By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Evil Starfire
Starfire "The Terrible"
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Starfire The Terrible, or S.T for short, is the evil alter ego to Starfire, similar to that of Harlem and Azula. She became this way when Umbreon evilized her, injecting Starfire with pure darkness, and on that night, Starfire became S.T.

Her personality is extremely similar to Azula before she became part of Team Avatar. Very clever and crafty, she seems to always have the upper hand on the team, even making her suicide threat to her advantage. She is well aware of her status as a Titan beforehand and will remind the others of her status as their "friend", thus getting her out of deep trouble with them. She only follows her own orders, and completely ignores other orders given to her unless she gets something good out of it in some way. Other than that, she is her own boss.

Although her overall abilities are exact to her original form of Starfire, she has gained a unique ability to raise her own group of zombified minions to do her bidding for her, in the form of resurrection. She had also mutanized Silkie to a monster as her personal evil minion, although it is unclear as to how she did this.

Avatar: New Universe III

Although she hardly does, her first brief appearance was when she first controls Starfire into attacking Katara. She used her starbolt to stop Katara in fighting Umbreon, and leaves her to her fate, thus making the real Starfire betray the Titans and Team Avatar.

She flew off to the graveyard not too far away, and used fake flares to get their attention so she can finish them off. Once they did find her, she summons up her zombie army to attack and kill them. However when that didn't work, she lifts up a huge tombstone and tries hitting them with that, but was really releasing her mutant pet, Silkie. She grew bored after a while, so she took off on them.

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