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Stone Soldiers Versus Omashu
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 6

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23 December, 2010

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It's the moment Zaru has been waiting for. Him and the Stone Soldiers are going to attack the Earth Kingdom. But not just any Earth Kingdom city. They're attacking Omashu.


Zaru was sleeping in a hammock. He was in a cave. He had joined a group of rebels the day before. Now they were getting sleep before their attack. This wasn't any attack. They were attacking Omashu. Besides Ba Sing Se, it's the biggest city in the entire Earth Kingdom. Zaru was nervous, but he didn't want his new friends to think he was weak.

The next morning, he was woken up by a horn. Heesu Saro had it to his mouth.

"Come on! Get up!" he shouted. Zaru groaned as he climbed out of his "bed". And of course, he got tangled in the hammock, and fell, making himself look like an idiot. Some of the other people laughed. He also heard, "This is the Avatar?"

Zaru got off of the floor, and joined the rest. Stroe Vintrel walked out of her room, so she could lecture them about battle plans, and attack formations. Zaru wasn't listening to a word. He didn't pay any attention to what she was saying until the thing she said was "ZARU!" Zaru almost fell over in surprise. They left single file out of the cave. Then, they marched.

It was four hours, and they still weren't there. Zaru was so weak he could pass out. Stroe, who was leading, stopped.

"Now, we rest."

Zaru looked around, and not one person was unhappy to hear that. Not one person except,

"Come on! Let's go! We're already half way there!" Heesu was shouting.

"No. Can you not see that they are exhausted?"

They rested for about an hour to have lunch, then they kept marching. It was about sunset when they arrived.

"We will camp out tonight. We will attack before dawn," Stroe said to them. And with that, everyone laid down on Heesu's uncomfortable stone beds, and fell asleep.

It was Heesu's idea. Zaru shot up like a bullet.

He had to keep himself from shouting, "Why... did.. you... poke... me... with... a rock?!"

"It's a sharpened rock," Heesu pointed out. Zaru was about to light Heesu's pants on fire, but he noticed Stroe was watching, and he walked away.

After one more lecture from Stroe, they charged in. First they were quietly. Taking out soldier after soldier. Then, alarms rang through the town, and Zaru knew they would be in trouble. An army of hundreds of soldiers roared after them. Zaru knew they were doomed when ten Earth Kingdom tanks mowed down everything in their path. Zaru decided that he had to fight. So what if he died?

He shot wave after wave of fire, but it was no good. They just kept coming. Boulders were flying everywhere. Zaru and Heesu tried to keep the boulders away from them, but it was too overwhelming. Zaru looked at Stroe and saw she was riding a tank. She took her sword, stabbed the hull, and kicked it open. She climbed inside, and the tank changed course. It was charging straight towards the other.

"Wow!" he thought, "she can't even bend, and she's making more progress than the rest of us combined. Then, Zaru was hit by a boulder shot by none other than general Voe.

"Man, I really hate you," Zaru said. Voe pointed his fist at Zaru, and knives flew out of his sleeves. Voe's crystal knives! Zaru ducked, shot, dived, blew, ducked, but it was no good. He was being surrounded. He realized he was one of the only soldiers standing. There was him, Stroe just blew up a tank, and Heesu was rolling around on the ground with a soldier, both throwing punches at the other. That was it.

Then, it happened. Zaru's eyes began to glow. He flew into the air, and shot a gust of wind so powerful, it knocked the grand castle onto its side. He saw Avatars Terra, Korra, Aang, Roku, and hundreds of other people behind them.

"Child!" Aang yelled, "You are losing control!"

Then, Zaru left the Avatar State. When he got up, Stroe and Heesu were looking at him. He couldn't tell if they were amazed or scared. Probably both.

"What... What was that?!" Heesu shouted. Zaru was about to answer, but then they heard a rumbling sound. The sound of a mountain heading right for them. Heesu jumped in front of it, as if he were powerful enough to stop it. Zaru blasted him out of the way with a gust of wind, and watched as the mountain zoomed past them. Behind it, was Boli himself.

"So... These are the Stone Soldiers. The name alone stinks like a skunkfish. But your army? You might as well lay on the ground, and let me kill you. Half of your army is dead, and the rest are near dead!" Boli seemed to be enjoying gloating. Zaru didn't want Boli to enjoy anything, so he shot a wall of fire. Boli blocked, and snapped his fingers. A big bulky man walked forward.

"I remember you. You're the one who trashed his majesty's throne room! It took me a week to fix that!"

"You're Toks!" Stroe said.

"Yeah? What's it to yuh?"

Heesu got bored, and stomed the ground. A gigantic spike flew from Heesu's foot, and flew right at Toks' heart. It stopped in midair, and crumbled.

"Kill them!" Boli said. Toks and a few other guys shot bullets made of earth at them. Zaru blew them away in one gust of wind, and then redirected them into the guards. He killed all of them instantly, except for Toks. He made a big crater on the ground, then shot waves of earth at them, which he followed with spikes. All Zaru could do was deflect all of these, which drained him more every second. Heesu blasted boulder after boulder at Toks, but all of them mysteriously swerved away. Store, who was no question, the best fighter of the three, jumped at Toks. Toks just shot boulders at her, but she used these as flying stepping stones. He shot a spike, but she caught it, and hurled it right at Toks. He stopped it, but that gave her enough time to draw her sword, and strike him down.

"Hit him again!" Heesu said, "He's still breathing!"

Stroe ignored him, and put her sword to Boli's neck. Boli just smiled as earth climbed up Store, encasing her in a prison of earth. Heesu and Zaru both ran to help, but a gigantic wall of earth rose up to separate them.

"NOOO!" Zaru yelled.

"I'll try to break it!" Heesu said, and he started punching it, but it was no good, Boli was just too strong.

On the other side of the wall, Stroe had sliced through her prison, and threw her sword at Boli. He waved his hand, and it stopped in midair!

"You... you can metalbend!" she said.

"Yes. Yes I can."

Boli waved his hand, and her sword crumpled like a soda can.

She drew her wood bow, and shot an arrow at Boli. A column of earth rose up, and deflected it. She jumped around it, and held her notched arrow up to Boli's neck. But, she couldn't release the arrow. There were two reasons for this.

  1. Stroe's conscious was telling her she couldn't just murder him like this.
  2. Boli had grabbed her bow, and turned it away.

She released the arrow right when he pushed the bow away. It landed in his side.


He lost his concentration, and the wall separating them crumbled. Zaru and Heesu rushed in to help, only to realize help wasn't needed. They grabbed Boli. Heesu knocked him out with a boulder. Then, Heesu lost control of the boulder, and dropped it on Stroe's foot. She shot him a dirty look, and they dragged Boli away.

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