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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Final Avatar.

Freedom Fighters
Stone Soldiers
General information

Stroe Vintrel

Notable members

Stroe Vintrel, Heesu Saro, Zaru


Stroe Vintrel


Stone Cave

|affiliation=The Earth Kingdom before Boli |purpose=Stopping Boli }}

This page is for the team. For the chapter, see The Stone Soldiers.

The Stone Soldiers are a group dedicated to stopping Boli. It consists of Earth Kingdom rebels, and Zaru.



Not much is known about the origin of the Stone Soldiers. It was formed after Boli took over.


After the war started, Zaru sneaked into the Earth Kingdom, and found the Stone Soldiers. He joined after retrieving their sacred scroll.

Battle of Omashu

The Stone Soldiers fought their first battle at Omashu. Most of the Stone Soldiers were killed in the battle, but Stroe, Heesu, and Zaru survived.

Known Members

  • Stroe Vintrel (Leader)
  • Heesu Saro (Second In Command)
  • Zaru (Honorary Member)
  • About twenty unnamed members (Deceased)
  • Many unnamed, unnumbered members


  • The Stone Soldiers are slightly inspired by the Freedom Fighters.
  • There is only one earthbending member in the entire team.

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