Storm Gathering
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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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Speaking: Bristaljos

"My lord, the portal is semi-functional and can only transport a small battalion."

"Dr. Vice was... eliminated for his failure to produce something more promising."

"I see... fill Dr. Vice's position, and assemble a battalion."

"Of course my lord."

Speaking: Katara and Aang

"Mmmm! This melon berry pie is the best!"

"How did you make this?"

"It's a gift."

"Man! One heck of a gift! Why don't you bake more?"

"I guess I just never knew people liked my baking so much."

"You should try pastries next!"

"Great idea Aang!"

"In fact, can you got the market and get me some things for baking?"

"Anything for you."

"Great! Here's A list of the things I'll need."

"Alright, bye sweetie! I'll be back in two skips of a pond pebble!" *chuckle*

Speaking: Bristaljos, Aang

"Alright, you are the most elite warriors in the hive, and you have been selected to test the invasion portal. Once you are through the portal, neutralize anything in the area, and attempt to gain a foothold."


"You have your orders, move out!"



With a blinding flash of light, a huge dark vortex appeared, and the soldiers were sent through. After they entered, the portal collapsed.

"Dr. Vice was right, the portal is very weak and unstable."

The Figure orders scientists around, fixing and mending "The Portal".

Speaking Bristaljos troops:

"Alright men, we should be landing any second now..."

The troops are spit out another vortex that appears in the marketplace of Ba Sing Se.


Across the marketplace, Aang was buying baking supplies for Katara when he heard the Bristaljos open fire. As he hears the awful noise accompanied by screams, Aang rushes to the scene to witness aliens (character) in cybernetic suits with large blasters. They begin to destroy the market, and brutally murder people in the process.

"Stop!" Aang yelled in a threatening tone.

"I don't want to hurt you! But I will if I have to!"

"Who's this?" One of the soldiers said.

"Just another one of these weaklings, GET 'EM!"

As the Bristaljos opened fire, Aang took to the sky with his glider and narrowly avoided several laser blasts from the Bristaljos's weapons. Then, Aang did a sudden dive bomb, and kicked one of the Bristaljos in the head before landing.

"This one's tough!" One of the Bristaljos remarked.


Aang proceeded to air bend one of the soldiers, and lit the three others on fire.

"IT BURNS!!!" One of them yelled.

All of the soldiers then withered into the ground, and disappeared.

"Those were the last ones." Aang said exhaustedly.

Then, he blacked out.

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