Street Battles
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August 21st, 2012

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Street Battles is the fourth chapter of Parentless.

Dreams and Disruptions

I was dreaming. A beautiful dream it was, well, before the dragons had stormed in and destroyed the magical castle. Four dragons flew in, circling my castle, yet that didn't stop me. For I was King Bolin! Defender of the world and savior to humans! I drew my earthen sword and began to attack the dragons that were burning the towers. I hopped onto the back of a dragon and started to using it to fight off the others.

"Ahhh!" I screamed as I fell off the back of the red dragon I was riding. My sword was gone too! I looked over and saw the dragons make their way farther into the castle. I quickly earthbent myself up, rocketing my body at a blue scaled dragon. I brought up the earth under him quickly. The dragon didn't see it coming. He flew up as fast as I could say 'catgator'. The dragon must have been hurt badly, because when he came down, he was glued to ground and didn't move a muscle.

"Ha! That's what you get for messing with King Bolin!" I yelled at him. Sadly, I had spent to much time on the blue dragon. I was completely oblivious to the fact the other three and been standing behind me, claws at the ready, just waiting to scorch me with a breath of sizzling hot fire. I turned around and saw them, knowing that I had to act fast.

The green one was first to move. He opened up his mouth to breathe fire on me, but I did a backflip and shot a boulder into his large mouth of sharp teeth. He didn't know what had happened, but I did. I quickly fired three rocks at the two other dragons, the red and orange ones. The red dragon was pummeled with the rocks and was knocked with strong force into the green one, causing them both to fall into the moat in a daze.

As for the orange one, he had dodged my attacks. He must have been the smartest and well-aware one in the group.

"Bolin," he said in a crackily voice.

"What do you want?!" I shouted back.

"I want you to...GET UP!" The dragon screamed at me. I woke up startled. I looked over and saw Talar who was yelling for us orphans to get up. Some how his voice worked it's way into my dream. Now I'll never know if I get killed by the dragon or if I get my kingdom back safely. Hmph.

The Radio

Everyone sat up and got in a circle.

"Good morning, everyone!" Talar said in a cheerful voice.

"What are you so cheery about?" Zalior moaned.

"Look at what I found in the dumpsters this morning!" Talar ran off around the corner of the statue and brought back a big bag. He pulled out a beat-up, used little radio. It was brown, rectangular, and had one knob in the bottom-center, which meant that it was a model older than the one that I'd seen in the windows of shops before.

"A radio?" I said. "And this important because..." I said, inviting him to finish my sentence.

" we can hear the news, the police reports, and even listen to some pro-bending matches!" Talar responded, finishing what I started. It was obvious now that Talar was a pro-bending fan like Mako. I had listened to a few matches, but I had never really been a hard-core fan.

"Sweet!" Mako said excitedly.

"I heard that this month is the pre-season matches. I think there may be some on later today," Kilak informed us. And the pre-season matches were what we heard that afternoon after lunch. The announcer, Shiro Shinobi, was giving the play-by-play of the Black Quarry Boar-q-pines and Tree Pond Turtle Ducks match. The final round had just started, and the Boar-q-pines had come out strong, taking two rounds before that. The radio would sometimes get a little fuzzy because it's pretty old.

"The Boar-q-pines' earthbender, Chang, shoots several earth discs at the Turtle Duck waterbender. He is one top-knotch bender. The discs hit and Takor is in the drink!" Shiro announced. "All three Boar-q-pines are still in the ring as they knock the Turtle Duck earthbender into the water. There only one Turtle Duck left. He fires five quick shots and dodges a triple attack. His shots make contact, throwing the Boar-q-pines firebender into the water and the waterbender into zone three. Chang keeps his ground in zone one. The Turtle Duck fires at Chang, who dodges and shoots off an earth disc. The waterbender of the Boar-q-pines gets hit with that evaded shot and is in the drink. It's a fire and earthbending showdown. Aztel the Turtle Duck dodges Chang's disc, but falls back to zone three. Aztel fires a speeding fire blast and Chang attacks too. The disc and the blast intercepted, folks! But wait! Chang shoots again as Aztel is stunned by the collision! It connects and Aztel is in the water! Chang has just won his team their pre-season match!"

"Wow. Just wow," I said as the other orphans and Mako freaked out.

"That was awesome!" Mako said over-excitely. Everyone else made comments of the same sort, but one of them stood out to me.

"That would be so cool if we could make a small pro-bending ring and have matches!" Kilak said.

"Yes that would," I muttered.

Making an Arena

I restated to the others Kilak's idea. They all had a mutual feeling about it too: that it was going to be amazing and fun.

"But we don't know what it looks like," Ritochy said.

"I do," Benji said. "Once, my father took me to a match and I remember exactly what it looks like."

"And I know where there's an old, abandoned area of land for us to use!" Talar said.

"Then let's start building," I responded.

Talar guided us to an old lot in the crossroads of several alleyways.

"No one lives in the buildings that surround here, so it will be private," Talar informed us.

"Okay, so earthbenders can make the ring and put in earth discs. The waterbenders can flow water into the grates and the ground to fall into," Benji said.

"What about non-benders?" Ritochy asked.

"They will just help us, the firebenders can help too. But in the actual game, they can be referees and announcers. Benders can compete," Benji answered.

We started building the ring, Benji and I that is. Kilak, Mako, Zalior, and Ritochy went to search for a water source and Talar stayed with us. Benji, who knew what the bending arena looked like, began guiding me in what we needed to shape the earth to be. Together, we would have to raise a stretched hexagon battlefield up with column under it. Benji and I took positions on opposite sides of the area where we were planning on raising the ring.

"You're going to have to use all of your strength," Benji said. "Are you ready?" I nodded. "One, two, THREE!" We did exactly the same earthbending position. I used all the force I could muster to lift up the earth with Benji. I put as much force as I could in to raising the ring. I began to find myself losing strength. "Keep going!" Benji yelled. Talar said encouraging things to us as we lifted. I thought of my dream that morning. I am King Bolin! Defender of the world and savior of humans! I can do this! I thought. And this is exactly what I did. I found a new power. I kept raising the ring higher. Soon it was taller than, me and Benji. Finally, Benji said, "It's good Bolin! You can stop." We let go and looked at our new creation. A large, earthen replica of the pro-bending ring, held up by multiple columns. Benji shot himself onto the ring with earthbending and made the grates inside for water and made slots of earth discs on the surface.

"We found a water source!" Kilak yelled as he ran back from an alley with the others. They stopped and marvelled at our creation.

"Great. I'll come make paths for it to come to the ring. Bolin, Mako, and Talar can stay here and prepare the moats around the ring to put the water in," Benji said, running off with Kilak, Ritochy, and Zalior. Mako, Talar, and I prepared the pool. I stomped the ground with full-power and made the moats as they made sure that the columns stayed in place. Kilak and the other soon came back. Kilak bent the water into the paths that Benji was making. Soon we had water flowing in the grates and a pool of water in the moat. I did the honor of making referee platforms and elevating platforms that raise up to the ring. Ritochy found some blue and red paint that we used to make the ring have two sides. It was ready for a battle.

A Missing Waterbender

"Okay everyone! Great job everyone. It's time for the battle!" I said. "Let's make teams."

"But we can't yet," said Kilak. "There has to be a bender of different elements on each team. There's two earthbenders and two firebenders, but not two waterbenders! We don't have another waterbender! Who can play?!"

"Me," said an unfamiliar voice. We all turned around and looked down. Standing by the referee platform, was a young girl wearing blue clothing. She had blue eyes, brown hair placed into four different ponytails, and a water skin at her side. She approached our group, standing on the ring. She dove into the water and sprouted up in a waterspout. She hopped onto the ring and approached us.

"I'm Kaita. I'm a waterbender and I would like to join your game. I heard you guys talking and I thought that this would be fun to do," Kaita said kindly with a gentle and sweet tone.

"Orphan meeting," Talar said. Everyone excluding Kaita went to zone three of the opposite side of the ring.

"She's a girl and we don't even know her," Ritochy said.

"Yeah, shouldn't we let her play, she wasn't here to help," Benji said.

"Let's just let her. We do need another waterbender to play at all," Mako said.

"Yup, I agree Mako. Let's let her play," I said.

"Fine, I'll tell her," Talar said. We deformed our huddle and reapproached Kaita who was messing around with some water from the grates. "Okay, Kaita, you can play."

"Awesome!" she exclaimed.

"Now let's make groups. I say, Mako, Bolin, and Kilak on the red side. Zalior, Benji, and Kaita on the other," Talar said. We all split up as Ritochy and Talar took their places as the referee and announcer. It was officially battle time.

The Street Battle

Benji had made an earthen bell for the referees to start us off. Talar rang the bell. I took up some earth discs, focused on Zalior and Kaita, and fired. Zalior was in the middle of shooting fire blasts, so he didn't see it coming. Two discs hit him the chest and he fell into zone two. Kaita dodged the earth discs and returned the favor with a water kick. I narrowly dodged. Ritochy was giving play-by-play, but I didn't listen to him because I needed to focus.

Mako and Kilak were doing great, each giving Benji a strong strike that sent him back to zone three. Kaita was the only one on the blue side in zone one still. She shot two quick water blasts at Mako, knocking him into zone two. I was paying to much attention to everyone else that I was totally unaware that I was being attacked until I was hit in the face with a water blast that pushed me into zone two. I looked up and saw that Kaita, Benji, and Zalior were all firing attacks at the same time to hit us all out of the ring. Kilak saw this too and quickly reacted by doing an amazing feat. He ran to the front end of zone one and with all his force brought up a massive wall of water that intercepted the triple attacks of the blue team. He then backed up and roundhouse kicked the wall. The wall was hurdling towards the blue team. I was really excited because I knew that it was going to win us the match as a first round knockout.

But Kaita did an even more amazing feat. She did a backflip into zone two, another backflip through zone two which she used as force to send herself flying through the air. The whole time she is going faster than the wall of water hurdling toward her. Then as she flew through the air, she rose her arms and began to waterbend. She pulled the water of the wall closer to her into three big orbs of water and shot them at us. The rest of the water wall kept going forward, knocking Zalior and Benji into the pool. Kaita then dismounted her acrobatic stunt in zone three. At this point, the spherical shots of knockout came at us. As they flew through the air, the water formed into strong water blasts. Mako and Kilak made contact with the blasts and were sent into the drink. I saw the one coming for me and did a forward roll to dodge it.

It was just me and Kaita. I brought up five earth discs. She took up some water from the grate near her. I looked her dead in the eyes. She smirked and attacked. I pulled my discs around me to block. The force and power of her blasts were so strong that they pushed me back to zone three. We were equal now. I shot all five of my discs at her, but not all at once. I first shot two to make her dodge. Then I shot the last three in three directions, left, right, and center, so if she did dodge, she would get hit no matter what. Thought my strategy was smart, and it was. It would have worked if she hadn't dodged the first two discs then hit the next three with a blast of water to destroy them. Oh, just perfect. I thought. I knew what was coming next. She shot just about a dozen water blasts my way. Next thing you know I'm in the water.

"The blue team wins the match!" Talar yelled. We all got together and talked about the match. Kaita started to walk away.

"I'll meet you guys here same time tomorrow!" She shouted as she walked away. She turned and ran off down an alley. It was getting dark, so we started walking to the station, planning on returning tomorrow to learn more about the mysterious girl named Kaita.

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