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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Strands of Legacy
All we can do is sit back and watch our events take shape in the whole of history.
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Strands of Legacy is a story written by JediForJesus. It consists of three books, and follows a young girl as she finds her place in the world.

The story follows Mina, who starts out as the naive, childish daughter of the United Republic President. But, after a trip to the Fire Nation, she finds her true destiny, and rises up a new empire as the mature young woman she was always destined to be.

However, after only a fews years of being formed, the Fire Nation almost immediately comes under attack from every corner. Mina doesn't think she can handle it all, and runs away. However, in her darkest hour, she becomes her strongest.

But finally, 50 years after Mina first came to the Fire Nation, she lays down her spot as Fire Lord, and her grandson takes the seat. However, the world will never be the same after he discovers he is the Avatar. Through his spot as Fire Lord, and using his new Avatar title, he brings peace back into the world.


Sometimes, we do things we don't understand. Sometimes we just have to sit back and watch our actions take place in the whole of history.

Mina, the fun-loving daughter of the United Republic President, travels to the Fire Nation. However, upon arriving, she finds the nation in complete chaos. A sect of the populous wants to be free from the tyranny of the United Republic. She meets the leader of the resistance, who changes her whole ideals upside down. She rises up against the Republic she once worshiped, and the man she once called her father. She raises a new empire, larger, stronger than any nation has ever been in the world.

However, as Mina learns quickly, being in charge isn't all it's cracked up to be. Under the pressure of war from the other nations, the birth of a new child, and the rise of protests against Mina's entire ideals, she cannot seem to keep it together. She flees to a place far from her problems. However, she is still found by her problems, and it cracks her to her limit. But in her darkest moment, she becomes her strongest.

Mina is a strong ruler. She reigns over her nation with a gracious, yet powerful hand. Her nation sustains for 50 years, until she realizes it is time for her to lay down her spot as Fire Lord. She gives up the spot to her grandson, a gracious and loving boy whom has become very close to his grandmother. However, he is not ready for this position. Whenever it is all but thrown on him, he has no idea to do. But as he searches for who he really, he finds a new truth about himself; he is the Avatar. Now, using his position as Fire Lord and Avatar, he must bring peace back to the world.


Main Characters

Mina, the fun-loving daughter of the United Republic President, who, after a travel to the Fire Nation, become the leader of a rebellion, which rises up and take the nation.

Jeeng, a young man who befriends Mina while she is still in Republic City. He travels to the Fire Nation with Mina, and becomes her greatest emotional support, and even her husband, during their time there.

Tano, the mysterious leader of the Rebellion. After being defeated, he joins Mina in her effort to reform the Fire Nation, and becomes her best General.

Book One Characters

President Iano, the president of the United Republic of Nation, and father to Mina.

Meana, Iano's loving wife and Mina's compassionate mother.

Book Two Characters

Generals Yuan, Hun, and Outh, generals of the army alongside Tano. They each lead a different branch of the army, but they are all Mina's military advisors.

Keang, a spirit which finds Mina in her darkest hour. With her power, she shows Mina how her nations needs her, and completely changes Mina's life.

Thaen, the leader of the Earth Kingdom resistance. He tried to befriends Mina and gain her support for his cause.

Yuwa, and old servant who has become a friend to Mina. However, as the story goes on, Mina finds she cannot hold onto this beloved friend anymore.


Each book is written as a self-contained story in itself, but is better put in context by reading the other books along with them. Each chapter is titles using numbers after the chapter name (i.e. B1C1 for Book One Chapter One).

Book One: Rebirth


  • Chapter 1 - Mina rebelliously travels to the Fire Nation, but upon arriving, realizes the nation is in complete chaos.


  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6

Book Two: Conflict


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Book One is completely finished. All I have to do is publish the pages, although that might take a while. Book Two currently has one chapter. Please, if you have any ideas for the fanon, write them below. It would be very gracious.

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