize as Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation military forces were bombarded from orbit by Imperial Star Destroyers. Aang confronted Vader, who attempted to turn the Avatar to the dark side (as bending itself was a primitive power of the Force). This failed, as Aang refused to turn. In the following weeks, the Empire subjugated more territories, taking major cities. The governments of the four nations were replaced with Grand Moff Long Feng's Imperial regime, which was based in Ba Sing Se.

Team Avatar and other surviving prominent individuals went into exile, hiding to avoid Imperial troops. Many benders were rounded up and taken by the Empire, sent to Coruscant, where the Emperor turned them to the dark side and made them Imperial Inquisitors or Force Adepts. Grand Moff Long Feng used the Imperial garrison to maintain order, and the Dai Li, which were trained to use the dark side by Vader. General Maximilian Veers was stationed on Earth as the Imperial garrison commander, having the elite stormtroopers of the 501st Legion under his command. Ozai and Azula both turned to the dark side, becoming Imperial Inquisitors and attempting to hunt down Aang and the other rebels. This went on for about a year until news came of Emperor Palpatine's death at the Battle of Endor, shortly after which the forces of the Rebel Alliance arrived and helped the inhabitants of Earth defeat the Empire.

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