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The Snowbold


The Snowbold


The Legend of Korra


Storms of the Future is a trilogy of the Avatar sagas after Korra and their struggles as they learn to become the heroes the world needs. Each will face different problems and deal with the legacies of not only their immediate predecessors but of the deep past.


Storms of the Future is a trilogy of Avatar sagas that cover the cycle of Avatars after Avatar Korra. Each must deal with the repercussions of both recent and ancient events that will shape the future. This cycle will take the Avatars full circle and back to the Air Nomads. In between these major arcs are minor arcs that help explain gaps in time between the larger stories as well as give backstory to events.

The Journey of Tala: Tala is the Earth Kingdom-born Avatar after Korra. Trained in Omashu, war erupts, necessitating dramatic actions. As the Black Dragon plots, Tala has to think on the events of Aang and Korra's lives. JoT was Featured Fanon of June 2013.

The Rise of Lirin: Avatar Lirin is born into the Fire Nation Royal Family after Tala's passing, but trouble brews and an ancient enemy seeks the moment for his revenge. Lirin will make hard choices that will change the world forever. This will be a dark tragedy.

Fates and Vows: The tale of the events surrounding the Fifth Nation War from the views of its rulers. Fire Lord Ma-Tin has to make a choice between her personal and wants and the needs of her people. Prince Kuir needs to weigh his own feelings over his position in the Earth Kingdom.

Myths of the Empire :

A series of oneshots that cover the long expanse of time between both the Rise of Lirin and Reclamation of Arein.

  • Pacification (one-shot):

Only a couple years after the Rise of Lirin, the Avatar faces a massive rebellion that seeks to put a toppled royal line back on the throne of Ba Sing Se. (Complete but unpublished.)

  • Assassins (one-shot):

An ancient and broken Order seeks to murder the Avatar. Lirin proves to be a hard target.

  • Empire (one-shot):

Fears of succession come to the empire. Lirin faces an escalating crisis that he must face himself or a bureaucracy will prove stronger than him.

  • Red Sun Under The Empire (one-shot):

The powerful assassin order continues in its function and has become an unspoken power.

  • White Snow (One-shot):

Kitsune Shirayuki is a mysterious woman and her goals are even more mysterious.

  • Heirs (one-shot):

Serin's life takes a turn as his powerful father prepares him to run the Red Sun. Power and corruption seen firsthand.

The Reclamation of Arein: The Air Nomad Arein is the next Avatar. Born into a world thrown into chaos after Lirin's death, Arein has to come to grips with his legacy and overcome personal issues and standards as he sees things.

Dreams of Melasa: In the same author canon of Storms. Set in the ancient past, the story would cover the tale of an Avatar and his half-witch companion.

One Hand: A one shot contest entry. One Hand occurs in the same universe as Storms and dates even further back than Dreams of Melasa, to a time before bending.


Major Characters

Tala: Born in the Earth Kingdom, Avatar Tala is a tough warrior, but unlike her predecessors, she is cunning and reserved. Tala has had everything provided to her and she is beginning to see things differently from her masters when war is brewing in the outside world. Tala is very serious and less naive when compared to her predecessors.

Lirin: Prince Lirin is the Avatar. He is a young man who is carefree and wants to enjoy the perks of being the Avatar. While he wants to live happily, the world around him isn't so serene, forcing him to harden up. Lirin changes intensely over a short period, causing dramatic changes for the world when he is a fully realized Avatar. Lirin is a ladies' man.

Note: The Lirin in Rise of Lirin and the Lirin in Myths of the Empire seem to be completely different characters.

Arein: Arein Rohan is the Avatar born after Lirin's death. Born in a world of chaos and war, his status and location was hidden for years. Now, he must master the elements and try to bring peace to the most fractured world history has seen. Arein must acknowledge who his predecessor is, or else it will cripple him. Arein was raised among assassins which has drastically changed his outlook from an ordinary Air Nomad, he is unsure whether to embrace change or cling to failing ways.

The Black Dragon: Someone very powerful in the Fire Nation that plotted the Fifth Nation War. His ultimate agenda is unknown.

Melasa: A strange half-witch, Melasa is cold to many but has sworn to serve the Avatar, making a strange alliance.

Tiros: A young Avatar, Tiros has master firebending and airbending when a failed assassination changes his life forever. He is now bound to a half-witch, Melasa, who will serve his every command.

Minor Characters

Lenet: A deadly witch with a grudge against the Avatars for their genocide on the Nifrin race.

The Faceless: A powerful individual with undiscovered reasons for seeking to destroy the Avatars permanently.

The First: The powerful right hand of The Faceless, The First is a threat all by himself.

Lesun: A brutal warlord causing havoc in the South.


Ghost Sword: An ancient weapon that has supernatural properties.

Species and Powers

Nifrin: A species of witches thought to be extinct.

Magic: The powerful and cryptic art of the witches.

Stormbending: A dangerous subform of energybending that existed in the old ages.


The Journey of Tala (JoT)- Three books for a total of 46 chapters total. The Journey of Tala is complete.

Fates and Vows (FaV)- Ten chapters. In progress, six chapters available.

The Rise of Lirin (RoL)- One book of 22 chapters including prologue and epilogue. Prologue available, otherwise, in development.

Myths of the Empire (MoE)- Six one-shots. In development.

Reclamation of Arein (RoA)- Two books for a total of 30 chapters including Prolgue and Epilogue. In development.

Dreams of Melasa (DoM)- Fifteen chapters. Complete.

  • Bolded works are complete or in progress.


  • The ancient past of the Avatars will come back to haunt them.
  • Dol Mordath will feature in each major saga.
  • The one-shots that make up Myths of the Empire between Rise of Lirin and Reclamation of Arein will help explain the massive space of time between the two major stories.
  • Pacification, the first of the one-shots, is complete but will be posted after the Rise of Lirin.
  • Heirs, the last of the one-shots, will come out at the end of Book I of Reclamation of Arein because it would be a big spoiler otherwise.
  • When compared to the other Avatars, Tala is the first the new age in that she is markedly different from the past Avatars.
  • If you think Lirin's choices are extreme, wait until you see what Arein does.
  • Some of the possible ideas for stories to explain the start of this universe in include:
- A New World- The stories about the first war between humans and the spirits before the Spirit Wilds came to being.
- Witch's Scorn- The tale of Lenet in her youth and her dismay at the Nifrin genocide.
  • The author has written some of the ending to the entire story, and has a lot of ground to cover and make sure there are no loose ends.

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