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United Earth Starfleet
General information
  • Admiral Maxwell Forrest
  • Admiral Daniel Leonard
  • Admiral Samuel Gardner
Notable members
  • Captain Jonathan Archer
  • Captain Erika Hernandez



Starfleet Command, San Francisco, United States of America, Earth


United Earth


Defense of United Earth and exploration


Prior to 2161, Starfleet was the primary space defense and exploration organization of United Earth in the early-to-mid-22nd century. The primary authority of Starfleet was referred to as either Starfleet Command or United Earth Space Probe Agency under the jurisdiction of the Command Council, and was located in the city of San Francisco, Earth.

The primary purpose of Starfleet from its infancy was to " out new life and new civilizations." and "...go boldly where no man has gone before." (This quote is attributed to Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive on Earth.

Some Starfleet personnel worked for the United Earth Diplomatic Corps. This may or may not be a Starfleet department, as the officers could be working for a civilian organization in the interests of galactic politics.

In 2153, following the Xindi attack on Earth and the numerous firefights that the Enterprise had been involved in since its launch in 2151, it was determined that vessels of Starfleet would begin to carry detachments of United Earth's elite military unit, the MACOs, thus taking a step towards the unification of the Earth Starfleet and the Earth military – and of the roles of defense and exploration.

One of the primary projects of the Earth Starfleet was to develop a viable and fast interstellar engine that would allow Earth to practically cross vast distances in reasonably short time. Despite some allegations of interference – or at least, a refusal of assistance from the Vulcans, Earth had made notable progress in developing the warp five engine by the 2150s.

Key officials overseeing early Starfleet included:

The Starfleet Charter, Article 14, Section 31, made allowances for certain rules to be bent during times of extraordinary threat. This clause was the seed for the rogue organization known as Section 31. Lieutenant Malcolm Reed was recruited to Section 31 as a young ensign.

Human Civil War

Starfleet was the first organization to engage in combat operations against the Fire Nation during the Human Civil War . Ships deployed against the Fire Nation included the Enterprise and the Sarajevo.

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