By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Hidden lands


Killed by Sokka

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Giant mace

Chronological and political information


First appearance


Strategus is a large Mace using colossi that Sokka had to find and defeat. much like Gaius, he has a large mace in place of his hand. he was put on guard duty, much like the other guardians, his being a huge ruined city.

He first appears roaming around his territory when he nearly crushes Sokka. His match was surprisingly short compared to the other colossi, all he did was grab Sokka with his free hand, and hammer him in the ground like a nail. He then placed his chakra orb in front of him, knowing he can't move for anything to get it. He just laughed at him and went away. After thinking though, he started going back but suddenly he grew very weak and realized Sokka got his orb already. Knowing that he was done for, he made an X on his forehead and allowed Sokka to finish him off, thus being killed.

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