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March 7, 2012

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Start the Training is the second chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Republic City Port, 06:05

In the golden sphere of the skies, when a ripple of clouds was shattered onto a little piece, almost blue, the horizons was very shiny. The newly Avatar and her friends, was walked in the misty morning, to the city harbor. The seagulls was fly over the mist, and the Elephant Koi was swam through the wave. The shores was fill full the music of that morning. The indigo skies almost disappeared, when the guys arrive at the harbor, near the Avatar Aang statue. It was cold, for the last day of summer.

"Whoa... Here we are. Start our journey, practicing our skill, saw a great realms, and help the Avatar!" Joy said sleepy.

"Right, guys. Fansha, its your time to practicing your skill! Mmmm..... But will we together, forever?" the young Avatar asked to the guys.

"Of course! Guys, I promise, as the friend of Avatar Phoa, and as the upcoming greatest waterbender in the world, I swear I will help Avatar Phoa, all of my life!" Ratih said to her friend. "I promise!" Joy yelled. "Me too!" the another replied.

Republic City Port, 09:00

The harbor quickly fulled by so many merchants, huge ship with their crews, a lot of supply, and the lifetime of a port. The sun was raising onto people's head, and the mist was slowly disappeared. The blue began to spread in the horizon, when the clouds start separated onto many little pieces in the sky. The busy port suddenly arrived by a very huge majestic ship, were a lot of guards start set a sail. The wind moved the ship, right in the middle of the harbor, when the newly Avatar greeted by them. The seashore slowly stopped, when the Avatar and her friends walked onto the ship.

"Bye bye, Avatar!" the crowds yelled. "Don't forget us!"

"Hihihi... Alright! Hey, Ratih! Don't you think they're little strange, huh?!" Phoa responded.

"They shall miss their Avatar." Ratih joked.

Huang Jou Sea, 10:55

It was very quiet, with a wave created by the ship, filled by a thin ripple of deep blue horizon, in a peaceful realms.

"Whoo-hoo! We're in the journey!!" yelled Fansha to his guys. "Calm down, buddy. Look! The sun was laughed at you!" said Joy to Fansha joked.

"Really? Oh, I'm so shy!" said Fansha innocently. "Hahahaha!" laughed the others to him.

The Avatar was in the border of the ship, looked at the colonies of the blue serpent. The horizon suddenly gloomy, and suddenly the rain wet the ship. The Avatar then walked onto her room, inside of the ship, curiously by her confuse--how if I can't do the training?; although she was very fond of wind when she was a baby. The young Avatar then entered her room, cornered, sat down and looked at the thunderstorm.

"Hi, Phoa. What happened?" Ratih wondered. "No, nothing. I was wanna to... Ratih, if I can't do the training, what will happened to the world?" Phoa replied.

"Of course you can. You're the Avatar! Let's see: you can mastered firebending when you was 10. You was choose the four relics, which one represent the Four Nation." Ratih said. "But, it don't make me can be the Avatar. Probably the Fire Sages was wrong. In history, there was Lin, the Air Nomad boy who choose the relics but not the true Avatar." Phoa said curiously.

"Don't be curious, Avatar! Do your best!" Fansha said, suddenly entered the room.

Full Moon Bay, 15:01

The ship was stopped in a port. The thunderstorm still conquered the sea, makes the sailor can't see through the mist. In the gray horizon, through under the canopy of the port, the Avatar with her friends walks, searching for some what can be eaten, while the thunderstorm still impassioned. Through the crowds, there was a red-cloaked woman, observe to the infant Avatar.

"Hey, buddies! Look! There is a cincao drink! What was that?" said Fansha to his friends. "You can know it while you taste it!" said Joy.

Across the sea, when the thunderstorm still surging, in the small harbor, the red-cloaked woman suddenly disappeared in the busy of the port. The Avatar didn't know him, until the disaster comes.

"Mm... This is great! I think it's was very sweet!" yelled Fansha. "Yeah, and cheap. But, where is Joy?" asked Ratih while drank her cincao.

Suddenly, in the crowds, Joy come back. "Hey, guys! Where the Avatar?" Joy asked curiously.

"You know it, Joy! Don't makes a joke," said Ratih and Fansha.

"I said, where is the AVATAR?!" asked Joy angry.

"In the cafeteria, of course. She is buying some food for us, now!" Ratih replied with a curious by Joy's act.

In the port, when the sun comes back to dry the rain, Joy suddenly attacked his friends, enraged. While Phoa back to her dining table, Joy with his power, he cursed Phoa by lightning redirection. But fortunately, while the illuminate of sun brightly shine Joy's eyes, Phoa can escapes, and join her fellow friends.

"What-what happened to him? Is he sick? Or... He hypnotized?" asked Phoa.

Suddenly, in the glow of the sun, while the crowds still busy like usually, the red-cloaked woman laughed at the new Avatar.

"Hahaha... You don't know what happened? How can you became the Avatar?" asked the woman.

Fansha suddenly replied with joyful face, "Hi, who's your name? You're so a-m-a-j-i-n-g!" "Fan, she is not in our side!" yelled Ratih to her friends.

The woman then replied, "Hahaha...! I'm Oblivia! The daughter of my father!"

"This woman is just like you, Fansha!" Ratih said dizzied by the stupid conversation of the two.

"Load the Phoa! Fight her!" Phoa suddenly yelled. The crowds was so confused, and ran away, ignoring the battle. "Loco, help me!" Phoa said again.

Suddenly, above the sky, through the ripple of the cloud, a raven-eagle flies over the ocean, ignoring the ship, fly through the crowds. The eagle then bites on Oblivia's hair, but changes nothing. Fortunately, the ship crews from Avatar Phoa's huge ship come out and attack Oblivia--confine the 'crazy' girl, and then ran away back to the ship. Joy fortunately can saved, while Oblivia was caught by the police who patrols there.

Air Temple Island, 19:15

When the sun sets slowly in the West, while the ship reach the island--Air Temple Island, the Avatar goes down, and walk while the mist slowly comes out. The friends follow her, and then after walk through the stairs, they reach the temple.

"Welcome, my children. You're so tired, of course. Where is the Avatar?" said the one of the Monks. "She's right in front of you, Sir," said Phoa bravely.

After welcoming the guest, the Monks lead their guest to their rooms. Ratih sat alone, in front of her room, looked at the full moon of fall. She walks through the beautiful garden, stand right in the middle of a bridge, above the river. There, she wrote her diary alone, when the lanterns light dimmed. Suddenly, her tired was gone when she heard a woman peaceful song. Ratih then walks, joined the woman and spoke to the woman, while the crickets echoing their voices.

"How do you do?"

"How do you do? Are you the girl who sails from the ocean last day?" asked the woman.

"Yes, I'm the friend of Avatar. Who are you?"

"I'm Lotus, the daughter of Monk Lobsang."

"I see. Firstly, I think you're the Sister here. How old are you?"

"Twenty. I currently in a training with my fellow friends in Western Air Temple, near Fire Nation, you know. But now, I am in a vacation, for a few weeks. Today is my last day I visit my hometown," said Lotus sadly.

The two girls then quickly be friendly. Until the morning, they still spoke and then slept in their rooms.

"Good night, Lotus."

"Good morning, Ratih. Don't forget what I told you, ya!" Lotus yelled to her friend.

"Of course I will remember it. Have a nice dream!" Ratih responded, and then fall asleep.

Main Temple, 06:00

It was very morning for a girl starts training, along with his master. Across the gray horizon, while the sun still didn't raise, while the mist fill full the air, Phoa and Monk Lobsang was awoke from their sleep, and starts the training. The another Monks still asleep in their room, while Phoa was practicing to does her first airbending move. She still could not mastered it, even though the sun is illuminating the island. The flying bison was still in their stable, though.

"Focus, Phoa. Don't got angry just because you still don't mastered it in a hours. The past Avatar was mastered that moves for one months, although," said Monk Lobsang to his pupil.

"Huft... How to create an air wave, if I still don't understand what is airbending?!" said Phoa getting confused.

"Focus, Phoa. Focus..."

Can Phoa mastered airbending, before the 'crazy' Magicus Pishogue founded her?

Author's Note

Hooray! After almost 2 hours confused by the hard English-language, I completed the second chapters! For the new characters, Lotus and Lobsang, their name was caught by a kind of flower, and a Dalai Lama 5th Monk. I hope you enjoy it. Why Phoa still not mastered it, while air was not opposite of fire? Wait the next chapter, No Pain, No Gain (Avatar Phoa).


  • Lotus, the name of flower within its habitat was the quiet swamp. Inspired by the flower who played by Avatar Kuruk for attract attention to the Sister in Air Temple.
  • Lobsang, was the 5th Dalai Lama Monk, and his name used as Monk Lobsang, the father of Lotus.
  • Lobsang was the great-grandson of Monk Tenzin, grandson of Jinora, and so he's the great-great-grandson of Aang!

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