By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle continuity.

Stormbending is a powerful subform of Energybending that affects the energy outside the body rather than inside. Only a complete master of energybending could learn to use this form.


The First was an energybender from an ancient era before the bending of the elements existed. Constantly experimenting, this master learned to bend the energy beyond the body to affect the weather around him.

It was wild and powerful, causing storms, hence the name it was given by its creator. The First taught any master who was capable of how to stormbend. Unfortunately, stormbenders were master energybenders who often learned how to keep their lives going past the norm and so seemed immortal with these new powers.

This brought a new facet to the great beings, making them view their fellow humans as inferior to them. Stormbenders eventually began ruling the world of man. When war broke out among the stormbenders, it was the Avatar who had to end it by eradicating them. Only the First and his followers remained after ten Avatars fought in wars to end the reign of stormbenders. While this tenth Avatar succeeded in killing the last group of stormbenders at the Storm Grave, he perished in the battle.


The Stormbenders were incredibly powerful. All stormbenders were master energybenders, and somehow learned to attain immortality. From here, they learned how to affect the physical environment. Their powers would cover many of the four elements, but lacked the control and restraint that the elements would have. For example: a firebender can light a small fireball and keep it steady; a stormbender could only expand it to a firestorm, but could not control it and keep it stable. This problem applied to all of its facets, with one exception.

059Byakuya shoots

Stormbenders' control of lightning and easy use of it was frightening.

Stormbenders have an unnatural control of generation of lightning that far exceeds what firebenders can do. They can create small and large bolts with little to great charge. They can also form shapes that are dangerous, such as orbs to shield themselves.

Only the greatest Stormbending masters can use the technique called Dark Lightning. It is highly dangerous and largely unobserved as any masters were killed in the war between the stormbenders and the Avatar.


  • Stormbending can theoretically be learned by anyone who can learn energybending, but it is a very hard form to learn without help. The First spent over a century learning it and millennia mastering it.
  • Stormbending does not have any ability related to bloodbending and so might have a potential weakness there.

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