Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle, and Dreams of Melasa continuity.

The Storm Flower is the last Ish Kash to ever be made by the Nifrin. It was created by the witch Elasa. It has the power to manipulate weather and electrical energy.



Melasa would often create a phantom blade of the Storm Flower.

The Storm Flower was the last of the Ghost Swords made to be used in the war against the Spirits. However, its forger, Elasa was uncertain if it was strong enough to do any good, as he himself was weak. He decided that if it was strong, it should keep him alive in his first battle.

When he did incredibly well and saved others, he felt useful and decided to keep the blade and fight himself. The Storm Flower participated in many battles and its master soon became friends with the infamous Akira.

After the war, Elasa kept his weapon and passed it down his family line. When the Avatars began purging the Nifrin race, his family lineage managed to survive to Melas, who then had a half-breed daughter, Melasa. This half-witch inherited the sword.

The weapon would see true use again when the warlord Lesun somehow obtained the Thorn Cutter, an Ish Kash that heals wounds. Lesun was overusing the weapon and was going down the stages of Dosh Rak. While the weapon successfully killed the Dosh Rak, Melasa took the Thorn Cutter as well, in order to make sure no human could use it again.


The Storm Flower was a Lesser Ish Kash that had the physical power of manipulating weather and electrical power. It could absorb, redirect, or fire energy as well as amplify storms in the area.

Melasa implied that it has greater powers, but that she was too weak to access them.

Deed Names

Deed Names are the names given to the Ish Kash to describe events they participated in.

  • Witch Blade- It was one of the few blades to be kept in the hands of the Nifrin and not given to a human.
  • Wolf's Bane- This blade participated in the battle against the Great Wolf.
  • King's Blade
  • Dosh Kyotar- "Devil Slayer", this blade has killed a Dosh Rak.


  • The Storm Flower is the youngest of the Ish Kash.
  • The Storm Flower is one of the few swords to claim killing a Dosh Rak, it is especially rare for a Lesser Ish Kash.
  • The Storm Flower is based on Raikiri from 11eyes.

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