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Chapter 7: Stress is Done

After days of planning, sorting out two conflicts and headaches, the Palace is now fully decorated for my wedding. I went to the team who were resting and who were looking so tired.

"Guys, I want to tell you that I am really grateful for your help. Thank you. This will be the best wedding ever," I thanked. They smiled.

"In fact, in the courtyard on your left, there is a swimming pool. You can go and relax there if you want," I suggested. At the mention of the word 'pool', they immediately rushed out of the living room.

I found them out in the pool. Toph was sitting on the edge dipping her feet into the water, Katara was swimming, Aang was doing a dive into the pool and Sokka, Suki and Ty Lee and Mai were relaxing on the side.

"What was it like when you met Katara?" I casually asked Aang.

"Well, she was the first person I saw when I was freed from the iceberg and I began falling in love her," Aang said.

"I had gone to see a fortuneteller to get my future predicted on one of our adventures. She predicted that I would marry a powerful bender when I asked about my love life. Then, when Sokka commented on how powerful a bender Aang was, I realized that I would marry Aang soon," Katara explained.

After their swim, we went back into the Palace and had dinner. After dinner, we sat down and talked for a bit. Finally, we went to bed. The wedding was in two days and I could not wait.

Author's Note

I kinda wanted to add a Kataang bit in there, I don't know why

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