By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Starfire ANU
Biographical information

Star, Starfire the Terrible

Birth place

Alien planet



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Unknown (possibly fire-bending)


Flight, high leveled strength


Teen Titans, Team Avatar

Chronological and political information
First appearance
  • First - Enter Titans

Starfire is an alien girl from another planet in another universe that Aang had met in Altonia. She is also the girlfriend of Robin.

As far as she knows, she ended up here the same way Team Avatar did, getting tricked into a mission and forced into this place.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

She was knocked out from being transported to the planet much like her friends and Team Avatar, and woke up some time after Aang did. She and Aang freak out when they saw each other but calm down and start a decent introduction. Before Aang can go, she asks him if she can come and flies up with him to the top of the gorge, which surprises Aang. She then went on explaining that her people can learn many abilities, including flight. And after that, she flies off with Aang to look for her friends.

Starfire and Aang continued on flying off to find some sort of civilization. But she had to slow down when she had to grab Aang when he past out, saving him from a group of Sandfish. She had decided that night to make a safe area by using her starbolts so they can rest. While Aang and Starfire were resting, she asked him If all the deserts are this horrible. When she was asked to heal Aang, she couldn't do anything and told him she hardly understands "The redness of the skin" like his.

The next day, Starfire was trying to fly with Aang but the heat finally got to her and they both crashed into a Sand Ship, skidding into a storage room full of life saving water! After the water cured them both, she flew back outside and examined the ship as Aang tried to make it work for both of them to travel on. When Aang was done, they both sail off to find their next stop.

When they finally had reached their first town, she and Aang both put on some disguises, which Starfire honestly didn't want to do, and went into the village. Starfire stayed close to Aang until she found Luffy's hat. She was happy at first but got worried when Aang would consider it stealing If it belonged to anyone. For most of the day, Starfire helped Aang look around for the owner until they came across Luffy himself. They briefly introduced themselves and later on she popped the question on his help through the great desert. Luckily for her and Aang, he agrees and they both fallow him back to his ship.

For the next few days, she and Aang traveled with Luffy on his ship, all the time meeting and befriending the crew. The person she gotten to know most was Hajji. When Luffy decides to stop, she and Aang check on Hetch Al'dim's tent when she spots a special amulet Hetch says was made by Krokopathra herself. She was looking it over as Aang was talking to Hetch and asks for its price. But Aang tells her that they can't afford it and they go, only to find Luffy struck rich moments later. She helps bring back the money but was seemingly robbed just after.

After failing to locate their thief, she went back to the ship with the others. She didn't do much through the Ventus event but helped the crew escape Jhen Mohran.

Starfire also helped in part of fighting Jhen Mohran until Lycaeon drove it away.

S.F.C Arc

After arriving, Starfire was overjoyed that they were getting so close to getting their friends back. During this she was asked about her kind, which she was happy to talk about. But then she asked Aang the same question and was a bit guilty with his reply. She felt much better though when Aang said it made him special.

Starfire, along with Ventus, tried to calm Aang down when Aquos returns to the titans.

During the Raviente attack, she and a few others helped escort the others to safety while the rest were trying to drive off the serpent.

Colossi Arc

After directions were given, she flies off on her way to her fight with Avion. The fight ends with her as the victor and was told on where her next colossi is by Marage. Turned out though that this took too much time and she was simply given her Ultimate Form by Marage.

Final Arc

After leaving the Colossi world, Starfire helped in building the S.S. Ultimate so they can get Raviente.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

Starfire appears here when her team was called in to fight with the hive.

Arc 2

She shows up as mostly a side character until she goes and sees Robin, who was stressing over the radar. When Katara came in and asked what that was, she puts it as a spirit who watches over all of jump city.

Arc 3

She and her team mates were captured by the SCP and thrown into their cages. Starfire was all alone until Ty was thrown in her cage, which she was overjoyed to see that she's okay.

She was the first to get her test started. She was brought to the testing chamber where she was confronted by Kaibutsu. She kept trying to fly away from the monster but was only let out when Kaibutsu nearly smashes the viewing glass. Afterwards she immediately threatens Smile Dog on her eliminating him.

After her test, she and Ty were helped in the escape by SCP-173. With the help on Ty for navigation, she and Ty met up with Zuko and Mas y Menos. She saves Zuko's life by exploding the Metal Man on top of him. After explaining how she got out, she and the others escape.

Avatar: New Universe III

Starfire returns when the Titans arrive in the Core. She was the first to reunite with her friends, going to Aang first in sheer joy.

When they were given time to relax, Starfire was overjoyed when Zuko came back, hugging him to the point that he can't breathe. When Lezu came in with his multi-language talk, Starfire shows him her expert in translation, able to translate Lezu's words perfectly.

While they were in Kyouga, she wasn't given much time until it came to having Smile Dog and Ghost joining their team. She had managed to overhear them the night before they met Groudon and had already accepted them before they could even ask.

She remained off to the side for a while until it came to traveling to Kyogre Clan. On the way they were attacked by Umbreon and she was injected with darkness. Since this, she became more alone and acted more fiercely. After yelling at Smile Dog, she leaves for a while, trying to think. While Umbreon and Katara fought, the darkness took her over and she attacked Katara, saving Umbreon. With a smirk, she leaves her team, betraying them.

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