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([{The tale of Sokka, Toph, and Suki is told first in one section of the episode titled "THE TALE OF SOKKA, TOPH, AND SUKI" with Chinese subtitles.}])

Across the horizon, the golden clouds shattered onto pieces, moving forward through the skies. The scarlet meshed onto the orange, covering the skies itself. An eel hound swims through a body of water with Sokka, Toph, and Suki riding on top.

"It's wierd to say but that comet actually looks kind of beautiful." Suki amazed. She turned at the skies, enjoying the dramatically beauty of sky.

"Too bad Ozai is about to use it to destroy the world." Toph sighed. "Moreover, I can't see them all."

([{Watch the tale until the engineer wishes Qin Lee a happy birthday.}])

High above in the air, Combustion Man looked down from atop the airship he had stowed aboard and watched the rogue airship deposit its crew into the sea.

"Fire Lord Ozai, here we come." Sokka greeted.

([{Watch the tale until Suki moans in denial.}])

Just then, Ozai dressed himself into his Agni Kai attire. He leapt off the platform of his airship, bending a fire from either as he flew away from it. Ozai's airship crashed into the field of giant stone pillars and smouldered. Ozai landed on a stone pillar. In their airship, Sokka saw everything outside through a spy-glass.

"What just happened?" Suki wondered, stirring the airship through the air.

"It's Aang." Sokka cheered aloud. "He's back!"

Aang and Ozai's attacks collided in a fiery collision.

"Go, Aang! Airbending slice!" Sokka shouted. The duel between the Avatar and Fire Lord embellish the sky, moving toward the pillar of Wu Long.

"Shouldn't we be helping?" Suki asked.

"Ozai is Aang's fight. We need to stay focused on stopping this fleet from moving to the North Pole or they'll burn down the Water Tribe city." Sokka muttered.

"And just how do we do that, Captain Boomeraang. I can't see outside this floating hunk of metal." Toph said.

([{Watch the tale until the airship turns left.}])

Just then, Combustion Man climbed down the airship he had stowed aboard and looked down at the airship turning left. Sokka saw him.

Sokka, Suki, and Toph

Sokka said, "Oh no. Toph. You're not gonna believe this. Combustion Man's watching us."

Toph said, "What??"

"He must have suspected Aang might be going to stop the fleet. And he guessed our mind of how we or in his case, Aang would do that." Sokka turning his fingers toward the man, cover himself with metal. They began to running, but it's too weird if the metalbender ignore the duel.

"Stop, Sokka. It's okay. He's not gonna try to kill us right now. If he tries to blow us up, it'll destroy the whole airship." Toph stopped Sokka.

"Hmm. Guys. If he's been up there this whole time, then he'd have seen us dump the crew away. And without the crew, there's nothing left to stop him trying to blow this thing up." Suki planned.

Suki was proven right as Combustion Man fired his combustive cannon at the rogue airship. Sokka drove the airship out of the cannon's aim. Sokka spins their airship back around as their airship comes to face the side of its fleet.

([{Watch the tale until Sokka grabs Toph's hand atop the airship.}])

The three heroes run to the front of the airship. Combustion Man fired after them. Each of his combustive cannon missed its target, destroying the airship where the target ran. The burning airship flies into the rest of its fleet, its destruction complete.

The front of the airship splits apart, separating Suki from her two friends.

Sokka cried after his beloved Suki.

The nose of the airship breaks away form the rest of it as it rams into the final airship. Suki jumps off the crumbling airship onto another one.

"I'm okay. Just finish the mission." Suki sighed, drew her fan.

Sokka moaned in denial.

Toph said, "Sokka, I think we gotta..."

Sokka and Toph shouted "JUMP" as Combustion Man's visual cannon fired at them. Sokka and Toph fell downwards, landing on Combustion Man's airship itself. The two heroes stumbled forward. Sokka covered Toph with his body to shield her from the falling debris.

([{The tale of Iroh is told first in one section of the episode titled "THE TALE OF IROH AND HAKODA" with Chinese subtitles.}])

Fire Nation tanks rolled through the streets of Ba Sing Se towards the main gate.

The tanks lined up before the main gate. Three giant stone platforms past the inner wall stood in the distance, where Hakoda and the members of the Order of the White Lotus and their five companions have gathered.

Bumi said, "Ba Sing Se, the Order of the White Lotus is here."

Pakku said, "Here to set you free."

Hakoda said, "Here to set the entire Earth Kingdom free."

Iroh said, "Only once, every hundred years, can a firebender feel this kind of power."

([{Watch the tale until Iroh deflected the fire blasts shot form behind the destroyed section of the wall.}])

Elsewhere in the city, Long Feng saw the smokes of battle engulfing the main gate.

"What?!" He exclaimed.

He rushed to the site of the breached gate. Pakku jumped from behind a building onto its roof. He bent an enormous wave of water over the building and down towards the Fire Nation soldiers.

([{Watch the tale until the tanks are knocked over in a pile.}])

Jeong Jeong's wall of fire pushes another into it. Long Feng watched the battle in awe.

"The Fire Nation is being driven back," He said. "Once the city is set free, I can take back my place as Grand Secretariat and resume control of Ba Sing Se."

Iroh leapt off the stone platform, bending a fire from either as he flew away from it. He landed in front of Long Feng.

Chief Hakoda

Iroh leapt off the stone platform, bending a fire from either as he flew away from it and holding hands with Hakoda who leapt off his own platform. The two men landed in front of Long Feng. Iroh nodded to Hakoda and left the scene.

Long Feng said, "Chief Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe. A strong-willed leader and a great warrior. After leaving your home to fight against the Fire Nation and winning so many battles, now you deliver yourself to me. To what do I owe the unwelcome intrusion of the Southern Water Chief."

Hakoda said, "When the Avatar came here, you attacked him. My children were with him. You attacked them too."

Long Feng said, "So, those Water Tribe brats were your son and daughter. They were meddlesome enough themselves with or without the Avatar."

Hakoda said, "You tried to hurt my son and daughter when I wasn't there to protect them. Now, I am here. Now, I will take Ba Sing Se back from the Fire Nation so the Earth King can restore peace and order."

Long Feng said, "The Earth King won't be reigning over this city and the rest of his kingdom anymore. I will. And you will pay for trying to steal my power over this city, just as your children did."

Hakoda said, "Please listen to me, Long Feng. We don't have to fight for the future of Ba Sing Se. All I want is to restore balance to the world from the damage Iroh's brother and their forefathers have caused."

Long Feng said, "Fine. You want General Iroh to conquer this city from me. Why don't we settle this score for the running of Ba Sing Se once and for all. Just you and me, Water Tribe peasant."

Hakoda said, "So be it. I heard the Avatar, being an Air Nomad, is reluctant to kill the Fire Lord. Killing you, Long Feng, is not something I will hesitate to do, so long as it is only for the safety of my children and the good of the innocent people in the Earth Kingdom and nothing otherwise."

Long Feng attacked Hakoda with bent earth techniques. Hakoda charged at Long Feng with his warrior's club.

([{The tale of Zuko and Katara is told first in one section of the episode titled "THE TALE OF ZUKO AND KATARA" with Chinese subtitles.}])

Sozin's Comet streaked over the ground, its red energy destroying the clouds in its path. Appa flew in the air with Zuko and Katara riding on top.

Katara and Zuko

([{Watch the tale until Azula begins to laugh maniacally after striking Zuko down in their Agni Kai.}])

([{The tale of Aang is told first in one section of the episode titled "THE TALE OF AANG" with Chinese subtitles.}])

Aang stood on top of a tall stone pillar, facing Ozai's aerial assault. Momo was seated on Aang's shoulder and chirped at the sight before them.

Aang said, "Momo, time for you to go."

([{Watch the tale until Aang and Ozai face each other in the field at Wulong Forest.}])

Aang in monk robes

"My name is Aang. I'm the Avatar." Aang said wisely, trying to evade the chaos of war.

Ozai said, "I am Ozai, Azula and Zuko's father."

Aang said, "How dare you call yourself their father? Fathers raise and protect their children with kindness. Zuko has known nothing but neglect and cruelty at your hands. He was raised by his uncle after you banished him. He was protected by me and our friends ever since he joined my group. At least Zuko has escaped the appalling damage you've inflicted on Azula."

Ozai said, "Me? Mistreat Azula?"

"Yes. But as much as I hate you, I just can't kill you." Aang toke a deep breath, utilize his chi onto his hand.

"After generations of Fire Lords failed to find you, now the universe delivers you to me, the Phoenix King in act of providence. I was trying to find you when I was younger. My father Fire Lord Azulon preceded me. My father's father Fire Lord Sozin preceded me." Ozai explained. "I can't believe I sent out my son to capture you. He failed miserably and now here, I have you - the target I was hunting for so long."

Aang said, "I said it once to Admiral Zhao at the North Pole. I'll say it again to you. Destroying the Moon and the Ocean won't hurt just the Water Tribe. It will hurt everyone. And if Zhao had destroyed even one of them, it would hurt you and him as well. Without the Moon and the Ocean, everything will fall out of balance. Neither your nor him..."

Ozai said, "...have any idea what kind of chaos destroying the Moon and the Ocean would unleash on the world. Maybe, Zhao did not. But, I have thought it through thoroughly. It is not my destiny to find and kill these Spirits. For your information, destroying the Moon and the Ocean is not my destiny. It is merely a side effect of destroying the Northern Water Tribe. I don't care if the fire my airships rain over the North Pole does not touch their Spirit Oasis. I don't care if the Moon and the Ocean survive the end of this world. Then again, I don't care if they don't."

Aang said, "I can see that."

Ozai said, "But, if they die, I do have an idea what kind of chaos will be unleashed on the world. When the Ocean Spirit dies, the entire Water Tribe will die with it. That includes your friends held prisoner in the Fire Nation capital. My airships will rain fire over the Earth villages and by the time Sozin's Comet has passed, the commoners of Ba Sing Se will be the only people of the entire Earth Kingdom that are not wiped out. And if the Moon and Ocean are destroyed, then chaos will be unleashed on a world where all the lands are Fire Nation with Ba Sing Se as its capital."

Aang said, "Go on."

Ozai said, "The people of the Fire Nation are directly under the reign of the Fire Lord, whom I have declared as Azula. The Fire Lord and the people of her colonies and of Ba Sing Se directly submit to me. Maybe, chaos would be unleashed on this world, but soon, this world will have ended in fire and a new world will have been born on which this chaos you speak of cannot be unleashed or cannot have its chaotic effects because there won't be enough people for it to unleash itself on."

"Anyhow, I cannot allow you to end the Northern Water Tribe and the Earth village commoners. Sozin knew the Avatar after Roku would be born into the Air Nomads. So he wiped out all my people. But, I eluded him. Sozin and Azulon wasted their lives searching in vain for me. I haven't been hiding. Don't follow your father and grandfather. It'll only end worse for you. Please listen to me, Ozai. We don't have to fight. You have the power to end it here and stop what you're doing." Aang said.

Ozai said, "You're right. I do have the power. I have the power in the world."

And so he did.

Ozai's enhanced firebending

Ozai jumped, span in the air, and clammed his fist downward, bending a circular wave of flame that area towards Aang. And jumped over the circular wave of flame and slams his hands and feet in the stone pillar below him. H bends a piece of the earth pillar he was holding onto into the air, rotating it around and kicking it at Ozai. Ozai leaps away and propels himself at Aang in midair with a jet of fire underneath his foot. Aang jumps towards Ozai, with a spinning kick that bends a wave of fire at Ozai. Ozai kicks forward and shoot a fire blast from his own foot. Aang's wave of wire and Ozai's fire blast collide in a fiery explosion.

Aang lands on top of one pillar, then leaps away just before blocking and being pushed back by a ball of fire from Ozai. Ozai follows up his attack with a stream of fire from a downward kick. Aang lands on a rock and deflects the stream of fire. Aang bends a small boulder form the rock and kicks it at Ozai. Ozai dodges the attack and counters by shooting a blast of fire with a kick.

Aang leaps to the top of another rock to avoid the fire, then leaps to the side of a nearby waterfall. Ozai lands on the rock Aang had leaped on and kicks and another fire blast at Aang. Aang bends the waterfall at Ozai, extinguishing the fire blast. Ozai jumps away and flies toward Aang, shooting a wide burst of flame at him, but Aang jumps away to the top of the waterfall. Ozai rockets up after Aang, flips forward, and shoots a fire blast form both feet.

Aang jumps down the other side of the rocky slope, lands on a builder, and bends it into the air, as he jumps away, stopping Ozai for just as moment before Ozai chases after him shooting a stream of fire from his fist. Aang spins his body around, creating a small tornado around himself that deflects Ozai's fire, then lands on the side of a rock pillar. Aang slides around to the other side of the pillar as Ozai lands on a rock and shoots another stream of fire. Aang leaps fro the side of the pillar to the side of another. Aang bends the air to boost himself back at the first pillar and bends the entire top half of the pillar at Ozai. Ozai flies around to the other side of the pillar and shoots a ball of fire.

Aang blocks the attack, the fire flowing past his body. He is pushed back and falls down to the shallow water below.

Aang tilts himself upright and bends the water up so that it catches him and softens the impact. A large wave is bent as the water falls down, carrying Aang with it. Aang stands up and looked upward to see Ozai flying down at him and rocketing forward.

Ozai flew downward, straightened the angle of his flight, and rocketed over the water bellow. Aang turned away and bent the water to propel himself on it and towards the shore. Aang reached the shore, stumbled forward, and fell. Just as Ozai reached him, Aang bends a small thick sphere of rocks around himself. Ozai hovered just over Aang, laughing at Aang's cowardice. Aang closes his eyes and concentrates, bracing himself.

Ozai said, "You're weak. Just like the rest of your people. They did not deserve to exist in this world in my world. Prepare to join them. Prepare to die."

He approaches the earth shield. He smashes both his fists into the ball, releasing a powerful blast of fire on impact. Aang is still deep in concentration as pebbles fall around him and as the stone cocoon shakes, remembering his conversation with the Lion Turtle.

The Lion Turtle had said, "In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements but the energy within ourselves."

When its claw had touched Aang's forehead and chest from which green light emitted, the green light shadowed the Lion Turtle's eye. A bright glowing light had shone around the Lion Turtle's head and Aang's body.

Back in the present, the fire of Ozai's attack blasts downward and rises in a bright orange cloud. Ozai jumps several pillar back and lands. Ozai charges forward and thrusts both fists, releasing a blast of fire towards Aang's earth ball.

Ozai sends a straight fire blast towards the ball. Aang widens his eyes in realization inside the shield outside which tiny rock pieces fall on impact with Ozai's blasts.

Aang said, "My seventh chakra. It's unlocked. The Lion Turtle bent my energy. And he reconnected it to the cosmic energy. I can go back into the Avatar State. What's better? I can move and out of it at will."

Ozai sends a strong continuous stream of fire towards the rock ball.

He said, "Come on out, Aang. You can't hide in there forever."

He sends a curved fireball with his left hand, a straight blast, and then two curved blast towards Aang's shield with both hands. The impact lifts the rock ball off the ground. Another fire blast hits the shield, sending it back. Ozai flies up and heads towards the ball, bending fire along the way. He lands and sends a torrent of flames several feet tall at the ball.

Aang cringes inside the ball.

He said, "But, I can't make the same mistake as last time. I gotta let him make the first move. Then take him by surprise."

Ozai smiles evilly. Ozai jumps backwards and raises his arm up, igniting a small ball of fire in his palm.
Fire bomb
Ozai runs, jumps, and throws the fire at the ball.

Aang's earth shield falls apart. Various parts of the ball crumble away. Aang bends a small shield of air around him.

Ozai walks towards a pile of steaming rocks.

He said, "Come on out, little boy. You're about to be..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a glowing arm stuck out from the pile and grabbed Ozai's goatee. The glowing arm belonged to Aang whose head looked up menacingly from under the pile.

Ozai bends fire with his arm at an arc towards Aang.

Aang releases his hold on Ozai's goatee and swipes Ozai's arm, directing a large burst of flame into the air.

Ozai looks up at his arm in dismay.

Aang bends air, throwing Ozai back violently.
Chi lines
Ozai rolled and collided against the ground. His back collides against a stone pillar and he grimaced in pain. He lands in a crouch behind a mist of smoke. The smoke cleared, revealing Aang as he descended onto Ozai. Aang hits Ozai with a blast of water. The water flows off Ozai as he presses his back against the pillar, looking up.

Ozai said, "So you think the Avatar State will get you out of this mess. Your eyes and tattoos are glowing and you are able to summon unbelievable power. You think you single-handedly wiped out Admiral Zhao's entire fleet at the North Pole. But, at that time, Sozin's Comet was not upon the Fire Navy. Now, it is."

Aang's eyes and tattoos remain glowing as he said, "Roku said the comet made Sozin and his firebending army stronger. Stronger than I could possibly imagine."

Ozai said, "That's right. In the Avatar State, you can imagine what is like to wield such devastating power. You possess power to destroy hundreds of battleships in a matter of minutes. Now with Sozin's Comet upon me, so can I and all other firebenders against you or against me."

Aang said with the mingled voices of his past lives "Roku said if you succeed in using the power of Sozin's Comet, not even the Avatar would be able to restore balance to the world."

Ozai said, "How true. While you now have all the power in the world, you never considered that I could be endowed with the strength and power of a hundred suns."

Aang drops his arms and shakes his head as he touches the floor while Ozai gets up into a kneeling position.

Aang exclaimed "A hundred suns! I don't have that kind of solar power. The Avatar's energy is confined to this earth."

Ozai said, "No, Aang. You draw power from the Comet too as a firebender. But the Comet cannot endow you with power greater or smaller in comparison to other firebenders."

Aang said, "What do you mean?'

"Your firebending may be as devastating and unbelievable as ever, but in the possession of the Avatar, your energy is limited equally to each of the four elements which cripples your firebending from being as mighty as that of a regular firebender." Ozai said.

Aang said, still with the voices of his past lives "That's not good."

Ozai looked on slyly.

He said, "No, it's not. Even with all the power in the world. You are still weak."

Ozai attacks

He moves forward, smiles, spins around, and kicks a blast of fire at Aang. Aang quickly raises a stone wall in front of him to block the attack, but for the first time in the Avatar State, the fire blasts through. Aang is blown off the rock and hits the side of one rock, plummeting up to a ledge. Ozai flies at Aang and lands nearby on the same ledge.

Aang picks himself up and flattens his back and arms against the rock before pulling away from it and bending earth to create stone armour around his body. Ozai thrusts both fists at Aang and shoots a strong stream of flame, walking toward Aang and pushes him around the edge with the attack. Ozai stops and swings his arm at Aang to hit him with a fierce blast, but Aang leaps away, shedding the stone armour.

Aang flips backwards in midair and bends a blast of wind at Ozai. Ozai jumps to avoid it and charges lightning in mid-air.

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