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Stranded is the thirteenth chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Legend Of Fire


Injured, stranded and lost in a jungle on a deserted Island, Takeo and Jin try to survive and encounter an unlikely friend.


Takeo looked around, the scenery had not changed for a long time, lush, dark green trees everywhere you turned, as Takeo went west, more and more trees sprouted and it became harder and harder to understand where he was. The sun was going down underneath the horizon and Tak could feel the cold winds rising even through the thick forest. He glanced at Jin, who was completely pale, he seemed dizzy and he weakly clung to Takeo's neck as the Avatar dragged him through the forest, he didn't want to turn back- to look at the trail of blood Jin had left. Takeo felt himself gulp, he understood perfectly the dangers of a wound, no matter how deep it was (and in this case, it was quite deep) it could fester and the amount of blood Jin had already lost worried him so much didn't dare look. He had to say something, he couldn't bring himself to look at the injury at his companions calve.

"Jin, your leg." He began meekly.

"If I give you my sword, will you amputate it?" Jin asked with a dry and tired voice as the two of them limped over to a large rock and Takeo gently set Jin to sit on top of it.

Takeo ignored Jin's comment and took a deep breath before leaning down and clutching the leg gently. Jin screamed, jerked his leg back and slammed Tak over the side of his head.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

"Trying to help you, you idiot!" Takeo replied as he gripped the side of his head Jin just hit.

"Oh, right, I forgot you were a doctor all of a sudden!" Jin clenched his teeth and huffed in pain as he leaned backwards and laid down onto the rock, his leg was twitching slightly and blood dripped down the ripped cloth of the soldiers pants.

"The wound looks serious..." Tak didn't actually see the wound; he only saw the ripped pants and the massive puddle of blood that had already formed at the boulder.

Jin huffed in pain again "There's only one thing we can do..." he moaned as he clenched his teeth.

"I'm not cutting your leg off so-"

"No you idiot, cauterize my wound."


"Burn it shut you moron." Jin huffed again in pain and grabbed his tight with both hands, squeezing it tightly as he clenched his teeth. Takeo decided to forgive his rudeness on the account of the gapping hole in his leg.

"I know what it means, but-"

"If you don't do it, I'll bleed to death." Jin almost sounded scared, though he sounded angry and annoyed more than anything.

Takeo gulped and nodded, he took a step closer and gently placed his left hand on Jin's right heel, lifting his leg up slightly, Jin winced and clenched his teeth again, closing his eyes and laying back onto the rock. Takeo took a few deep, quick breaths before looking down onto the wound. It was a massive, deep gash, uneven and incompletely, going only through half of the calve, yet still, it had turned black from the dark blood that gushed out of it, it was barely noticeable due to the pool of blood that that formed inside and around it.

"Do it..." Jin cringed meekly as he clenched his teeth. Takeo's right hand came up into the air and his two fingers extended, with a slightly thrust, a jet of flame fired out of his middle and index fingers and intensified itself until it became a straight firing flame of flame. Takeo clenched his teeth and took a deep breath before pressing the fire into the soldier's leg. Jin groaned through his clenched teeth and trashed his fists into the rock below him as Takeo slowly moved the intense hot flame through the inside of the wound, slowly searing it shut, where it was once open and bloody, it burned shut into a pink, red, soft mess of flesh. As Takeo moved his fingers slower and slower, Jin opened his mouth and began to scream "AAAAAAAAAAAGH!" he roared so loud that the birds all around them flew out of their trees and scattered in the sky. "Hurry up!!!!!" He shouted again, trashing his fists into the rock as Takeo felt his hands trembling from fear and disgust. Tak tried to hurry his fingers, but as they moved quicker, the wound didn't close up properly and he had to return and make sure it was alright. Jin screamed even louder.

Takeo felt himself scream as well and so the two of them spent their evening screaming at the top of their lungs at each other as Takeo burned Jin's leg shut. In about ten minutes of screaming, Takeo went back and forth once more over the pink flesh to make sure it was burned well and released the soldier's leg. Jin gripped his knee with both hands and clenched his teeth, though continued to groan and moan and sway on top of the rock. Takeo stepped back, feeling somewhat guilty and sad about the whole experience. In another ten minutes, Jin simply laid on the rock, clutching his twitching. Takeo brought out his canteen of water and took a big gulp of it before handing it to Jin, who stared at it blankly for a moment; he looked at pale as ever. His left hand trembled slightly as he reached for the canteen and in one gulp; he managed to dry the whole canteen of its contents.

"Are you alright?" Takeo asked, meekly, it was kind of a stupid question given the situation, though he still had to ask.

"Peachy." Jin huffed through his teeth. He leaned back again and it seemed like all physical strength had left his pale body for one long moment.

"Maybe we should rest, you don't seem like you can walk." Takeo tried to reason.

"I'm fine." The soldier replied and leaned forward and opened his eyes wide, shaking his head lightly to get the dizziness out of him. He stood and tried to apply as little weight to his injured leg as possible, it still hurt to move it. Jin removed his headband from his head and leaned down to tightly tie it around the cauterized area, to keep it dry and clean and tight.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Takeo placed a hand on his companions shoulder and gripped his bicep with his other hand, helping him stand and walk.

"We're burning daylight, we don't have any food and little water, and if we stop here we're dead- even more so if those soldiers catch us." Jin limped forward slowly "We need to keep moving west, there should be a small port town there..." he looked at the sun which was going down in the western horizon. "Let's go."

They walked, or rather- they limped westward for over an hour, stopping every few minutes for a couple of second rest before moving on, slowly walking through the muddy and bumpy terrain of the jungle they were in. Eventually, they found another small cave and Jin passed out as soon as he laid his head onto the ground. Takeo on the other hand took Jin's sword, carefully and anxiously he drew the jian from its scabbard and walked out of the cave, after chopping down two small trees, he chopped them to smaller pieces and set them on fire inside the cave using his firebending. He spent the night looking out to the darkness of the jungle, listening to the various sounds of the animals, chirping, roaring and screaming that came from the forest. It was unsettling to say the least. When he eventually fell asleep, he dreamed of home.


Takeo woke up to a dark cave lit only by the sunlight that poured in through the entrance, after a vertigo sensation of déjà vu, he got up on his feet, only to realize that Jin was nowhere to be seen. At first, Takeo was worried; Jin's bag along with his supposed bodyguard was nowhere insight, even outside of the cave he couldn't even see where Jin had gone.

"Jin!" Takeo shouted, worrying not only about his companion's fate, but about the fact that if he made too much noise, it could attract unwanted attention, from wild animals to wild soldiers.

"Daisuke was right, we make too much noise." Jin muttered as he cave out of the bush near Takeo, chewing on some sort of fruit before spitting it out and throwing what remained of it aside "I was looking for food, didn't find anything except snakes, bugs and unripe fruit."

Takeo gulped "Well... I heard bugs and snakes are edible and some tribes even consider it a delicacy"

"Be my guest, I much prefer real food." Jin limped over to a nearby rock and sat down. "I'm going out to look for something else to eat." He threw down his bag near the rock "Start another fire while I'm looking." And with that, Jin limped back into the forest, leaving a concerned Takeo gathering wood and starting a small fire outside of the cave.

Jin limped through the forest and drew his jian to help him cut through the vines and bushes that stood in his path. Suddenly, he saw something move and his knees bent. It was a small animal, while and brown, large ears and a long stripped tail, it's green oval eyes turned to look at the bush Jin was hiding it. Jin slowly stepped and the lemur tilted his head to look at him.
Winged lemur

"Come on little buddy" Jin stretched his left hand out slowly so the lemur would get curious enough and come closer, and when he did, Jin's right hand, which held his sword, would swoop down and cut the animal in half. "I'm not gonna hurt you, c'mon..." he took a small step closer and the lemur finally walked bit closer as well "I just wanna eat you... c'mon..." the lemur came a bit closer, but then he saw and smelled the rising smoke from Takeo's fire and quickly jolted back. Jin roared in annoyance as he tried to slice at the lemur, but he nimbly dodged the sharp blade and set off running. Jin rushed after it, pushing past the immense pain in his leg as he swung his blade left and right trying to hit the small animal "Stop running! When you run the meat gets less tender!" he get hacking and slashing, but the lemur dodge and finally the two of them rushed into a forest, there, the lemur jumped around from branch to branch, easily avoiding the slicing blade as Jin screamed behind him. He screamed in anger as he slashed the trunk of a small tree, making it collapse and sending the small lemur into the dirt. Its big green eyes widened as Jin came at him with a killing blow.

"Ha-agh!" Something slammed into his chest with such force, that the wind left his body and sent him flying backwards into another tree trunk, he slammed in so hard the tree splintered and he bounced back to the dirt. His world was spinning, but somehow he managed to look up, only to see a girl, long light brown hair, a heart shaped face and large liquid grey eyes. She gently picked up the lemur, patted the small animals head and placed him gently on her shoulder.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked in an annoyed tone as she placed her hands on her hips.

"you little-" Jin stood to attack, but before he could even take two steps, the force slammed into him again and he flew back to the ground with an incredibly loud scream as he landed on his injured leg. In seconds, Takeo burst through the bushes and skidded across the ground, stopping in between a screaming Jin and an annoyed looking girl who held a lemur on her shoulder.

Takeo hesitated, but then he took a step forward towards the girl, something hit him so hard and fast that he didn't even see it, but in a seconds notice, his head was pounding and he was on the ground next to Jin.

"What just happened?" Takeo asked dizzily as he lifted his head from the ground.

Jin frowned in annoyance and jumped to his feet, grabbing his sword he leaped at the girl, he slashed, but she ducked and his sword flew over her head, Jin slashed down and back, but she easily jumped back and onto her feet, avoiding the blade once more. Jin spun, sending a powerful slash at her head, and she just leaned to the side and let the sword pass her. Jin shouted in annoyance again and began flailing his weapon at her with full speed and strength, but she just easily side stepped, ducked under or moved back- avoiding any sort of damage; Jin didn't even manage to her once. Takeo watched in amazement. Jin was injured, but Jin was fast- faster than Takeo that's for sure, but the girl dodged his attacks so casually it seemed like nothing to her, her brown long hair fluttered in the wind. The girl smirked a wickedly as Jin screamed in annoyance again.

"Stop moving so I can hit you!" Jin shouted and she stuck her tongue out to him. "Will you do something?!" Jin roared at Takeo, who stood from the ground immediately and looked at the girl with hesitation. She was short and skinny, though when she moved she seemed like an orange blur thanks to her orange and yellow jumpsuit that she wore.

Takeo punched and a fireball flew at her, she seemed thrown off by it, but quickly slammed her palms together and Takeo's flame dispersed in the air and both Jin and Takeo flew backward with incredible force, both of them flying into different trees and falling to the ground. As Jin looked at her with an annoyed expression and Takeo looked at her in awe, the girl bit her lower lip and shrugged

"You guys are no fun," she said in a childish voice.

Takeo stood and charged at her, his left foot kicked the air and a fireball exploded and flew towards her, just a few steps away from her. She leaned backward and her palms twisted upward and Takeo's fireball flew over her. Takeo brought his left foot down and his right one came up, but this time, her left foot slammed into his right ankle, sending it upward and the fireball into the sky. She moved so fast that Takeo didn't even manage to lower his leg when she slammed him in the abdomen with one palm and sent him flying again against a tree. Jin stood up and charged.

"Jin, stop!" Takeo shouted and Jin looked at him confused.

The girl arched an eyebrow at the two of them.

"She's an airbender."

"Your abilities of acute observation never cease to amaze me, what was your first clue? The orange jumpsuit," he pointed at her clothes with the tip of his sword, though there was enough distance between them that the girl didn't react "or the fact that she can airbend?"

"Then you're stupider than I thought!" Takeo stood.

"What did you say?!" Jin turned to Tak now "You're lucky my leg hurts, I'd beat you so badly you'd have to cauterize your whole body."

"I'd like to see you try!" Takeo took a few steps forward and clenched his fists.

"You two make unlikely friends..." the girl noted with another grin.

"We're not friends!" the two shouted in chorus.

The girl brought her arms up defensively and shrugged.

"If she's an airbender, she can help us" Takeo said to Jin.

"...How?" Jin raised an eyebrow.

"Are you being serious right now?"

"Do you think she can fly us to the temple?"

"...No, Jin, she can point us the right direction- Of course she can fly us the temple you mental midget!" Takeo slammed his own face into his right palm.

Jin sheathed his sword "I'm sorry, I didn't think of that, she stole our breakfast."

"Our breakfa- you mean the lemur?" Takeo looked at him with disbelief "You were going to eat a lemur?!"

"We were going to eat a lemur."

The girl looked at the lemur at her shoulder "These guys are nuts..." she said to the small animal that tilted its head at the two men.

Takeo cleared his throat and turned to the girl "I'm sorry, I'm Takeo and this is Jin, we're from the Fire Nation." He began slowly and took a step forward towards the girl "Would you be so kind as to help us reach the Southern Air Temple?"

The girl laughed "Yeah, sure, why not- we love giving tours," she said in sarcasm. "Especially to jerks who try to kill innocent wild lemurs." He patted the small animal at her shoulder "poor guy, you scared him half to death."

"No, please, you don't understand-" Takeo tried to say before she walked up to him, and poked him in the chest with her index finger.

"No, you don't understand- this is a peaceful place and you're trying to kill defenseless animals and you have the audacity to ask me to bring you to the temple- you're nuts!" she was short, standing straight she was about the height of Takeo's shoulders or chest, though she was loud. "You two better leave, now."

"Look you daft little-" Jin wanted to say, but her arm shot up and extended so quickly that Takeo's flinched, but it was Jin who flew backward into another tree.

"Please, listen to me," Takeo bowed his head and spoke to her respectively "We didn't mean to do what we did, I'm sorry, we got stranded on this island, our ship was destroyed and soldiers are chasing us across the forest-"

"Why are soldiers chasing you?" she arched an eyebrow as she looked him up and down "Are you two criminals?" any hint of empathy she had didn't reflect in her voice.

"No..." Takeo said dramatically as he looked directly into her grey eyes, he cleared his throat and though it felt weird, he proudly announced "I am the Avatar."

She laughed. She laughed so hard that she fell into a lotus sitting position and continued laughing, every time she was almost done she looked up at Takeo and started laughing again.

"Oh wow, I wasn't expecting that." She giggled "Are you two a comedy troupe?"

Takeo felt his face grow hot and red "I'm seri- I mean I'm not lying! I'm the Avatar!" he shouted, annoyed.

"Alright, prove it."

"Well um, I mean..." he cleared his throat as he looked helplessly at Jin, who looked as pale as ever, leaning against a tree trunk as he sat on the ground. "Jin, say something." Jin only swayed left and right before he collapsed to the dirt. "Jin!" Takeo rushed over to his collapsed friend "Jin." Takeo tapped his friends shoulder.

The girl stood jogged over to the two of them, she looked down to the pale collapsed Jin and kicked him gently.

"Stop that!" Take shouted "Help him!"

She bent down and placed her hand gently on his forehead "He's got a serious fever... what's with his leg."

"One of the soldiers cut his leg, please you have to believe me – I'm the Avatar."

She looked at him skeptically up and down once more.

"If you don't believe me, just do it for him, please- he needs help! Your master will confirm that I'm the Avatar and if I'm not you can just throw me out! But please, don't let him die like this!"

She heisted then she drew something white from her jumpsuit pocket and flew into something that looked like a whistle, shaped like a bison. In seconds, a large white creature landed near them with such force, that the
Bison whistle
ground shook, he roared and Takeo flinched at the sound. It was a bison, one of the famed flying bison of the Airbenders. Takeo had never seen one before in is life, but he knew it had to be it, the large brown arrows on its fur only furthered proved it to him. On its back the creature carried a large leather saddle.whis

"Get him on." The girl commanded and weakly Takeo picked Jin up and carried him towards the bison. The creature lowered his tail in front of Tak and the girl gestured for him to climb on over the tail. Takeo did so and laid Jin down in the saddle

"Wait!" Takeo shouted nervously, he jumped off and ran back into the woods and came back a few seconds later carrying two bags, he threw them onto the saddle and pulled himself back up, he nodded two the girl that sat on the bison's neck and gently took it's reins.

"You better hold on," she said with a smirk. "Yip-yip"

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